News: Adam Lambert, Nigeria, Hillary Clinton, Hate Pastor

RoadUS News: On same-sex marriage, both sides claim Pope Francis.

RoadU.S. and Iran to work together to fight the ISIS insurgency in Iraq.

SdgaymenschorusRoadSan Diego Gay Men's Chorus launches artistic dance troupe.

RoadMariah Carey's 1997 photo spends time with her kids.

RoadRuling on Indiana gay marriage ban could come soon: "The delay makes Reisman suspect Young may simply skip the stay order and decide whether to throw out Indiana's gay marriage ban."

RoadActivists appeal to Landmarks Preservation Commission to take action against Harlem hate pastor James David Manning and his hateful sign.

RoadHelp Kevin Aviance get hip replacement surgery: "I've been known for my over-the-top shows and the way I move on stage and now that has been taken away from me. I can barely walk and it's been struggle to even put a pair of heels on to just host shows but I have to bite the bullet and deal with the pain for now to survive."

RoadIan Ziering has returned to Chippendales.

RoadIt's a girl for Kelly Clarkson: “Our baby girl River Rose Blackstock arrived on June 12th! Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes! Brandon and I are on cloud 9!! :)”

Book_clintonRoadHillary Clinton talks about books: "At the risk of appearing predictable, the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking. I was raised reading it, memorizing passages from it and being guided by it. I still find it a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement."

RoadFungal protein found to cross blood-brain barrier, offers hope for meningitis treatment.

RoadInside Brooklyn's smallest peen pageant.

RoadKathy Griffin to host daytime Emmy awards: "The 41st annual awards will be presented June 22 from the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills."

RoadConservative psychiatrist Paul McHugh smears trans people as delusional and disordered in phobic Wall Street Journal op-ed: "At the heart of the problem is confusion over the nature of the transgendered. 'Sex change' is biologically impossible. People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder."

RoadJason Momoa to play Aquaman.

RoadMaya Rudolph joins Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in comedy The Nest, directed by Pitch Perfect's Jason Moore.

Fiasco_2_lambertRoadAdam Lambert offers support to Sam Smith: Sam is going through that process of having his sexuality dissected and talked about. It’s hard because even though things have changed a lot since I came out it’s still a drama or talking point. He told me he has never had an issue about his sexuality until now because everyone is making such a big deal about it which is crazy.”

RoadJames Franco to direct off-Broadway play: "James Franco, currently making his Broadway debut in Of Mice and Men, will add stage director to his artistically wide-ranging credits with the Off-Broadway production of Robert Boswell's The Long Shrift."

RoadFour men appear in Sharia court in Nigeria for alleged sodomy: "Prosecutor Abubakar Garba, told the court that the accused persons, Abubakar Alhassan, Sani Sale, Shehu Ahmed and Misbahu Sale, were caught in the act in Gumau Town on May 8. Garba said the offence contravened Sections 126 and 133 of the State Shari’ah Laws, 2001, adding that homosexual also contravened the Penal Code. However, Alhassan, Sale and Ahmed pleaded guilty to the charge and asked for mercy, but the fourth accused, Misbahu Sale, pleaded not guilty to the offence. The court, presided over by Abdu Ibrahim, adjourned the case till June 26 for continuation."


  1. Patrick says

    I feel so terrible for Kevin Aviance and would help out if I could. Question: why was another drag star’s hip replacements @Cedars Sinai last year only half as much in cost? I can’t think of this persons name.

  2. Ryan says

    “On same-sex marriage, both sides claim Pope Francis.” Yeaaahh.. the conservative nut jobs can have him. I live the life i want and don’t need some 90 year old man in a dress approval.

  3. Moz's says

    Jason Momoa looks the part for Marvel’s prince NAMOR (even having the spikey eyebrow thing going on) but not DC’s aquaman

  4. Randy says

    Hillary: “… the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking.”

    Ugh. I could never support anyone who admitted that, regardless of whatever else they say. I bet that she’s either never read it, and/or is counting on the fact that most other people haven’t either. It has company, but it’s still one of the world’s most repulsive and inhuman documents. Pick a random page.

    Dan Bull recently collected a few interesting verses together:

  5. Merv says

    Stupid question, but doesn’t most if not all health insurance cover hip replacement?

  6. Patrick says

    @Merv: KA doesn’t have medical insurance like many dragsters, maybe the ACA will help.

  7. Tyler says

    Hilarious how the hack Andy Towle dismisses the arguments of a respected and well-credentialed psychiatrist from John Hopkins. Anything that the trannies don’t want to hear must be a “smear” in Andy Towle’s world.

    Well I say good on Dr. McHugh. Many transgenders are mentally ill. We need to look the truth in the face. Ts have their own unique issues and life experiences and it is ludicrous to try to lump them in with LGBs.

  8. I wont grow up says

    In order to be a judge in that smallest peen contest, do you have to bring your own magnifying glass or is one provided?

  9. Mike85 says

    That article about the fungal protein that can cross the blood-brain barrier and how it can be utilized reminded me about The Last of Us’ fungus Zombies.

  10. TheDrDonna says

    Here’s a quote from “respected and well-credentialed” Paul McHugh in an amicus brief regarding one of the Prop. 8 cases:
    “Amicus seeks to provide information to this Court bearing on its decision of whether to
    endorse a legal declaration that orientation is a fixed and immutable characteristic similar to race or gender. In the proposed brief, Amicus points out two highly relevant facts: (1) there is no scientific consensus on what homosexuality is, and the number of people who fit in the class “gay and lesbian” varies widely, depending on which definition of homosexuality is used and (2) there is no scientific consensus that homosexuality is exclusively or primarily genetic in origin.”

    Obviously, he’s such a great guy (*cough* sarcasm *cough*)

  11. says

    @Fake Tyler: Dr. McHugh is a well-known homophobe, opposed to marriage equality, an apologist for abusive priests (he blames homosexuals instead of the Catholic Church), and so on … So when you say “good on” him, you’re cheerleading someone who opposes you as much as he does trans people.

  12. Merv says

    @PATRICK – But health insurance has been mandatory since March 31 (unless you are very poor and live in one of the Red states that refused to implement expanded Medicaid), and subsidies are provided for low income people. If he didn’t sign up this year, then he can pay the fine and sign up in a few months when open enrollment opens up again. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who refuse to take advantage of hard-fought-for health reform.

  13. anon says

    The APA reclassified in the MSM-5 transgenderism from a disorder to a dysphoria. The idea was to remove the stigma but still encourage insurance companies to pay for gender reassignment surgery. Had they simply removed TG from the manual like they did homosexuality then insurance companies would have not considered the surgery a medical treatment. This is a bit of slight of hand on the APA’s part, like having your cake and eating it too. The most common criticism of the MSM-5, which is not a binding document on treatment, btw, is that it makes so many complaints a “disorder” that essentially anything can be a trigger for therapy, which means more doctor billable hours but not necessary any more treatments for real disorders. Things like “my friends think I’m fat” is not a separate disorder from other manifestations of low self-esteem.

  14. Heartboy says

    “At the risk of appearing *LIKE I WANT TO INGRATIATE MYSELF WITH THE IGNORANT BIBLE BELIEVING MASSES*, the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking. I was raised reading it, memorizing passages from it and being guided by it. I still find it a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement.”

    Yeah, yeah ok Hillary. I’ll still vote for you, lesser of the two evils and all.

  15. Patrick says

    @Merv: thanks for that, I am not so up on the rules of the ACA. I have sympathy for his situation but something in this doesn’t sound right. Jackie Beat had to have the same procedure a year ago (again, no insurance) and was only asking for $50,000 to cover it.

  16. Gotham at large says

    what doesnt sound right about this Patrick? Are you refering to Kevins ongoing meth use? Or maybe the fact that on his way to his last medical fundraiser held one evening shortly after his unfortunate gay bashing incident a few years ago he stopped by a dealer to pick up an 8 ball? Cause thats pretty standard procedure, right?? Have a charity event held in your honor specifically to raise funds for medical procedures you claim you are unable to pay and while enroute to said charity event stop off and lay out several hundred dollars of your own money to purchase illicit recreational drugs? But then he went to rehab so i guess that not an issue anymore. I guess it was a successful rehab because its not apparently an issue any more. Now he just goes to dealers and asks them to front him the drugs based on his waning popularity and celebutante status, but then just never bothers to make payment to settle up those debts…problem solved.