1. Hansel Currywurst says

    Did he not get the memo about how the bad guys always wear black cowboy hats? Or the other one about not pretending to be a cowboy in the Bronx lest you look foolish?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @” ….the Third World invasion of the US”

    What about the First World invasion of the Americas? England, France, Spain and Portugal and the Dutch (whatever the fvck name they called themselves back then).

    I don’t like this bigot (Diaz) either, but don’t use him as an excuse to spout your bigotry. ‘Cause I’ll come after your azz…with history!

  3. Bernie says

    Honestly, I wish Mr. Diaz would bring millions of people to this meaningless and wasteful event….That is the funny and ironic part….if they reach 5000 total, that would be a good turn out….However, my money is that the actual number will be under 1000 as NOM is continuing a losing battle.

  4. Bill says

    @ Jack M :the people who would jump at the opportunity to be on a bus for a trip to Washington with a U.S. senator, even a senator who happens to be an idiot, are people who want to lobby the senator without paying the customary fee – I mean, political campaign donation.

  5. Gay Guy says

    He is not a U.S. Senator. He’s a state Senator.

    BTW, his son Ruben Diaz, Jr. is an ally of the community and hiss granddaughter (Ruben JR’s niece) is lesbian.

  6. says

    Boy, NOM is really desperate to pad out their numbers, aren’t they? I can’t wait for when they post photos from the event consisting of the same 20 people duplicated in Photoshop to look like a crowd of thousands.

  7. Randy says

    Well,then, the obvious thing is to have every gay group order up a bus, but jot mention their real name. Hell think he has thousands on the bag, but no ine will actually show. Mall those buses paid for and nothing to show for it!

  8. kdknyc says

    Isn’t there something illegal about him using his office for this kind of thing? Especially if he gets people there under false pretenses?

    Oh, wait. It’s OK if you’re a republican.

  9. Bill says

    @kdknyc : it is probably not illegal – legislatures are notorious for having one set of rules for them and a different set for everyone else.

    Also, if lying were illegal and such a law enforced, most of the telemarketing scum who harass me continually would be in jail – where IMHO they belong.

  10. GRivera says

    BRING BACK SLAVERY FOR THIS MAN OF COLOR! Stupid enough to embrace the so-called word of a so called god which made his race slaves in the first place. NO HOPE FOR THESE DUMMIES!

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