Demi Lovato Reveals Her Grandfather Was Gay: VIDEO


The Grand Marshal of this year’s LA Pride Parade and the headliner of NYC’s Pride event, Dance on the Pier, happening this weekend on June 29, recently revealed that her grandfather was gay, according to MTV News. Lovato, who has never before publicly shared this story about her grandfather, opened up at Logo’s Trailblazers event celebrating the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s historic ruling in United States v. Windsor:

“I’ve never spoken about this before, but my grandfather himself was a trailblazer. He was brave enough to come out in the 1960s, and I feel a lot of my spirit has come from him,” she said. “He passed away a few years later and I only wish he could have been able to see all the progress that has been made.”

You can also watch Logo’s Trailblazers in full this Thursday at 9PM.

Posted June 26, 2014 at 8:20am ETC by Sean Mandell
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