1. I wont grow up says

    Beautiful, that really takes me back to that first crush and the many unrequited loves of my youth. It takes time to find him but he’s out there. I thankfully found mine 35 years ago and we’re both more in love now than ever before.

  2. castaway says

    Beautiful imagery, but another video w/o a happy ending. ‘Was hoping for the skater to have a change of heart at the end. And the scars of slit wrists at 1:07, then apparently healed at 3:54. ??? I miss L.A. –and my youth. I want a do-over w/o the fear.

  3. woodroad34 says

    Was there a real story here? Did the blonde commit suicide over unrequited love? Did the other guy just go about his life without concern? Or was this just all a fevered dream of knights in shining armor turning rusty?

    At any rate, beautiful imagery. Just hope it wasn’t a downer about unrequited 60’s style cinematic gayness.

  4. says

    Yes it was sweet, poignant, and we’ve all been there. But would really be too much to ask for one where the boy gets the boy and the end up …gee I don’t know… How about together and happy?

    Just a thought

  5. tinkerbelle says

    Woodroad34—my question too.

    I just figure that the blonde boy is so beautiful that he’d get so much better than the skeezy skater boy. Patience, patience.

    But if I remember correctly, love is blind.

    Beautiful song, rather extraordinary video.

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