1. Philie says

    … Which one is Laverne..?

    I kid, I kid! The one with the sexier legs and less make-up.

    That being said, I love what she’s been doing lately and how positively she’s been representing the transgender community. Keep up Laverne.

    (I dare not watch the video for fear of OITNB spoilers. Have not watched the full season yet, hope it delivers!)

  2. Philie says

    Ooooh, “eloquent” Mikey is here. You try harder little Mikey.

    Maybe something pertaining to the story, or those covered in the story, instead of you know, attacking commenters enjoying the thread.

  3. MaryM says

    Laverne Cox is a decent person and a good role model for trannies.

    However the mental illness, hysteria and homophobic bigotry of the tranny activist community is such that tranny issues need to be immediately separated from LGB issues.

    Good luck to the trannies but it’s time to drop the T from LGB.

  4. JMC says

    The interview was hardly respectful with Wendy blurting out that question about Laverne’s breasts. Still, considering what an ignorant loudmouth Wendy has proven herself to be I was surprised that was the limit to the crass questions asked.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    I enjoyed the interview, but Ms Cox’s definition of “Transgender” seemed more narrow than the definitions I’ve read. I thought that many Transgender folks are simply gender role non-conforming–not all are Transsexual. And they can change over the years: Chris (leave Britney alone)Crocker.

    Hell, ME, 30 years ago.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “…national treasure! Like dioxin, the NRA, and feces!”

    No, Rick, you’re thinking about your status on Towleroad.

    Funny, when you were David Hearne you loved the NRA.

    And stop using Tyler’s posting name to post your ugly smelly sh.t.

  7. Tyler says

    Derrick, I acknowledge that Cox is a huge tranny celeb at the moment and gives a lot of hope to ordinary, non-celeb trannies. But I think we need to recognize that there will be a lot of pain and hurt when Cox goes on self-destruct. It is inevitable. All trannies do.

  8. says

    I have a measly 755 followers on Twitter, but I use Twitter to disseminate LGBT news links and stories and I enjoy doing it a great deal. I have tweeted so many stories from Towleroad because I love the content here.

    Due to the misogyny, homophobia and rampant transphobia here in the comments section, I probably won’t link to anymore Towleroad stories after today. I got a message from a couple of my followers about what they are seeing here. I don’t know if Andy is concerned about a reputation of not being a safe space for our diverse community? There words not mine and I am not sure it has gotten there yet because we regulars all know who the resident trolls are but it might be something worth thinking about especially for new traffic coming here.

    I know if won’t matter one way or the other if I am here to read or comment but there’s potentially 755 people who won’t see links from Towleroad from me anymore which means these people won’t be clicking on over here.

    Been a reader since 2004 – it was good while it lasted.

  9. says

    Wayne – I’ll be joining you. A change of commenting system would change everything. A change would eliminate the insane trolling while fostering a better exchange of dialogue and ideas. I’m done.

  10. Alex says

    Wayne –

    If you are concerned about Towleroad being a “safe space” for our “diverse communities” then I strongly suggest you direct your protest at the commenter who on a daily basis urges people to commit suicide and who just yesterday threatened a woman commenter with physical violence. This person’s online name is “Little Kiwi.” His real name is Raymond Miller. Please find him and tell him to stop making this an unsafe place.

  11. Alex says

    Here is Little Kiwi making Towleroad a safe space:

    “go practice your oral sex skills on a shotgun. . . . i’m dead serious: off yourself. you’re a person of no worth.”

    “You are one worthless sack of crap. . . .
    You think *this* is bullying? You better stay closeted for life, because if we ever met face to face I’d show you what real bullying looks like.”

    Oddly enough, WayneMPLS never once posted a comment objecting to these or scores of other violent threats. So Wayne, you hypocrite, take your 775 followers and go to hell.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “…then I strongly suggest you direct your protest at the commenter who on a daily basis urges people to commit suicide and who just yesterday threatened a woman commenter with physical violence.”

    LOL. Oh, Lord. Kiwi’s coming all the way from Toronto to commit murder on a woman. LOL Can’t he kill Rick instead?

  13. Rowan says

    Wayne I agree with you but also this is an informative site where we are not going to speak sh*t for the sake of poor conversation.

    We need to have good, open and honest conversations. The last thing we need to be is hysterical lgbt people who suck up at every post or believe every crazy tale of discrimination that is clearly false or weird.

  14. MaryM says

    Yes we need to have open, honest conversation.

    Which did NOT happen when the ‘LGBT’ acronym was forced on LGB people.

    Why not?

    LGBT is a divisive idea.

    I wish them well, but it’s time to drop the T

  15. Alex says

    Agree, MaryM. We were denied a debate in the 90s. Thanks to the internet, that debate is happening and it makes the LGBT ideologues furious. So we get bullying and name calling and threats of violence. But it won’t work. The debate is going forward and if LGBT makes such good sense, then I’ll support it. But I have seen no valid defense of it so far.

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