Man Arrested in Philadelphia Grindr Rape and Robbery Case



A man was arrested in Philadelphia after a Grindr-related rape and robbery earlier this year. Douglass Casey is alleged to have met a Canadian man on Grindr and then raped and robbed him in his hotel room on April 9, 2014.

Casey has been charged with "Indecent Deviant Sexual Intercourse (IDSI), Sexual Assault, Robbery, Kidnapping for Ransom, Theft, Unlawful Restraint, Terroristic Threats, False Imprisonment, Simple Assault and [reckless endangerment]," according to

Towleroad reported on the case in April. Police released surveillance photos at the time and requested assistance from the public.


Casey's bail was set at $1 million and his next court case is June 26. 


  1. Vint says

    @Kennedy: I believe the “deviant” part refers to anything other than penile-vaginal intercourse, so anal sex rather than the rape is the qualifier. I’m not sure how that squares with the fact that anti-sodomy laws are unconstitutional.

    It would be nice if current law was not so deliberately obscure and Victorian in its terminology.

  2. Jack says

    Perhaps if the people who wrote on this blog bothered to do some research instead of blindly copying their info from others, they would realize that there actually is no such offense under PA code as “Indecent Deviant Sexual Intercourse.”

    Instead, there is “Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse,” 18 Pa.C.S. § 3123. The “voluntary deviate sexual intercourse” prohibition was repealed after Lawrence v. Texas.

  3. Cup Cake says

    But there’s still the “Deviate”.

    It doesn’t matter which peg goes into which slot, or whether it’s a dingdong touching a hoohoo or a twinkie. It’s the FORCEFUL, NON-CONSENSUAL, UNWILLING part that matters.

    Words and concepts like ‘deviate’ continue to attempt to institutionalize a false stigma against NORMAL sexual practices.

  4. Troy says

    Could the website Grindr be a co-conspirator in allowing the most unlikely matches resulting in rape, robbery and other crimes. Could this criminal have his scheme/game/hustle so highly rehearsed that a site like Grindr would be the perfect vehicle to get away with all kinds of behavior, reported unlawful or otherwise…

  5. SpaceCadet says


    You must be perfect. No “respect or compassion” for someone who is raped and held at gunpoint? I guess he was asking for it? Just wait, karma is coming to you.

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