The Comic Con Teaser for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Has Arrived: VIDEO


It's no Thunderdome on account of a total lack of Tina Turner, but Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron looks to be one of those wonderful action films that'll have you munching popcorn from title to credits.

You can watch the Comic-Con trailer and judge for yourself AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Cd in DC says

    glad to see director George Miller is still at it twenty nine years after the last one, one of the few film trilogies that did seem to get better with each one. It’ll be good to see it but how Mel Gibson has fallen since then, so much promise all those years ago.

  2. Jack M says

    It looks like a hit or miss movie to me. Didn’t see anything in the trailer that impressed me.

  3. Roscoe says

    Tom Hardy’s getting boring — can’t he just speak like a human being instead of putting on that Christian Bale growl?

  4. UFFDA says

    Looks good, another movie of such annihilating violence that no adult could last 15 minutes in the field, dying of bullets, fire, stabbings or sand inhalation. It will make me more grateful for my life than usual.

  5. Lip Bane says

    Why this trend of covering up Tom Hardy’s lips with headgear? I rather like them.

  6. Zlick says

    Was Tom Hardy even IN this trailer? I found him conspicuously absent of anything that might presage how he’ll be in the role.

    I have mixed feelings about George Miller’s involvement. It’s his baby, and I’m glad he’s taking the helm. But his last effort at this world, the Thunderdome, was horrible and an intervening 30 years does not usually see an uptick in an artist’s talent arc.

    Still … the first two films were fantastic, and this is Miller’s series to redeem or fail. I’m excited to see which.