Miami Dolphins Player Don Jones Suspended and Fined for Offensive Tweet Directed at Michael Sam


Miami Dolphins defensive back Don Jones, who tweeted "OMG" and "Horrible" in reaction to Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, apologized to Sam and the Dolphins on Sunday night, and was suspended and fined by the team, CBS Sports reports.

Said Jones in a statement:

"I want to apologize to Michael Sam for the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media. I take full responsibility for them and I regret that these tweets took away from his draft moment. I remember last year when I was drafted in the seventh round and all of the emotions and happiness I felt when I received the call that gave me an opportunity to play for an NFL team and I wish him all the best in his NFL career…I sincerely apologize to Mr. Ross, my teammates, coaches, staff and fans for these tweets. I am committed to represent the values of the Miami Dolphins organization and appreciate the opportunity I have been given to do so going forward."

Coach Joe Philbin called Jones' statements "inappropriate and unacceptable" adding "We met with Don today about respect, discrimination and judgment. These comments are not consistent with the values and standards of our program."

Jones must undergo sensitivy training before he will be allowed to rejoin team activities.

Now that there is a gay player in the league, the homophobic nonsense is over.


  1. Mike says

    This is too much. People cannot express their opinions anymore. It was really a horrible over the top display of gayness. Even if straight people would have done it, it’s still in poor taste.

  2. MaryM says

    Effectively the Miami Dolphins are quasi-punishing this evil bigot Don Jones.

    He needs to be sacked permanently from the team and barred for life from playing with an NFL team.

    These stupid pigs won’t learn tolerance and respect until they know they will be flipping burgers if they are bigoted.

    Jones is scum of the earth. I wish a leg injury on him that ends his career.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Mike – you’re off base. Would you be allowed to make a racist, misogynistic, or homophobic comment about a fellow employee? Basically, that’s what Jones did. Sure they’re on different teams, but they’re both part of the NFL.

    Kissing in public is in poor taste? I guess they need to stop the kiss at the climax of weddings. You said it doesn’t matter if it was gay or straight.

  4. Victor says


    “It was really a horrible over the top display of gayness”??? Really? Two guys kissing in joy is “horrible”? You’re either a homophobic straight person or a self-hating gay person.

    Straight people kiss on TV all the time. Hell, what about kiss-cams at ballparks that zero in on straight couples kissing? Somehow, I doubt you have an issue with that.

  5. TANK says

    I know some of the bitter, pathetic middle-aged queens who hang out at this site aren’t going to like this, but Tank thinks that this creep’s whole problem is that he is a closet case. Just look at his face and tell me otherwise! Honestly.

  6. says

    What worries me, between this and the Benham brothers losing their HGTV show, is that we play into the hands of the evangelicals who say their rights are being trampled on, that they can’t express their opinions. I worry that at some point, particularly if the Repubs get control of the Senate in November, this may backfire on the LGBT community. I hope not.

  7. says

    I can’t understand the logic of professional athletes who put their careers at risk, just so their bigoted “fans” won’t think they’re okay with gays in the sport. The players are their own worst enemies. They don’t need paparazzi and gossip sites — they toss bits of their own personal business and hatefulness out the window for the wind to carry.

    If I was an agent or PR manager for these guys, I would absolutely insist that they delete their Twitter accounts; and if they felt need to have a Facebook ‘fan’ page, any comments would need to be approved before posting.

  8. Kenneth says

    @ Larry, that is exactly what they want, for you to worry about us “uppity queers not knowing our place!” Wasn’t that long ago when the word “queers” was another word beginning with the letter “n.” It wasn’t right then, it isn’t right now. I refuse to cower in the shadows.

  9. Will says

    Shouldn’t take an openly gay member to get it under control. But if they finally take it seriously, maybe more will be comfortable enough to come out. I guess it’ll also depend on fan reaction.

    And ignore MIKE. Don’t even respond to the trolls.

  10. pete n sfo says

    That guy looks pretty gay to me… And he’s anti-gay enough to be a US Politician.

    I’ll never “know my place” for my detractors. Screw’em. It’s a moving target anyway. They’ll never be happy with my behavior b/c their motivation is nothing but prejudice. WGAS? They sure don’t modify their behavior to try and please me, do they??

  11. JoeInToronto says

    Now that there is a (openly) gay player in the league, the homophobic nonsense is over.

    Actually, its only just begun. The litmus test will be how football clubs and the league respond to the inevitable fan chants of homophobic slurs when the visiting Rams defeat other teams in their home stadiums.

    Its never easy to criticise your customers. The NFL must be prepared to hold clubs accountable for the actions of their homophobic fans.

  12. JoeInToronto says

    “People cannot express their opinions anymore. It was really a horrible over the top display of gayness. Even if straight people would have done it, it’s still in poor taste.”

    Everyday of my life I have experienced horrible over-the-top displays of straightness.

    Bigotry is never an acceptable ‘opinion’ to express.

  13. Victor says

    This guy is an employee of an NFL team that was involved in a harassment scandal! That scandal involved team members abusing players for their race and sexual orientation.

    The Dolphins and other teams can’t afford to create a hostile work environment that would lead to another lawsuit or further bad publicity.

    The Benham brothers aren’t just expressing their religious beliefs, they are also calling for prevention of civil rights for gays and Muslims. Do you think HGTV would put on a show if these jerks said the same thing about Asian Americans and Jews?

    Get it?

    These are all business decisions that reflect companies want to protect their brand and head off lawsuits from employees.

  14. says

    @Kenneth, first of all, don’t lump me in with the bigots. I never used the words “uppity gays” nor did I condone what Jones did or criticize the punishment. I expressed concern that we may be giving further fuel to the conservative fire that Christians and Catholics are under attack. I’m gay, too, and don’t think anyone should hide under a rug.

  15. simon says

    This kind of policy has been in place for years in the NFL. No African American would say it has caused any backlash. I mean punishment for racial prejudice. If they have this policy for racial prejudice, there is no way they can explain why it doesn’t extend to anti-gay prejudice.
    In the Sterling case, a lot of players actually demanded for his punishment. Yet we see apologists here who say gays should lay low to avoid backlash. Is it some kind of inferiority complex?

  16. Robert says

    Ignore Log Cabin Stan who doesn’t even know how to read what actually happened. Anyway, nice to see that straight black sub-morons won’t support gay blacks. Pretty much what I expected. This is why Michael Sam is so important.

  17. oncemorewithfeeling says

    This is a very rare instance when the Trollroad trolls are actually sparking a conversation instead of creating a diversion.

    Winning’s great, isn’t it? It’s nice to see bigotry punished as bigotry and to see craziness not rewarded. Both in the real world and here.

    I hope all the trolls are getting paid by someone, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

  18. says

    @ Mike in the Tundra. You sent me to an article that showed what Derrick Ward said. I’m talking about this article we’re all commenting on here. Don Jones said “OMG” and “Horrible”. Obviously not supportive tweets. But not threatening at all. There are laws to cover threats made on the internet. Twitter and Facebook and everything else would be whole lot less interesting and exciting if people only said nice things. Obviously this is a private matter within the NFL as far as how they discipline their players. However, they seem to have a lot worse problems with their players than someone saying “Horrible” or “OMG”. That’s comparatively tame. Had he said “Death” or “Kill” or something of that sort I could see it.

  19. Negrophilia says

    And HE the one wearin’ them ugly earrings! What is more horrible than a proud black man wearin’ earrings that it looks like he stole off his dead grandmother?

  20. Cam says

    To all of you clutching your pearls and hyperventilating every time a bigot gets punished, because “Oh my there might be a back lash”

    That was the attitude that HRC had for YEARS when they would try to stop people from filing lawsuits or pushing politicians to work on gay issues. When the grass roots finally ignored them and started calling out bigots and pressuring politicians we finally got HUGE movement in gay rights.

    Guess what, if gays get rights, bigots are going to be upset, deal with it.

  21. simon says

    People should know that NFL, like the army, is very regimented. It is big business. They don’t want any player to do things that reflect badly on the enterprise. Yes, there is no freedom if you want. But no one is entitled to a lucrative contract.

  22. walter says

    with everything that has happened with the dolphins in the last year you would expect to see somme progress but apparently the lessons aren’t getting through to the players

  23. Martin says

    This is really sad. He expressed his opinion in a very vague way. So what he said ‘horrible’. People use that word all the time. Now we can’t have a point of view? He didn’t cuss Sams out or call him names. Way to go Sams. Thanks for ‘not wanting to cause a distraction’ just ‘wanting to be known as a football player!’ You’re off to a flying start!!

  24. Bill says

    @simon : if you look at what’s happened in these two cases, you had the Sterling guy (who seems to be kind of a jerk) having a recording of what was supposed to be a private conversation given to the media. In Don Jones’ case, some ill-advised tweets, which were apparently retracted within minutes, but not fast enough to prevent people from making screen-shots of them, got national and maybe international publicity.

    The issue is not so much these guys, both of whose behavior was less than admirable, but whether we are creating a society where people live 24 hours per day in a fishbowl and where every mistake is put up for public ridicule and punished. I’m not sure that is very healthy – people learn by making mistakes and then correcting them, and if you can never, ever screw up, nobody will learn anything.

  25. james street james says

    The football community moved to nip the problem in the bud. Good move. It will save a lot of trouble down the road. Even if a few “andrew sullivans” get an ulcer over it.

    And the guy who tweeted looks like he might just maybe be a little jealous that Sams is out and he’s not.

  26. says

    Discrimination is discrimination. If someone had tweeted “horrible” in response to a black player kissing his white girlfriend, all hell would have broken loose. It is only right and fair that some hell would break loose over this. There is no such thing as “over the top” when it comes to penalizing bigotry. The organization was 100% correct in demonstrating that it won’t tolerate prejudice in any form.

  27. Bryan pride says

    I’m sick of seeing these queers every time I turn on the tv. I suppose nfl (national faggot league) games will be all about the homos now. Guess I’ll get a new hobby.

  28. James says

    What happened to the first ammendment? The people who are the easiest to shout they are offended are the same bullies who won’t allow for anyone speak their opinions. We dont have to agree with eveyone else’s opinion but we should not trample on their right to have an opinion. If Don Jones is suspended and fined, so should the other player Michael Sams should be treated the same way. The bullies need to be stopped from hating everyone who does not agree with their agenda. Hopefully more and more people will see the truth and common sense will prevail.

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