1. Mary C. says

    Dawn DaLuise is the grand wizard of a white supremacist group in the south. She is a morbid alcoholic who continually harassed her customers to pay outrageous amounts for product and always demanded tip. Her “beautiful daughters” are coked up, bulemic, and have had more abortions than you can shake a stick at. Dawn Daluise slept with many older gentlemen just for a few orders of calamari for Christ sake. She is a wretched human being and she always smelled like newport lights and spilled beer. Dawn DaLuise solicited murder on an innocent man. She is going away for 9 years as the law states. How could anyone blame Sweet Ed Feinstein. He only tried to help his friend, but at the end of the day he had to follow the law. We love you Sweet Ed!! Many fans in Florida! #9MoreYears

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