1. jimmy says

    Said Gingrich:

    “You guys talk about how you want to be inclusive, except of course if somebody tweets this, then [there are] death threat or let’s send them off to sensitivity training. I mean it strikes me as repression, that’s not inclusive…shouldn’t you also be teaching people who are black to be open and understanding [of anti-black views]?”


    Said Gingrich:

    “You guys talk about how you want to be inclusive, except of course if somebody tweets this, then [there are] death threat or let’s send them off to sensitivity training. I mean it strikes me as repression, that’s not inclusive…shouldn’t you also be teaching people who are Jews to be open and understanding [of anti-Jewish views]?”

    See how silly it now sounds, Newt.

  2. One of the CA 36,000+ says

    We’re not talking about someone expressing a difference of opinion over choice of candidate, or disapproval of, say, a married man cheating on TWO of his wives and (allegedly) serving the first ex-wife divorce papers in her hospital bed after cancer surgery.

    We’re talking about people actively working to deprive a sizable minority population of its civil and human rights. Up to and including depriving said citizens of their liberty by criminalizing their very existence.

    No one can approve of that and call himself or herself “American”.

    Newt Gingrich is an evil old pseudointellectual troll whose every living breath embodies the word “hypocrisy”. And whose continued living existence on this planet is increasingly hard to justify– or put up with.

  3. simon says

    Why not ask him should this openness be extended to that Sterling guy? The question boils down to whether a society should be open to bigotry, be it racial or anti-gay.

  4. Preach, Newt, Preach! says

    Gingrich also believes, but doesn’t have the testicles to say, that people should also be tolerant of anti-semitic views, of anti-miscegenationist views, of anti-integration views, of pro-segregation views, and of pro-misogynist views.

    He is so vain and arrogant that he doesn’t even realize that when he opens his mouth he undermines the point of view he claims to support. He is so desperate to be heard, desperate to be in the public eye that he doesn’t even understand how damaging he is to the conservtive anti-gay minority. He would be well-advised to shut his mouth and fade into obscurity if he truly wants to be of assistance to the anti-gays, but his ego simply won’t allow it.

  5. rjinva says

    Thank you JIMMY. What you wrote is my basic test of if I’m being too ssensitive in my reactions. If you put racial/ethnic terms in the comment and it still stinks, then NO NEWT, we are not being repressive and overly sensitive.

  6. The Milkman says

    Anit-gay animus is a possibly biblically justifiable but no longer socially acceptable bias, and THAT is what’s making the bigots lose their minds. They’re totally disoriented in much the same way as other bigots have been disoriented when their particular brand of prejudice became unwelcome in the general society.

    Religion-based animus is not founded on reason or evidence. It’s founded on selective and individual interpretation of a book. And it’s amazing how often the interpretation of that book reflects precisely the pre-existing opinions of the reader. They are not worthy of equal time or consideration outside the boundaries of one’s Sunday school classroom.

    We have absolutely no reason to respect them.

  7. HadenoughBS says

    No, Newt, No. We’ve been too damn tolerant of oppressing, hateful views for far too long. It’s time to end the homophobic BS starting with you and your incredulous position. I suppose in your case (many times married, adultery, gay half-sister), tolerance and understanding does NOT begin at home.

  8. says

    I’m sure Gingrich thinks that only straight, white, Christian men should be allowed to express their opinions and the rest of us should just shut up and listen.

  9. Jack M says

    What a poor excuse for a human being. I guess black people and Asians and Hispanics should be tolerant of the people who hate them too.

    Hate is love. Just like Orwell’s 1984. He was only a bit premature with the date.

  10. Blake says

    Dear Newt:
    As soon as “we guys” have full legal equality and protection under the law, I will agree with you. At that point, your backwards view and opinions are no longer material. But until then, get used to me being intolerant of you. Suck it –

  11. john patrick says

    Sure, Newt. We should all just be good little faggots. Shut our mouths and let bigots trample all over us. Newty boy, it ain’t gonna happen anymore.

  12. Be Tolerant of My Denunciations says

    Why won’t any journalist ask him to explain why he isn’t a fornicator, an adulterer, a whoremonger, a seducer, and a pedophile?

    A bearer of false witness, a hypocrite, a moneychanger, a thief, a worshiper of false idols, a follower of a false religion?

    A racist, a bigot, a misogynist, a homophobe, an anti-semite, anti-Mormon, anti-Hispanic and anti-Protestant?

  13. Jerry Maneker says

    I’m an evangelical Christian and I completely agree with The Milkman’s comment. To read into the Bible one’s prejudices, does an injustice to the Bible and to Christianity itself. As the late Peter J. Gomes wrote in “The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart,” when reading the Bible we must consider the text, the subtext, the context, what we bring to the text, and what we take out of the text. Old Testament practices have no relevance to Christians, and there is nothing in the New Testament that justifies anti-LGBT bigotry. Those bigots who use the Bible as a hammer may call themselves “Christians,” but they are fooling themselves. They’re mere haters!

  14. says

    There are few things more ludicrous than Newt opening his mouth to be a preacher of tolerance or moral authority on anything. As if.

    He’s just part of the crowd who can’t stand it that the acceptability of being openly homophobic is slipping out from under has-beens like him and there’s nothing they can do to turn back the clocks, except maybe move to Russia.

    He and his ilk will keep stamping their feet and saying how intolerant we are of their (still justified to their minds) intolerance, but it doesn’t really cut it going forward. Increasingly, they’ll have to keep their homophobia to themselves and their little angry circles.

    It’s not just gay people putting him in his place: it’s the power of corporate America and the cultural majority.

  15. says

    But when Martin Bashir criticized Sarah Palin, didn’t all the people who moan about our freedom of speech being eroded say he should have been fired and run off television?

  16. woodroad34 says

    @Mike…Exactly. Well said…you teach people how to treat you. If you’re a bully people will bully you back. If you are well-mannered and adult, you’ll be treated as such. In this case Newt, you’re the former and never the latter.

  17. brucci says

    Newt Gingrich is an idiot of great renown… There’s something so hopelessly gross and vile about him it’s hard to take him seriously.

    Maurice Sendak

  18. walter says

    how cone these clowns are expected to be understanding of gay rights ? why do they always get to play the victim even though they are the bullies

  19. Michael in Toronto says

    I really wonder how good Americans can put up with all this Republican intolerance, which seems to get worse every day. I would feel exhausted by it.

  20. anon says

    I’m sure he’s on the air because people think he’ll say something controversial. However, he needs to be much more specific. Not all viewpoints are given equal treatment at all times, so where has the filter gone wrong in his opinion.

  21. Bill says

    @e.c.: I once read a joke (apparently from a book containing Jewish humor) about some Jewish guy living in Germany as the Nazis were taking over. A friend was surprised to see him reading a Nazi propaganda rag and asked him if he was a self-hating Jew. He replied that when he read the Jewish papers, there was all these articles about all the bad things happening to them, while according to the Nazi press, Jews excelled in the arts, finance, and were achieving world domination, making the news so much more positive.

    There’s probably a parallel regarding the current whining from the homophobes.

  22. StudioTodd says

    It is amazing to me that these people cannot understand why they are perceived as bigots and haters, when crap like this flows so easily from their mouths.

    Really? We need to be more tolerant and inclusive of those who say we are evil, deviant, dangerous for children, psychologically damaged, immoral and bent on destroying the fabric of society?

    Sure. Yeah, I’ll get right on that….

  23. Gay Guy says

    We need to be a whole lot less tolerant of Republicans and religious fundamentalists. They are tearing our country apart with their evil.

  24. 1♥ says

    When has Mr. Gingrich and his ilk ever given any tolerance to the Gay community.
    The answer is: NEVER!

    When has the Gay community ever tried to pass laws against Mr. Gingrich and his ilk.
    The answer is: NEVER!

    So you see, Mr. Gingrich, we are tolerant, and we are nothing like you and your ilk who have no concept of tolerance.

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