Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1604

THIS WEEK: In unnecessary censorship.


SOCCER NAMES: John Oliver tries to guess whether they are real or fake.

TWISTER: Wizard of Oz-style tornado in South Dakota this week.

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  1. woodroad34 says


    That statement surprised me; do you have a link to support it? I googled “Is Will Wheaton a bigot?” and found, in his own “voice’ that Will angrily tweeted about bigots showing solidarity with Chick Fil A, another link on his twitter site regarding someone who reminisced about (Wheaton had said the article was beautifully written) being mentored by Orson Scott Card, but would never see an Orson Scott Card movie, buy another book or any merchandise from him because of his anti-gay stance. It seems that Wheaton’s “bigotry” is not an actuality.

  2. Martin says

    An interesting note: The tornado in The Wizard of OZ was created using a 35-foot tall muslin tube. Just simple cloth woven into a tube like a sock. They constructed a $12,000 gantry near the ceiling of the sound stage so the top of the tornado could move and the bottom could move somewhat in a slot built on a stage on the studio floor. Metal rods were inserted into the bottom to bend the tornado and fuller’s earth was pumped into the top and bottom of the tornado using compressed air tubes to generate dust clouds at the bottom and to soften the edges of the cloth tube as it was porous and the dust filtered through.
    The effect was so convincing that most people thought they had simply filmed a real tornado.

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