1. benjamin thomas says

    i, after many years of being villified by the ‘christians’ wonder why they never talk about adultery or pornography, as it relates to heterosexuals. why isn’t adultery made public, why aren’t we chastising folks for eating from the bottom of the sea? why is is that I’m the reason for hurricanes and tragedies, but the adulterers are given a pass? can it have anything to do with the multitudes of adulterers in the ‘christian’ society?

    or is this just easier? does this just give christian adulterers a free pass?

    if we’re going to leviticus, then let’s all go. not just the chosen ‘chosen’. let’s all get in that handbasket already, and stop cherry-picking the old testament.

  2. Bill says

    @benjamin thomas : in reality, Leviticus cherry-picked itself – the last sentence states that it contains commandments given by Moses to the “Israelites”.

    It doesn’t apply to non-Israelites, which means most of us.

  3. says

    not that it matters, but Ezekiel 16.

    the sin of Sodom was greed, the hoarding of wealth and provisions, and not extending aid and hospitality to those in need.

    basically, the GOP are the ones determined to make America a “modern day Sodom”

    but ignore what i wrote. after all, the bible-thumping fundies did and it’s from their own bloody book.

  4. Josh says

    That man is black, goddamit! And Rick Santorum lamented Iranian gay executions. Long live teabagging fascists! Heil Rick!

  5. Rich says

    I didn’t know that Sodom and Gomorrah had American embassies or that the rainbow flag was around in Old Testament times. Tony better double check his mythical history.

  6. YourFace says

    Tony Perkins is a psychopath and sees himself as untouchable.

    He should be subjected to what he has created for gays. Saying that that would martyr him doesn’t matter, as dirty christians now think that all they need to do to be martyrs and victims of gays is to refuse to do their jobs.

    Why isn’t anyone calling out Perkins writing mythology? “The rainbow flag over Israel — the last time they were flying that over Sodom and Gomorrah…” – So now the rainbow flag has belonged to gays since then?? Way to confabulate history, Perkins…

  7. Jack M says

    In actuality, there is absolutely no evidence that the cities of Sodom or Gomorrah ever existed.

  8. Mike says

    The first time a “rainbow flag” was hung over the region was after a massive flood, when god murdered every human on earth, save Russell Crowe and his family.

  9. Gregory in Seattle says

    “This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy.” Ezekiel 16:49

    It is people like Tony Perkins who are desperately trying to turn us into Sodom.

  10. Brett says

    “The reality is this administration is not just ignoring or indifferent to traditional values, it is hostile to them, it is hostile to the very things that made America great.”

    So you mean to tell me, sir, that in the annals of American history since the landing at Jamestown in 1607, that absolutely and unequivocally NO gay person male or female ever contributed to the progress and development of our nation? I think not. You sir, are an IDIOT.

  11. simon says

    What an insufferable uneducated fool. How stupid it is this religious Taliban wants to force his fairy tales upon non-believers.

  12. Robert M. says

    Let’s see Tony, the Flying Spaghetti Monster approves of the Rainbow Flag being hung at the US Embassy. So since my God approves of it, you can just go F*** yourself…

  13. Richard says

    Religious crackpots like Perkins are sounding risibly crazy to mainstream Americans.

  14. Bernie says

    I am wondering if Tony Perkins ever read the fairy tale of the boy who cried WOLF! He personifies that to the max! NO ONE is depriving anyone to practice their religion within the proper context unless one is trying to make the whole USA Christian!

  15. Bernie says

    I am wondering if Tony Perkins ever read the fairy tale of the boy who cried WOLF! He personifies that to the max! NO ONE is depriving anyone to practice their religion within the proper context unless one is trying to make the whole USA Christian!

  16. abel says

    Oh, Miss Tonette! How you do run on, you silly old closet case! Don’t you know that by now EVERYONE sees through you? Why don’t you move to Uganda and peddle your hate there?

  17. RdeCisne says

    I fail to see why such people mention Sodom so often. Anyone with even a modicum of Biblical knowledge surely is aware that the sin of Sodom was arrogance and a failure to help the poor (Ezekial 16:49).

    So often, it seems, “Christians” lack a knowledge of their professed religion, but use it enthusiastically to defend their bigotry.

  18. Dixichuk says

    They’re getting ready for their own self justified Armageddon. Watch for it. A small but very well armed militia of Jesus jihadists will be coming soon to a major metropolitan plaza near you. They’re not just crazy, they’re crazy with semi automatic weaponry.

  19. Philie says

    Wow, what’s next?..

    Calling Obama “Sodom Hussein”? I still do not understand how so many have not been sent already to Bellevue. Let me tell you, if a woman or an out-gay person made comments like these, the GOP would have demanded an apology and for the culprit to step down from office.

  20. anon says

    America’s turning into Sodom and he’s lovin’ every minute of it!

    Just America? Or perhaps the entire western world? Talking to yourself is the surest way to be certain you’re right.

  21. Jim says

    Is there such a thing as a “Fourth Reich”? Tony Perkins always makes me see him in a Nazi uniform with the pointy helmet and a swastika on his shoulder. The real “satan” is YOU Mr. Perkins : You who,profess to be a man of Christ but are in reality the furthest thing from him.

  22. Bill says

    @Jim – there won’t be such a thing as a “Fourth Riech” (das Vierte Riech) for nearly 1000 years: that’s how long the third one was supposed to last, and neo-Nazis don’t want to make a fool of Hitler by putting out Version 4 so soon after Version 3: that would suggest that version 3 was broken (which it was, but they do have to keep up appearances by pretending it wasn’t – if only to avoid a Hitler meltdown – ).