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Austin Trans Woman Humiliated By Lingerie Store Staff Member

A lingerie store in Austin, Texas has been accused of humiliating a transgender customer, reports

On her Facebook page, Kylie Jack said that a staff member at Petticoat Fair asked her for ID stating she was female.  Jack was also told that she had to have undergone sex reassignment surgery in order to have a fitting.

Kylie jack comment facebook

According to its website, "every woman [at Petticoat Fair] is treated with respect and given one-on-one attention and is helped to feel comfortable and confident in properly fitted undergarments."

JackThe store’s owner Kirk Andrews has since posted a lengthy apology which reads in part:

"There seems to be a misconception that Petticoat Fair has a policy of not working with the transgendered community. That is not the case. In fact, we have served the transgendered community for most of our 50 years in Austin. What we do have is a policy regarding who may or may not enter our fitting rooms.

The dressing room area is a particularly private and vulnerable place for many women and girls, so it's a protected area. For that reason, we also have a completely separate dressing area for women who have undergone mastectomies and need post-surgical care.

Just as a gym won't allow men in a women's dressing room for the comfort and safety of its patrons, we don't allow men or boys above a certain age in our dressing area.

Despite our otherwise inclusive approach, those who might be or who outwardly appear to be men (regardless of how they are dressed) pose a delicate challenge, and in the case of imposters, can pose a safety risk to the Petticoat Fair staff.

We respect our customers at Petticoat Fair. All of them. I hope that with this explanation, you have some helpful insight to who we are, how we do business, and that we are open to a productive dialogue."

In a response to Kirk’s apology, Jack replied:

"Kirk is sincere in his efforts to do better, but only time and actual action will tell. I'll consider the issue resolved when a formal public apology is issued to the Austin trans community along with the steps they're taking to update their policies to be trans-friendly and trans-inclusive."

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  1. MEH - yes i am totes cool with l and b because lgb are all attracted to same sex. we are all the same in that way. not true for ts. not true to tell lgb youth that they have gender identity problem.

    btw, my GPA is 3.8. prolly better than yours! :-O

    Posted by: Tam | Jul 5, 2014 11:49:14 PM

  2. @Tam: It's simplistic in the extreme to claim that the idea of an LGBT Community tells LGB people that they have gender identity issues. By that logic, the idea of an LGB community tells gay women that they're actually men, and tells bisexuals that they are actually solely gay.

    Also, you might find that out in the real world, away from the hallowed halls of academia, what makes you "smart" is oftentimes a long ways away from some number in a grading system.

    Posted by: TheDrDonna | Jul 6, 2014 12:17:11 AM

  3. I think Tam makes a decent point. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to add a group of people who can have any old sexual orientation onto LGBs. And no Donna LGB isn't like telling a bi that he is gay. L and G and B are all together because all of us have same sex attraction to one degree or another. Even Gs and Ls might be a Kinsey 4 or 5.

    Anyway, that's LGB. One common trait. You can explain it in 3 words. Pretty easy to understand if you ask me and I only got a 2.9 GPA. More important, it is something that every LGB kid can understand. LGBT is what sends the confusing message to gay kids like "Well, kid, you are gay, and you are just as much a boy as anyone else, and you aren't transgender, but you are linked to transgenders, even if the transgenders aren't gay." WTF?

    Posted by: CalinPortland | Jul 6, 2014 4:35:48 AM

  4. Bi male here. Very proud to call myself lgb. Never called myself lgbt. Why would I?

    Posted by: Danny | Jul 6, 2014 1:12:28 PM

  5. Because you're an idiot who doesn't understand what we're talking about, Danny.

    You're also not a lesbian. You're also the same stupid troll.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jul 6, 2014 1:24:56 PM


    What about FTMs that want to be with men, or MTFs that want to be with women?! Did you in your willful ignorance deliberately neglect to mention them?! Methinks. Besides, like the nasty troll you are you digressed from the topic at hand, and are super sloppy about the blatant sockpuppeting.

    This woman deserved to be served. She did NOT deserve to be carded. Her genitals are nobody's business, and nobody would have EVER had to see anything as it was a BRA FITTING.

    Straight male rapists don't disguise themselves as women in public as their MO to get into dressing rooms and rape women in public in broad daylight. (I challenge you trolls to cite a single instance of such a thing happening). You can't. And even if you COULD cite a single instance which you can't, that still wouldn't be enough reason to discriminate against all trans people.

    Posted by: Anon | Jul 6, 2014 1:30:51 PM

  7. Ack! Sorry I am late to this discussion. Good to hear from Gs and Bs on this!

    Anon, google Toronto Women's Shelter and transgender and rape and you'll get a recent case. 4 women, already abused and seeking protection from male violence. Sexually assaulted by a man who got into the women's shelter because the law did not permit the shelter to turn the dude away. He falsely claimed to be a "transwoman" in order to gain access, but in the wacky world of transgender, we have to take people at their word because you can't go by anything other than their stated feelings.

    If 4 destroyed lives - not to mention the trauma inflicted on the other residents - aren't "enough" for you, well, then there's nothing I can do. You live with your male privilege and keep discounting women's lives. That makes you an honorary trans activist.

    Posted by: Helene | Jul 6, 2014 10:12:01 PM

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