Ian Thorpe is About to Be Asked for the Nth Time if He’s Gay: VIDEO


Famed Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe is once again addressing rumors that he is gay. The five time gold medalist rose to prominence at the 2000 Sydney games. Since that time he has been asked if he's gay. 

Next Sunday, Thorpe will be sitting down with Sir Gregory Parkinson for a ‘no holds barred’ interview, in which his sexuality figures prominently. Referring to a promo clip being circulated ahead of the interview, The Daily Mail comments:

In the 25 second clip, Parkinson said to Thorpe: 'You've always said that you're not gay… is all of that true?' 

The scene then cuts to an uncomfortable looking Thorpe, 31, who appears to be nervously finding his words. […]

Parkinson said Thorpe's decision that no question was off limits was brave and says he examines the good times and the bad of the Australian swimming legend.

'His fight against depression offers a unique insight into the darker side of celebrity and success,' Parkinson said in a statement released by Ten.

'What fascinates me most about Ian is that apart from the very beginning of his career, he never seemed to enjoy and celebrate his success.

Two years ago Thorpe commented that he was “annoyed” by the gay rumors. Just months later, Thorpe told a TV interviewer he wasn’t so much offended by the insinuation that he is gay as he was hurt by people not taking him at his word. As for the reasons for the speculation on his sexuality, Thorpe has long held that it is because he does not fit the typical mold of an athlete in the eyes of most.  

Watch the preview clip of the upcoming interview, AFTER THE JUMP…



    Wow, talk about unflattering lighting. Seems like they did that on purpose. Feel bad for the guy

  2. Terry says

    Who cares? Why is it so important to know which gender someone might find more appealing? Unless you want to have a relationship with me, I think it’s offensive to ask.

  3. jason MacBride says

    Seems like decent but troubled guy. If he is gay, acknowledging it might be a good start at solving some of those problems.

  4. jjose712 says

    There’s two options, or coming out as gay (wich frankly would explain a lot of things) or avoid the quesion now and forever.

    Ian denied being gay a lot of times, people didn’t believe him, so deny it again should not get a different response. If you are heterosexual and people refuse to believe that, you should pass of what people think and live your life.

    On the other hand, a lot of celebrities that ended coming out denied being gay in way worse manners than Ian (Wenworth Miller mentioned his searching of the right woman to marry in almost every interview even when he was not questioned), and after coming out people simply accept that it’s not that easy to come out when you are in the limelight (Ian became famous at 15) and even worse in the sports world.

    Anyway gay or straight, i hope he gets well soon, is such a pity seeing someone who is a legend of swimming with such a mess of life. He is very young and can live a happy life

  5. Paul R says

    Sadly, he has the bloated face and bags under his eyes that accompany long-time alcohol and drug abuse. I’m not saying that to be catty. I’m saying it because I agree that he has everything he needs to be a lot happier.

  6. AdamTh says

    Leave the man alone. If he is gay, he’ll come out when he’s ready and on his terms.

    He’s certainly not anti-gay.. Like Republican lawmakers in an airport bathroom style anti-gay… Leave him alone.

  7. jjose712 says

    AdamTh: He is giving the interview because he wants, maybe he needs something cathartic

  8. Rowan says

    You guys should know that with guys like him…it’s usually the family. You wait. If we meet the family, they are probably this really backward right-wing Australian family.

    Remember, he didn’t drive underage to all these practices…that means his parents or parent are pretty GD pushy.

    They a) don’t want his legacy tarnished with that dirty homo stuff and b) they don’t want him to bring disrespect to the family with that dirty homo stuff.

    Always the same….the family. And they would rather see him commit suicide or self destruct then come out. Don’t know why you guys forget that many people are hardwired homophobic.

  9. says

    astute observations, Rowan.

    rick warren, for what it’s worth, is continuing his promotion of anti-gay ideology with the same fervour as always – i guess his youngest son taking an Exit Via Shotgun didn’t wake up him, at all.

  10. GregV says

    It is, indeed, rude and obnoxious to ask someone over and over whether he is gay and whether his answer is “true.”
    Yes, some people do answer such a question dishonestly (though there is no reason to think that of Thorpe.)
    Interviewers (and just people conversing with their own friends and family in society) should stop asking if people are gay and instead just leave that door open by not unnecessarily attaching gender to their questions. I’ve noticed that even Ellen Degeneres, surprisingly, asks heterosexist questions. She’ll ask a female celebrity, “What kind of man are you into” or ask a little girl, “Do you have a boyfriend?”
    Why can’t people start asking a question like, “Do you ever expect get married and if so, what kind of person would appeal to you as a spouse?”

  11. anon says

    He keeps getting asked this because otherwise, he completely uninteresting. What is there for him to talk about, really? He’s done nothing for over a decade, he has no plans, he’s not really a celebrity and his looks are fading.

  12. Nino says

    I think we should back away from trying to get everyone to “confess” whether or not they are gay. There are more ways of living than “in” or “out” of the closet. Sexuality is complicated. Gay people should be the first ones to say that.