Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert of the Band Cynic Come Out As Gay


Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert of the progressive rock band Cynic came out of the closet today in an article in the L.A. Times:

…there's one thing that Masvidal and Reinert have stayed quiet about in their public lives, until now.

Both men are gay and stars in a music scene where bands can wear corpse-paint makeup and leather S&M garb while singing about Satan and dismemberment — yet genuinely nonconforming sexuality hasn't always been welcome.

Though they've been comfortably out for years in their private lives, the two haven't yet spoken about their sexuality in the context of their music.

As artists, they've pushed the edges of heavy metal music for most of their lives. Now they're ready to challenge old stereotypes about sexuality in one of music's most aggressively masculine genres.

The two came out at separate times, one before the other:

Masvidal had come out to friends and family in 1991, and later began exploring drag bars and gay nightclubs while on tour. Reinert a bit took longer to come out. (And, they stress, they've never been attracted to each other.)

"I knew that, secretly, I wanted to go to those clubs too," Reinert, 42, said. "But back then, my stereotype of how to be gay was wearing dresses and tank tops. I didn't have any masculine, metal role models who were gay."

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  1. will says

    Back in 1991 “my stereotype of how to be gay was wearing dresses and tank tops”? (Sean Reinert)

    Really? We were wearing dresses in 1991?

  2. NoYouHangUpFirst says

    This part of the narrative ‘…in a music scene where bands can (x,y,z) — yet nonconforming sexuality hasn’t always been welcome.’ reminds me of when I see heterosexuals that are part of any ‘scene’, who think they’re SO subversive and transgressive, yet are SO simultaneously homophobic. It makes me kind of laugh at them.

    Straight people don’t seem cognizant of the fact that they think “sin” is cool, so long as it’s not the gay kind… Please.

    Just goes to show engaging in the slightest f*****ry is infinitely more ‘bad ass’ than anything metal heads, punks, hip-hopers, skaters, or whatever, do.

  3. Knock says

    Will – Drag queens aren’t a recent invention.

    His experience mirrors (but precedes) my own, being unable to identify with what I understood gay men to be. Perpetuating the typical campy effeminate gay stereotype keeps all the other types of gays in the closet a lot longer than we should stay.

  4. Bravo says

    Finally! I’ve been a fan of Cynic and Paul’s various other projects for years now, and I’ve always suspected that both Paul and Sean were gay. Good for them that they finally came out. This is very exciting! 😀

  5. Paul R says

    I don’t understand why people need role models and people are always championing them. But then, I learned a long time ago not to care what the neighbors thought or how I should live my life according to anyone else’s silly notions. It seems like someone touring with a gay bandmate and friend would know that the gay world is diverse.

    Every day presents the opportunity for a new ideal for living, or index of opportunities, or however you want to look at it.

  6. sqqueak says

    “The two came out at separate times, one before the other”. Oh gosh, so you mean one came out after the other, at different times and one came out first and the other one came out later than the first?
    The prose on Towleroad is increasingly just plain stupid.