Indiana Woman Claims Water Park Kicked Her Out Because She’s Gay: VIDEO

An Indiana woman says she was singled out because of her sexual orientation when she was asked to leave a water park during her bachelorette party.

Jill sweeney

An Indiana woman says she was singled out because of her sexual orientation when she was asked to leave a water park during her bachelorette party.

Jill Sweeney said she was forced to leave Michigan Adventure in Muskegon because she was wearing men’s swimming trunks and a tank top, reports The Indy Channel.

The park’s website specifies that “all participants [must] be in swim suits. Street clothes (athletic clothing, nylon shorts, jean shorts, etc.) are not permitted. Metal snaps, buttons, rivets, or zippers are not allowed.”

However, Sweeney says she was wearing “men’s bathing suit trunks, a sports bra…with no wires and a tank top,” that there is no reference on the website to gender-specific clothing and that other people at the park were wearing street clothes.

Speaking to ABC 57, the park’s manager said that Sweeney was wearing prohibited street clothes.

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  1. Hrm says

    Sorry, but a tank top is not proper attire for a water park. Usually those parks in Michigan have water slides that can catch looser clothing like this. It’s not because of her sexuality, it’s more than likely because of insurance.

  2. Jmac says

    Can she not read? A sports bra would fall under “athletic clothing” and is therefore against the clearly stated rules. Also, does it say in the lesbian handbook that all lesbians must wear shorts and sports bras to swim? If not, how is this singling her out for being gay?

  3. John says

    Sorry but this doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with her sexuality.
    It was her attire.
    Now had there been other customers dressed as she was who were not singled out, then she might have a point.
    But to simply say it was due to her sexuality is a misrepresentation.

  4. Rich says

    I grew up going to this park – this is strictly a clothing issue – they are VERY open and accommodating to all kinds of families.

  5. Brian1 says

    Second time towleroad has lied to us about people getting thrown out of waterparks and pools because they’re gay. I am officially done with this site and its scaremongering overhyped stories. This used to be a valuable source of gay news but has now devolved into nothing more than propaganda. I will leave it to rick and his many aliases to enjoy in peace.

  6. Mela says

    LGBs do face real discrimination at some of these parks and facilities, but this case is not an example of that. This woman was thrown out because of her dress. Being a lesbian is one thing, wearing a sports bra and tank is another. I’d also note that none of the other lesbians in the party were thrown out.

    Towleroad is so eager to link LGBs with crossdressing that it unthinkingly runs stories like this.

  7. Merv says

    Just to confirm her cluelessness to the world, she wears a crucifix around her neck. Is there anything more bizarre than a gay Christian?

  8. Jack M says

    Sorry but some men’s swimming trunks, board shorts, etc. have zippers and/or buttons.

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    Did you guys watch the video? It shows other participants wearing street clothing. The manager had no problem with them. All rules should be applied uniformly .

  10. SFBob says

    So she was singled out at a lesbian bachelorette party and none of the other women were gay? Or were they all thrown out? Isn’t that what you’d expect if sexuality was the issue?

  11. johnny says

    Agree, Mike. That was the issue, there were people behind her and in front of her that were wearing street clothes almost exactly as what she had on…

  12. ChariD says

    Folks who didn’t watch the video shouldn’t make ignorant comments. She *was* singled out; others dressed just as she was were not kicked out of the park.

  13. Billie says

    “Lesbian lifestyle”?! Are the kidding?! Bloody straight people and the media. They can be ridiculous sometimes. Hey straight people! It’s not a “choice/lifestyle”! Ugh

  14. JILL SWEENEY says


  15. SentPacking says

    Watch the video please before commenting. The were enforcing their policy selectively. They need to be sued for sure.