Rochester Radio Hosts Kimberly and Beck Apologize for Transphobic Show Segment


Former Rochester, NY radio hosts Kimberly and Beck have issued an apology for their offensive tirade against transgender people during a ‘discussion’ of the city’s new trans health benefits last week – a segment that got the duo canned from their morning radio show on station 98.9

Said Kimberly and Beck in a statement sent to All Access:

We are very sorry for the hurt and pain we have caused anyone, especially those in the Transgender community and their friends and families. What we said and the manner in which we handled ourselves was wrong; we take full responsibility and we deeply apologize to any and all that we offended.

Our attempt was to discuss a controversial healthcare issue; however our lack of sensitivity and understanding of the Transgender people and their plight created 12 minutes of radio we that wish we could take back.

We fully understand ENTERCOM’s position and their decision to dismiss us.  It is their right and we accept their decision and our responsibility in it.

ENTERCOM has been and will continue to be a strong advocate for the LGBT community and we are proud to have been helpful in ENTERCOM’s efforts over our 13 years with the company.

It is our hope that this situation can be a time of learning and understanding about the Transgender community and not a time for additional anger and insensitivity.  This is a community of individuals who struggle painfully to be themselves and find the support and comfort they deserve.  We believe that this can be a chance for all of us to stop the ignorance and find our humanity."


  1. Buck says

    “Freedom of speech. We can say whatever we want.”
    “You’re fired.”
    “We’re really sorry and regret the pain we caused.”

    I love the disingenuous changing of the tune. It’s almost more pathetic to go that route than it is to just remain ignorant assholes.

  2. daws says

    If it were possible, my eyes would have just rolled out of my head. These type of people are so pathetic. Their apology is worthless. I hope this follows them around and hurts further employment for the both of them. Freedom of speech =/= freedom from accountability.

  3. anonymous says

    So ENTERCOM got them to apologize and remind everyone that it wasn’t ENTERCOM’s fault, *after* ENTERCOM fired them. I wonder what kind of separation package they got from ENTERCOM to play nice in the aftermath. Or maybe the conglomerate will just give them new jobs in some other market…

  4. Tony says

    “We believe that this can be a chance for all of us to stop the ignorance and find our humanity.”

    Well, you are the culprits there, so you tell us, will you stop the ignorance? All of us don’t need to do anything. YOU TWO need to find your humanity.

  5. Steve says

    This is, for all intents and purposes, a lovely apology. No victim-blaming. No Fox News whining that they’re the “real” victims. Kudos to them for getting it right.

  6. says

    “this is a community of individuals who struggle painfully to be themselves.”

    Actually, that isn’t true. When I see these men with their big bulky male bodies wearing an ill-fitting wig, poorly done makeup and WAY too short skirts, sitting at a counter seat at 10am at the local diner where families with kids are, the cross dressers seem very proud of themselves.

    Notice I said counter seat where everyone can see them head to toe. Again, they don’t seem to be struggling with anything except the ratty old fishnet stockings they have on their muscular legs.

  7. the other Ken says

    First sentence:
    “We are very sorry for the hurt and pain we have caused anyone…”

    Should read “…the hurt and pain we have caused.” Not “anyone” Their words were offensive. Period.

    Last sentence in first paragraph, “…we take full responsibility and we deeply apologize to any and all that we offended.”

    Should read, “we deeply apologize.” Not to “any and all that we offended.”

    This was clearly written by Entercom’s PR firm, and the culprits either got their contracts bought out by agreeing to it, rather than just being dumped by the curb for language/topics Entercom deems offensive and therefore reason for immediate dismissal without pay, or there’s the option for possible employment, probably separated, in other markets and time periods, or maybe not on the air at first.

  8. wheelie81 says

    Only here would I see a bunch of whiny queens saying that they don’t accept their apology, say it’s fake, wish them ill will and THEN go on to ridicule the trans community. Hypocrites much?

  9. UGH says

    STEVE: this “apology” was written by company lawyers. This entire letter smells of corporate BS. Are they really sorry for what they said (look at her doubling down her comments when people raised a stink)? Or, are they are sorry it came back to bite them in the butt?

  10. Ernie says

    They should not have apologized. It won’t satisfy the trans activist thug mob anyway, so why bother? Also, their reference to transgenders’ friends and families shows how ignorant they are about the trans community. Transfolk have no real friends, only people they exploit for their own gain, like LGBs.

  11. CB says

    Supposedly, after their rant, and upon their suspension, Kimberly Ray went to twitter and posted the following:

    “Freedom of Speech includes the freedom to offend others. You aren’t granted a right to not be offended in this life #getoverit #ROC”

    Subsequently it was deleted, so that apology they issued is moot.

  12. LiamB says

    CB, she posted it on a company owned account, not her personal one. It also was the entire account which got deleted, not the singular remark.

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