Dem. Opponent Accuses Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker of ‘Waffling’ on Same-Sex Marriage

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Democratic opponent accused him of waffling on the issue of same-sex marriage in the state. The comments came after a tumultuous week and a half for the state's gay couples, who were granted the right to marry on June 6, only to be told on June 15 that the ruling would be put on hold while the case played out in the courts. IN that short period of time hundreds of couples rushed to their local courts to validate their relationship in the eyes of the law. 

MaryburkeFrom the AP

Both Burke and Walker were asked about their positions on gay marriage during separate events in Madison. Walker said Burke, who is running her first statewide campaign, needs a lesson in “Government 101” because she doesn’t understand the governor “can’t arbitrarily change the constitution.”

But Burke, at a different event just a couple of miles away, said Walker had been vague regarding what she called a “critical issue.”

“I think the people of Wisconsin would like to hear what the governor thinks,” Burke said. “I know as governor I’m going to be clear where I stand on issues. It seems pretty political to me that he seems now to be waffling on whether he supports gay marriage or doesn’t. And that is not being clear with voters about that.”

Walker replied by saying that he voted for the ban in 2006 but that it doesn't matter because he plays no role in the constitution and that is up to the legislature, voters, or a judge. The AP also reports that support for same-sex marriage is growing in the state with 55% of registered voters in favor. 

Posted June 17, 2014 at 2:55pm ETC by Julian Ward
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