Google’s Waze Navigation App Shows Its Pride


In a move to set its own mapping platform apart from the competition, Google acquired Israeli crowd-sourced mapping company Waze in 2013. Waze has just updated its selection of user icons to help users show off their Pride while en route. Unlike other mapping services, Waze makes a point of turning its navigation into a social experience, encouraging users to crowdsource traffic data in real time. Waze also allows users to share personal status updates via a set of predefined icons expressing various emotions. In addition to sarcastic, ninja, and peaceful, Wazers can now set their icons to "proud."

Response to the app's update have been generally positive, but Waze isn't without users who felt as if the company missed the point of Pride.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 15.55.01

Waze's latest updates are available for free now in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.



  1. MaryM says

    Does google still collaborate with the Chinese regime to suppress freedom of speech in China.


    Just another global multinational pretending to have a conscience.

  2. Raybob says

    Waze is a useful little app; we’ve used it to avoid traffic snarls over long drives, and it’s used by a fair number of drivers even where we live. Great to know where the speed traps are :-)

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