1. michiganjd says

    As a gay guy who played and loves football, this is a great day! Thanks to ESPN for their respectful coverage. It is nice to see respectful, mainstream coverage for something other than celebrities or the Tony Awards.

  2. I wont grow up says

    Wow, it’s a great day for sports. Maybe now we can get on with more important issues, like allowing lesbians to play golf and tennis and does diving make men gay or is it the other way around.

  3. peterparker says

    This is fantastic, and I am really overjoyed for him. But someone needs to tell him that smearing cake in your partner’s face is not a cool way to celebrate your wedding or being drafted into the NFL. It’s tacky.

  4. Bestcomments says

    I am sure we will get to know more about who the boyfriend is once the paps swoop in. I hope they are ready for the kind of crap they are going to give them.
    I am glad to see him stay in his home turf. Less pressure from the fans and he can focus on performing.

  5. Patrick says

    LOVE him, well deserved for such a talent , he and his partner seem very much in love…am I the only one who didn’t see actual tears? Must be a lot of pressure.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    So happy for him! So glad the news was good! It doesn’t matter what the homophobes say. There’s nothing they can do and they are just pouting!

  7. Steven Jaeger says

    @Mitch, The Missouri governor is supportive, but simply saying that married gay couples could file joint taxes in MO, set off the repugnicrats tealibans with the supermajority in both houses and they are now trying to impeach him.

  8. Ron says

    @James….What difference does that make? I saw a lot of that on twitter; people fine with the fact that he’s gay but had an issue with his white boyfriend.

  9. Patrick says

    @James I don’t think he would like me and I am white. I am trying not to hate. Tastes evolve in this world, lets see what the future brings.

  10. seamus says

    so happy for this guy. it’s a giant step forward. now i just hope that he makes good on all the media attention and shows up on the field and, once and for all, silences anyone who believes the media attention to be not deserved and that sexual orientation has anything to do with performance on the field. Great day!!!

  11. Icebloo says

    Great news ! I hope he has the best time in the NFL and proves everyone wrong about gay people !

    I didn’t realize he had such a nice big butt ! Beautiful !

    I hope St Louis win the Superbowl now for having the balls to stand up and choose Michael !

  12. Rick says

    “it’s a shame they’re making all kinds of homophobic remarks on some of the straight sports web sites”

    Not to rain on the parade here, but the kiss and the cake episode should probably have been avoided. Push people too hard, too fast….and they will reject you.

    I understand the emotion and I also understand that, yes, straight guys kiss their girlfriends when they are drafted……but even if we are getting to the point that people are willing to accept a gay player, I don’t know that they are ready to accept a gay player tongue-kissing another man in front of them…..

    His first mistake since coming out, IMO

  13. James says

    @Ron-Not a big its just that all the out famous black people like Michael Sam,Wanda Sykes,Don Lemon,and Robin Roberts they all have white partners.There has to be a reason some black people choose to never date other black people.

  14. Rick says

    “@James – why does a white boyfriend not surprise you?”

    I’m not James, but Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever” explored the phenomenon of black men discarding black women in favor of white men as soon as they beccome successful. I suspect you would find the same phenomenon among successful black gay men when it comes to their choice of mates…..

  15. Rick says

    The second line of that last comment should have read “discarding black women in favor of white women”

    “Marrying white” seems to be a status symbol for many blacks…..I think that was James’s point…..

  16. the other Ken says

    @Rick-oh what a lame argument. One that had been used by straight democrats between 2004-2008 to gays about not bringing up (said in a whisper) the, uh, a-hem, whole, uh, you know, marriage equality thingy because, uh, you know, the dems might lose the next election if you force it too fast on people.

    Yeah. Lets slow down on the equality movement. Its going to fast don’t you think?

  17. Rick says

    “Yeah. Lets slow down on the equality movement. Its going to fast don’t you think?”

    Watch the film “42” and observe how very cautious Jackie Robinson was in everything he did…..He well understood that he needed to be as non-threatening to whites as possible to be accepted as the first black player…..and that if he did, others that came after him would be able to be accepted more readily….

    Had he not done so, things might have turned out quite differently for those who came after……

    Like it or not, seeing two men French-kissing is going to alienate many of the straight men that would otherwise have been rooting for Micahel…..and that is just the way it is right now……and anybody who is a bona fide sports fan and who does not live in the gay ghetto understands that…..

  18. Michel says

    I thought for a moment I was watching a movie. A gay football player going to the NFL and kissing his bf on a sports network. I cannot process this right now. JUST TOO FREAKING INCREDIBLE!

  19. steve talbert says

    I think the straight guys are really repulsed by the pink polo.

    FYI.. to me Sam’s butt looks bigger in the videos than it doesn’t when I’ve seen the ones with him running on the field.

  20. Sees Right Through Rick's Racism, Homophobia, & Self-Loathing says

    @Rick: “Like it or not, seeing two men French-kissing is going to alienate many of the straight men that would otherwise have been rooting for Micahel…..and that is just the way it is right now……and anybody who is a bona fide sports fan and who does not live in the gay ghetto understands that…..”

    Nonsense. Anyone who was going to be ‘rooting’ for Michael Sam isn’t offended by the kiss. And anyone who was offended by the kiss, would have found some other pretense to be put off.

    What your posts show more than anything else is your own hangup about public displays of affection between men, and your own hangups about mixed-race relationships.

    You try to act like your this bridge between the gay community (even though your closeted) and The Straight World. But you reveal your own self-hatred in every post.

    I assure you you know less about sports than most of my gay male acquaintances, and less still about the “gay ghetto”.

  21. Patrick says

    @James the other thing is that science is saying we are supposed to “mix it up”, our gene pools. Not all of us, but most are supposed to mate with other races. It somehow alleviates diseases and will make us a stronger race. Mutts Rule.

  22. Laura says

    Here’s a thought. Maybe Michael and his boyfriend just happen to like each other and their skin colors are irrelevant.

    How come the argument that you fall in love with a person, not their genitalia doesn’t also apply to skin color?

  23. Mark Twain says

    Funny thing is Americans alone are still talking about races, or mixing races, ..guys…wake-up….races don’t exist. Only ethnicity, myabe, or pigmentation. Races, Don’t , exist. I grew up in Europe, they never talk about races (except in UK, same hangups as in the States). In continental Europe I never heard anyone talk about so-called races or mixed marriage. I have white friends married with black or asian women and asian firends married with black and indian women. We never think of this as mixing races, you have a problem with your heads dudes.

  24. Francis says

    Oh look. Another towleroad story turns into a race baiting troll thread. How surprising.

    I love seeing this kiss. I love seeing the affection. I love seeing an openly gay man get drafted into the NFL.

    He’s a long shot to make the Rams roster due to their depth at the positions Michael already plays, or will in the league—outside linebacker and defensive end. But he has a chance and ultimately, his impact has been felt already and will be felt for years to come. Good luck, Mike. Rooting you on.

  25. will says

    I looked at the Yahoo Sports article on Michael, down at the comment section, and there’s literally HUNDREDS of rabid, hateful responses about butt sex and locker rooms and the Green Bay Packers — it’s like dozens of groups of social cons simultaneously invaded the comment section. It was horrible.

  26. Rick says

    @WILL It was the kiss that caused a lot of that, I assure you. Very few of even the most sympathetic of individuals just cannot deal with two men kissing each other in public yet.

    I am quite sure that many of those comments you read were not from “social cons”.

  27. will says

    Maybe you’re right, Rick. It’s depressing to think so many people are uncomfortable with 2 guys kissing (during an emotional moment).

    It reminds me of ALL those damn TV shows where the one gay character was allowed to be “gay” (and bitchy) — but never allowed to be physical about it.

  28. Two Dads says

    EVERYONE please please please go to Bomani Jones twitter page …he is an ESPN commentator who is supporting Michael Sam in inspiring ways with fantastic tweets challenging everyone’s ignorance:


    Please tweet him your thank you

  29. Jordan. Hughes says

    I agree, I saw the Bomani Jones tweets and found them heart warming. He is a huge figure in the sports world and his encouragement of Michael Sam was amazing! I tweeted him a thank you. everyone should as well.

  30. SpaceCadet says

    Yahoo typically attracts bigoted people making comments. There are always going to be negative ignorant people in the world. It doesn’t matter if they see two guys kiss or not they will still make stupid comments so good for Michael Sam for being himself and kissing away.

  31. Jordan. Hughes says

    James and Rick are the same poster and reason why Andy needs to go on a God Dang different setup to comment on this site. This current set up invites constant trolling and has resulted in MANY MANY regulars leaving this site! Enough!

  32. Markus says

    I feel like gay people as individuals have come out…but it’s time for gay COUPLES to come out of the shadows of the closet. THAT visibility is what leads to normalcy. Be it facebook pics of our significant other, or holding hands in public…that’s what makes people realize our relationships are here to stay.

    Congrats to the beautiful, kind, talented Michael Sam!

  33. Josh says

    Spacecadet is right about Yahoo commenters. It’s been that way for many years. Many of their articles are vehicles for swarms of anti-Muslim, anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-gay, anti-feminist haters. It’s best to ignore them.

  34. Francis says

    Honestly, the hate on the kiss is everywhere. From what I’ve seen it’s about 50-50 on twitter, too. A lot of “I support gay rights but don’t like seeing two men kiss” comments. It is what it is. Markus is right. The idea of people being gay and existing—that’s something most people have accepted. But gay people actually LIVING as gay in terms of kissing their partners, holding hands, being queer….not so much. One kiss isn’t going to change that but it’s important for people to see that we do love like anyone and everyone else.

  35. AZXPAT says

    Um, yeah, this is awesome. No need to worry. There are a lot of people who get it. They will outweigh the haters. God bless Michael Sam and his courage. Rosa Parks just gave up her seat.

  36. AZXPAT says

    FRANCIS for the win. Make them uncomfortable so they can get over it. Some never will. But many – even most – will. It’s easier to be comfortable than uncomfortable.

  37. Craig S says

    Anybody who believes that gay men should have to behave differently than a straight person would behave in the same situation — refrain from kissing their boyfriend when they get good news, and on and so forth — is entitled to go stuff their attitude up their own back passages.

  38. rhino79 says

    I’ll admit that I found the kissing awkward and a bit uncomfortable. There I said it. And I’m certainly not conservative nor self-loathing.

    For one thing, they kissed, like, six times. Who kisses that much? They acted like giddy schoolgirls.

    Also, why were there cameras there filming anyway? It felt like a private moment being exploited.

  39. Marshall says


    “Giddy schoolgirls”? Sexist much? Cameras were there because he was a high profile draft candidate.

    It’s sad that gay guys resort to using sexist, anti-girl comments. There is nothing wrong with acting like a girl unless you have a problem with girls. Girls are awesome human beings.

  40. rhino79 says

    Whatever Marsha. I’m not sexist or anti-girl. Maybe try forming a thought that doesn’t include some tired PC term that ends in -ist.

    My point was this: If this event was supposed to tell the world that gay men can be athletic and masculine then 1) stop crying and 2) cut out the cutesy smooching and cake-smashing.

  41. Howard B says

    @Rick. If you think that Michael Sam and his boyfriend were French kissing, I feel sorry for you because that means you’re doing it all wrong.
    On a positive note, this whole story is inspiring as well as historical. Congratulations to Michael and his boyfriend.

  42. says

    @Will: Yahoo comment sections are where miserable people without brain cells go to ungrammatically vent about a world that’s slipping out from under them–except they’re too stupid to understand that their time is over. Unless you want punish yourself with lowest-common-denominator ignorance, avoid Yahoo.

    Yes, some homophobes will be upset by the kiss. They’ll get over it. I love that Michael Sam refused to self-censor in a moment of joy. That’s what being a brave man is about–being himself without fear, without adjustments to suit the narrow-minded (for whom we can never adjust enough anyway).

  43. Rocco says

    I have always loved college football, but haven’t followed the pros for awhile. I am a new Rams fan, unless they’re playing the Niners or the Raiders. I’m also encouraged by most of the comments on the St. Louis Post Dispatch website….so positive! That’s more shocking than the weddings in Arkansas!

  44. Caliban says

    Personally I think it’s great that Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend. That is going to be “the kiss seen around the world” as it’s spread by the media in news casts. How often have we seen instances of same sex affection in the media? Not many.

  45. simon says

    Talking about religious or moral belief.
    As Bertrand Russell said: “What is imposed on you from outside is of no value whatever. It doesn’t count.”

  46. Zeta says

    I’m shocked. This was actually shown on television. An interracial gay couple cuddling, consoling, kissing, loving one another. The media has come a very long way.

    I’m happy for them.

    Hopefully, this also means more realistic protrayals of gays on television, and more gay men coming out. People love happy people, and when gay life is portrayed as happy and normal and celebratory — instead of Folsom or fetishlike — this is a great day.

  47. Elsewhere1010 says

    So if that’s how Xtians react to kissing, I suppose rimming is right out then?

    Really, of all the affectionate ways that two people of either the same or different genders (or those whose gender is in a state of flux) can express their love in a caring, intimate and entirely appropriate way within the confines of their relationship, a kiss is the least of your worries.

    But what about the children, you say. Golly, they’ve just seen two people who care for each other celebrate an emotional milestone in an entirely natural and appropriate way. You shouln’t let the fact that you’ve been scarred for life destroy the future of your children. They’re going to need to do much better than you.

  48. Kim says

    Funny I didn’t read negative comments about the dozens of other guys crying including #1 pick Jadeveon Clowning.
    Vito came out as a Openly Gay swimmer at Mizzou in 2011.So that’s something they have in common.How many openly gay athletes at Mizzou are there, not many I would guess?

  49. Rick says

    “Yes, some homophobes will be upset by the kiss. They’ll get over it. I love that Michael Sam refused to self-censor in a moment of joy. That’s what being a brave man is about–being himself without fear, without adjustments to suit the narrow-minded (for whom we can never adjust enough anyway).”

    Courage matters, but being prudent also matters. Courage without prudence just gets you killed, figuratively speaking.

    Sam is a marginal prospect–his best bet was to make special teams; he had promised not to make a spectacle out of himself in a way that would disrupt team chemistry and to just be a player who happens to be gay, but by behaving the way he did, he called into question whether he can do that……and that may prove to be fatal to his chances of making the roster.

    And if he fails to make a team because of this, all of your cheerleading on this blog will be of absolutely no avail.

  50. Rick says

    My point is that I’m a closeted coward and was only ever a disappointment to my family, especially my father, so I get very angry when I see more and more openly gay people doing things that I’ve never been man enough to actually do – like lead an authentic life and fall in love. Nobody has ever loved me, and it’s really messed me up. I’m racist, I’m a trolling self-hating homophobic coward and when I finally die I won’t be remembered or missed by anyone, anywhere. Unlike Michael Sam, who has just cemented his place in history.

    So, that’s just what I wanted to say. I’m a sad cowardly excuse for a man, and if Andy ever gets wise and alters this site’s commenting engine, and I no longer have an outlet to vent my impotent fury, I’ll probably just keel over and die. Spewing hate is the only distraction I have from offing myself. My ‘name’ is Rick, and I’ve never been loved by anyone. Remember that. Always.

  51. simon says

    “if he fails to make a team because of this”
    Don’t worry Rick. It won’t happen. You should know if you have not been under the rocks lately. Your brand of morality is no longer in fashion. The Ricks or Sterlings of the world will have problem making the team or getting any employment in NFL if they are caught expressing their anti-gay, racist and sexist views.

  52. says

    @Rick: What hogwash. Your advice to Michael Sam–and to anyone at the forefront of progress–reveals nothing but your own projected internalized homophobia and cowardice. Those who freak out at the so-called spectacle of a man honestly and openly expressing joy with his partner have their own insecurities to worry about. Michael Sam’s behaviors are their issues, not his.

    His success on the field moving forward will depend on the skills he can bring to the game.

  53. Markus says

    Aww adorable, and something really sexy about the duality in their sizes. Like I love how different they are and they together they are an adorable couple.

  54. DatDude says

    In our somewhat smaller town about 5 years ago, a local shopping center kicked a gay couple out for holding hands (the security guard did)…the community rallied around the shopping center and opposed the gay couple which frustrated many gay individuals and couples who decided they would now hold hands in public and show we’re just like everyone else. 5 years later and straight people in our small town are so used to seeing gay coupled holding hands that it’s now part of the normalcy of our town. AND they have completely reversed their opinion (according to a local article) and they are completely accepting. They saw we’re not the big bad scary wolf. Showcasing our relationships in respectful manners like that (holding hands) should be the new frontier. Let’s come out of the closet as being gay couples, not just gay individuals, as someone else wrote.

  55. Retro says

    I’m not a big fan of PDA by anyone. But this is different, because when a young man experiences what is probably the greatest moment of his life so far, well then, of course, he’s going to kiss the person he loves. His happiness and exuberance during this in that moment should not quelled simply because there’s a damn camera in the room. This was a very natural reaction. That’s part of being out.

  56. GB says

    I hate sports, but I loved their blatant display of gay, for all America to squirm watching– Black prowess denial, meets white boy lust fantasy. Made me want to sing that 60’s hit, “To Sir With Love!”

  57. Ron says

    So…Michael Sam’s boyfriend at one time dated porn star Austin Wilde. I hope the mainstream doesn’t get a hold of this because this is the kind of distraction Sam doesn’t need right now. The story is up at Vito has good taste in men I will give him that but like one of the comments in the article said…Michael better have had that boy tested for EVERYTHING!!!!

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