1. D.R.H. says

    GOD IS NOT REAL!!! Why do these lunatics garner so much attention, credibility, trust, etc. when they openly confess to believe in something so undeniably unbelievable??? What a sad species we still are when fairytales are justification for butchery and sadism.

  2. UFFDA says

    Lots of people change their attractions between the sexes over a lifetime. It still doesn’t mean that one is preferable to the other, and when you throw the idea of a judgemental God into the mix, that’s when you’ve got mixed up people. Too bad.

  3. RK says

    Hmm…no genetic and biological evidence? Seriously! I guess it is no different than those denying climate change. Again, pathetic and outright lies and falsehood.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Hahahahaha! Oh, geez! *wiping tears from eyes* That’s what abstinence does to you–you hallucinate; you become Liz Cheney discussing Monica Lewinski.

  5. dommyluc says

    What’s that phrase I’m looking for? It’s right on the tip of my tongue…oh,yeah – bwahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  6. calpoidog says

    It is quite telling that “ex gay” programs are by and large tied to religious organizations. Without the shame and guilt they can heap onto gays within their congregations they seem pretty powerless to get anyone else to believe that there is such a thing. If it were real, it would exist outside of religion.

  7. Bernie says

    and hopefully they are serving popcorn for this fiction filled video of liars, comedians and more liars…..One article for this video advertised that “biblical scholars” were starring in this video

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