Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1593

MYKKI BLANCO: "She Gutta".

WIMPY GOAT: Gives it all he's got.

BOILING COCA-COLA: This is what you're putting in your body when you drink the sugary beverage.

SONGS OF GAYS: A choral interlude.

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  1. D says

    great way to perpetuate the sickness of gun/gang violence in the mykki video. often when you are making a, ‘commentary’, about this culture, you are just reinforcing bad behavior by showing the pursuit of money/brands/guns/drugs as positives when they are indeed just the opposite. will there ever be a backlash where someone will stand up and say enough of this crap? doesn’t seem like towleroad is the place for this.

  2. Martin says

    Carbon chemistry. Heat any carbon containing substance to a high enough temperature and carbon’s bonds to other elements break down, heat long enough and you are left with pure carbon. Sugar is mostly carbon. You’re not putting pure carbon into your body unless you heat the Coke first, you’re putting sugar into your body.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I’m not sure about what I just saw and listened to. But I’m an old (well, older) queen. If Mister MYkkie Blanco’s music (and videos) appeals to younger LGBT folks–then fine. He’s BRAVE to be OUT!

    I just wish I understood what I just saw and listened to.

    Dinah Washington, anyone?

  4. Sergio says

    Listen to Martin and Raybob, boys. Boil most things we drink, and you will eventually see something new at the bottom. What a silly, fear-mongering video… Shame on Andy for being so scientifically illiterate.

  5. Martin says

    Put broccoli or corn, or ANY FOOD in a blender and blend it till it’s completely liquified, put it in a pan and boil until only solids are left. You’ll have the exact same thing. This proves that broccoli, corn, and indeed ALL FOOD is very unhealthy for you.

  6. Mark says

    Yeah so “lets see how much crap is in two liters”…. um, well you just did the math, sir – its 4 of the smaller bottles…so 4 times the amount would be the result.. no need to further waste my time with propaganda demonstration. And sugar ALWAYS carmelizes in heat and unless you temper or cool it, it WILL turn black. the black stuff wasnt in the coke to begin with – HE created the black “crap”… and if YOU don’t like soda, then YOU shouldnt drink it. dont worry about me over here with my 12 pack. lol

  7. Martin says

    This is the sort of “science” I have come to expect from the religionist community, not ours.

    Those of us who understand science and chemistry know this is unadulterated propaganda that apparently isn’t going to be corrected here, and that brings up very basic issues of honesty and accuracy in reporting here.

  8. PrettyBoy says

    Hear about the NY law? I used to run around NYC with lip gloss and a lip brush when I was 21. I eventually detoxed with Chapstik. I’m so relieved they didn’t have this new law then. I was so pretty, I might have altered my birth certificate to match me — having no grasp of the concept “phase” at the time.

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