The Heterosexuality Experiment: VIDEO

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Youtuber Joseph Costello has conducted what he calls a "heterosexuality experiment" wherein he made his way around Austin, Texas asking people if they would vote for a heterosexual president. In doing so, he discovered that there are homophobes in that city who don't even know the definition of the word "heterosexuality."

Watch Costello's ignorant interviewees (some more disturbing than others) give their answers, AFTER THE JUMP.


  1. Henry Holland says

    Maybe it’s because “homophobe”/”homophobia” are dumb words (see also: “cis”). People don’t have a phobia about homosexuality, they just don’t like it, it’s a word made up by academics that is rejected by the American Psychiatric Association.

  2. Eric says

    ^ uh…Nathan, i bet you could walk down the streets of Southern California as well and find people that respond in the same manner. Texas may have its share of jackasses, but so does the so called Left Coast. It’s all America. It is not a competition among states.

  3. Mari Pili Webstein says

    phobia: an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something; an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

    @Henry Holland: Actually the first use of ‘homophobia’ was coined by anti-gay morality forces in California in the 1940s. It was a self-applied moniker that they proudly asserted. Interesting how the perception of that term has evolved into the categorically negative use it has today. Of course, it’s a lot more fun to blame that on the pointy-headed ‘academics’ with their fancy book-learnin’ and such and like and so forth.

  4. Paul says

    Why hide the face of the guy who wants us all excuted? If he’s willing to stand in front of a camera and say those things, then he sould face the consequences.

  5. Galvestonian says

    Texas is a republic Partei State where cutting funding to education is a natural thing because if they get too much education the people tend NOT to vote republic Partei. This State strongly believes in keeping all the voters as dumb, bigoted and afraid of anything connected to Democrats, liberals or educated people as humanly possible. The republic Partei politicians even strive to appear as dumb and bigoted as the sheeples they lead and many times really are dumb, stupid and moronic.

  6. verbocity eric says

    what percentage of the interviewees didn’t know the meaning of “heterosexual?” Did Costello run into a smattering of dummies or a significant percentage?

  7. Henry Holland says

    “Actually the first use of ‘homophobia’ was coined by anti-gay morality forces in California in the 1940’s”

    Your proof? It was actually coined in *the late 60’s* by a psychologist named George Weinberg. It first appeared in print in 1969. So, whatever.

    ” Of course, it’s a lot more fun to blame that on the pointy-headed ‘academics'”

    There’s nothing “inexplicable” or “illogical” about the attitudes of people that Towleroad and JMG and others keep track of, it’s either a money grab by grifters (see: Porno Pete) or based on a few passages in a 2000 year old book written by goat herders (too many to name).

    It’s a dumb concept and needs to be sent to the dustbin of history.

  8. says

    poor Holland. there’s no such thing as “they just don’t like it” – at all.

    there’s nothing to “not like” – it poses no threat to anyone, and it’s not weird or gross to anyone that hasn’t been taught and encouraged to have a negative response to it.

    it’s a learned prejudice. this is something that intelligent people understand.

    this video isn’t that shocking. newsflash: ignorant idiots are often bigoted idiots.

  9. Mari Pili Webstein says

    @Henry Holland: You demand proof without proffering any yourself?

    Typical hypocrisy of the irrational self-entitlement of religious/political conservatives.

    Weinberg lifted the term from the writings of MY GRANDFATHER Jasper Hutchins McWebstein, whose original diaries dating back to 1942 I possess. THERE is your proof! What’s yours? Or is a flaccid ‘whatever’ the best you have?

  10. ratbastard says

    Speaking of the term homophobe, the term racist was popularized by German Jew, and he was refering to anti-Jewish (anti-semitic) attitudes. He apparently believed Jews were/are a race.

    @Mari Pili Webstein,

    There’s plenty of hypocricy and irrational self-entitlement on the right and left. Of course most sane people are neither far left nor far right.

  11. says

    ratbastard – Jews are not merely those who adhere to a religion. there are religious jews. cultural jews. ethnic jews.

    there are ethnic non-religious jews. ugh, why am i even bothering. how’s your fake-dead dad doing? still fake dead? 😀 he was killed by blacks gang-banging his anus apart, right? lucky man!

  12. ratbastard says

    @Raymond Miller,

    WOOSH !!

    And you are really lucky you we aren’t face to face, I’d beat the living snot out if you,boss. An obnoxious little spoiled (redacted F word) like you deserves a beating.

  13. says

    we’ll never be face to face. i won’t ever be visiting the dank basement sewer where your trolling miserable self is destined to ride out your remaining days.

    it’s not that i’m “lucky” – it’s that you’re a pathetic closeted troll with no balls. and you couldn’t if you tried. have a nice day with your fake-dead dad in your fake life.

  14. Tundra4 says

    Disturbing. Mind boggling. I’m beside myself.
    The thing that struck me the most is that the Nazi found the video, and how he reacted.
    Youtube took down the first version that showed the Nazi’s face, to protect his identity. Youtube protecting a Nazi?! Ok…
    The Nazi felt no embarrassment for his error or being fooled, and he threatened Costello.

    The Nazi also posted in response that he ‘cums everywhere’ whenever he finds out a gay person has been beaten to death… Proof that anti-gays are sadists too.

    The Nazi is hardly 6 degrees away from those other responders; there’s so much overlap that the Nazi should be an indicator of what’s underneath the surface of those other anti-gays. Kind of changes the image of a ‘concerned traditional religious family values’ people; I see them as monsters wallowing in blood the same way pigs wallow in mud.

  15. Henry Holland says

    “@Henry Holland: You demand proof without proffering any yourself?”

    I offered “proof”, a 15 second Google search turned up a bunch of results that all said the same thing: the term was coined in the late 60’s by George Weinberg. Sorry for not providing any links, my bad.

    “Weinberg lifted the term from the writings of MY GRANDFATHER Jasper Hutchins McWebstein, whose original diaries dating back to 1942 I possess. THERE is your proof!”

    No need to yell. I stand corrected. You should get that information out there so the historical record is correct.

  16. Anon says


    The writings you apparently possess, that are not a part of any public record, is your proof? Sorry that doesn’t cut it, and I’m not buying it.
    I’m not saying you’re surely lying, but you are just a disembodied voice out there in the aether, and unless you’re referencing something verifiable to the rest of us, why should anyone including Henry Holland give you the benefit of the doubt? I’m surprised that he did.

    If you have ‘proof’ of this following quote, then it’s your responsibility to set the record straight. “Weinberg lifted the term from the writings of MY GRANDFATHER Jasper Hutchins McWebstein, whose original diaries dating back to 1942 I possess.”
    Griping on a completely open forum infested with trolls isn’t going to set things right, if you’re telling the truth…
    Making unfalsifiable statements doesn’t constitute “proof”.

    If you really give a damn that your grandfather is credited with the term “homophobia”, then take your writings and get yourself to those responsible for the Queer Theory domain at the most reputable university nearest to you, and take it from there.
    Otherwise all those of us out there can think is: Maybe Mari is telling the truth, but if she cares that much why hasn’t she tried to pursue this further, OR, she’s playing ‘I swear I have x in my bag, but you’re not allowed to see’.

  17. Anon says


    Moreover, how did George Weinberg get his hands on your alleged grandfather’s DIARIES, that are apparently in YOUR possession?

    If you’re telling the truth that you have writings from your grandfather using the term “homophobia”, did it not occur to you that maybe George Weinberg STILL thought of the term all on his own? You know, like how there are multiple instances all over the world of people creating the same things independently of each other?
    IF you’re telling the truth, George Weinberg PUBLISHED his writings, unlike your grandfather’s diaries which I’m assuming AREN’T, and THAT’S why Weinberg gets to take credit and NOT your grandfather. That’s IF you’re not lying…

    You think George Weinberg LIFTED the term from your grandfather’s DIARIES, that are in YOUR possession and no one else’s. What happened? Did George go rifling through your attic the way a starving raccoon might go through a city dumpster?!

    I’m laughing. Sorry if you’re telling the truth. But I doubt you are. You SO read as, ‘I have x in my bag, but NOBODY is allowed to see it! – But it’s there! – I swear!’

  18. Just_a_guy says

    I’ve said it before , and I’ll say it again: way too many straight people are, at core, evil and lacking the most basic humanity. We lack an ENDA (or legal quivalent) with just as much teeth as for discrimination against every other protected category. This lack shows that we haven’t fought hard enough. That we have underestimated the evil of our opponents. As long as knee-jerk people on the streets see it as legit to spit on lgbts like this–and this evil shows no sign of stopping any time soon–we need to fight to call it out and to secure legal protections for oppressed lgbts.

    It is Wiemar Republic thinking to imagine that straight people will just show us decency out of their own generous hearts. As if we don’t deserve to demand equal treatment. And as if their hearts have more than a quarter-oz of generosity which they wouldn’t share with us if we were the last fellow human on earth. no. Enough.

    Equal legal protections under all discrimination laws NOW.

    To accept anything less is to accept the very badge of inferiority that they’ve tried to press on us for too long. Never forget what lgbts went through alongside Jews in the camps.

    But I ask you: by NOT demanding freedom from the discriminate-against-me-because -you-can-and-I-don’t -deserve-better BADGE of less-than-human… Haven’t we FORGOTTEN ?

    It’s not about your bank account, boys. This is way bigger than that. And, yes, it know, it’s too often a terrible personal sacrifice to stand up. But we have got to be smart about I’d and fight it hard. Because our future as part of a decent human race depends on it.

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