41 Fun and Furry Facts about Dogs: VIDEO

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Did you know smaller dogs dream more often and big dogs have shorter life expectancies? And poodle haircuts, it turns out, actually used to serve a functional purpose. 




  1. crispy says

    Is that John Green? (Didn’t watch the video/don’t care enough)

    If so, you should all brace yourselves now for the influx of nerdfighters.

  2. AmericanDreamer says

    One other interesting fact:

    Dogs lick your face (and if you allow them your lips) because it is an instinctual impulse to see what you have been eating….they do that to each other in the wild for the same reason

  3. kyrie says

    Who cares…

    Dogs are filthy, annoying, obnoxious life-sucking down-syndromed dingoes, who are for emotionally and socially-challenged people that fail at bonding with their own species properly.

    Dog people are truly the worst.

  4. Huh says

    Wow, been off Towleroad for years for various reasons, not the least of which being the surprisingly large population of haters in the comments. Decided to come back today and checked out this decidedly uncontroversial piece and… well, bye!

  5. Zlick says

    A dog hater on Towleroad? WTF? Maybe it’s because – till recently at least – gay couples could not easily have children of their own, but I’ve always known gays to be among the dog-lovingest people in the world.

    Who know one could be gay and hate dogs? Wow. Or, ya know, human and hate dogs. Sheesh.

  6. Robert M. says

    @ZLICK Think of it this way: Who knew there could be self-hating gays who actively work to aid anti-gay demagogues who try to oppress us? Just further proof that gays are the same as everyone else…

  7. Fred05401 says

    Andy, you didn’t already know– like, for decades now– that larger dogs have shorter life expectancies than smaller dogs? You did not grow up with dogs, I’m wondering…?

  8. tim says

    Yeah, what is up with all the nasty comments??
    Not just on the page, but on this whole site.

    Why are the posters here so hostile?
    From the nature and tone of the posts, I have always assumed it was the personal issues of the person posting. And not on the subject itself.

    The one good thing I find with the mobile version of the site is that it excludes the comments at the bottom. It puts a link instead.

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