LA Man Sues Doctor For ‘Chronic Homosexuality’ Diagnosis: VIDEO

Matthew Moore

Despite the fact that homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) over 40 years ago, it would seem that some doctors are still having trouble letting go. Such was the case with Matthew Moore of Los Angeles whose doctor, Dr. Elaine Jones of the Torrance Health Association, listed “homosexual behavior” as a “chronic problem” on his record after a physical in 2013.

When Moore confronted Jones about the notation, she doubled down, claiming that the medical community goes “back and forth” on whether or not homosexuality is considered a chronic condition; much like, no doubt, the way the scientific community goes “back and forth” on whether climate change exists or if the Earth is the center of the universe. 

Moore received an apology from the Torrance Memorial Health Association, but a year later when he obtained a copy of his medical records he found that the designation was still listed. He is now filing suit, alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress and libel. For their part, Torrance Memorial Physicians Network is claiming they made “every effort” to correct Moore’s records and are laying fault with the “highly complex software” that they use for their medical records.

You can watch NBC Los Angeles’ report on the story AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Tyler says

    Rick posting under an alias (rochon) to call all women homophobic (including linking to the same balepic address he links with some of his other aliases).

    Cue the surprise. Rick – what a pathetic loser. Such a weak, little man that he has to pretend to be dozens of there people just to feel as though he’s worth anything to anyone.

  2. northalabama says

    it’s the software’s fault? what if a wrong diagnosis is accidentally recorded in this “complex” software (like, say, the patient has polio), there’s *no* way to correct the record?

    if i were terrance medical, i’d settle quickly and quietly before attempting to use this defense before a judge or a jury. just imagine the consequences of incorrect diagnosis or treatment due to “software malfunction”…unbelievable.

  3. The Milkman says

    No, there’s no back and forth. It’s either in the DSM or it’s not. And it’s not.

    Sue her into oblivion, but first get another doctor whose continuing education efforts didn’t stop in 1952.

  4. jamal49 says

    Why, yes, of course. It makes sense. It was the software’s fault. One does ask the question as to whether or not Dr. Elaine Jones still practices at the Torrance Memorial Health Association. Further, one asks why she still has a license to practise medicine at all.

  5. Bill says

    @northalabama : in the example you gave, they could probably add an entry indicating that a previous diagnosis was false, but it might be hard to erase the previous diagnosis.

    The problem is that some people may persistently show false positives for particular conditions given particular diagnostic tests, so knowing that a specific test will give inaccurate results for a patient is useful to avoid subsequent false diagnoses.

    Apparently the people writing the software never thought of a test case (or a use case if it was during the design phase) for the situation where someone who was tired entered patient A’s test results in patient B’s records, in which case removing the erroneous entry would be appropriate.

    So maybe the software company deserves to be sued as well.

  6. oncemorewithfeeling says

    It’s superficial, but it’s true: anti-gay bigots are always physically ugly.

    No way is that a coincidence. People who experience love don’t have any interest in denying love to others but people who don’t receive love from others want to make sure you don’t, either.

  7. Richard Harney says

    The science community does not go back and forth on climate change or the Earth being the center of the universe. The second one is just silly. Of course we are the center of our own universe, but that’s only an expression because we can only see so far in all directions, but that doesn’t mean we’re in the center.

  8. Data says

    “laying fault with the highly complex software” – That’s an excuse worthy of the most willfully ignorant heterosexual apologists.

    Shamelessly anti-gay association with a shamelessly anti-gay staff.

    I had to work a ‘highly complex software’ for a job once and had trouble with it – If I made a mistake my boss never blamed the software; I was blamed. I was told if I didn’t learn the system properly, I would have to be let go (and my data manipulation was a hell of a lot less important than medical records).
    Apparently the Torrance Memorial Health Association don’t take record keeping or gay people seriously.
    What’s with this

  9. JJ says

    Oh my! With software that complex, they could easily be over billing their patients’ insurance carriers and Medicare. Sounds like Torrance Memorial Health Association would benefit from a complete audit.

  10. james street james says

    “It was all a big mistake. I accidentally wrote chronic when I meant acute. He’s a cute homosexual. That’s what I meant to put in the record. See? No need to sue.”

  11. Macguffin54 says

    Honestly, I think this is over blown. Doctors need to know their patients to be able to treat them. Perhaps that was the doctor’s way of indicating in the file so that it is known the patient is gay. There ARE certain things we need to be mindful of and certain things doctors need to be able to pay special attention to as gay men. It COULD all be very (or even slightly) innocent.

  12. Bernie says

    I am a social worker and I don’t know all the medical codes, but IF ” chronic homosexuality” was removed from the DSM over 40 years ago, Mr. Moore’s doctor would have had to input this diagnosis in manually as it is currently not a diagnosis. So, it is complete bull…….that it is a software problem…, the problem is ignorance and homophobia……..and what is chronic homosexuality anyway?!??!?

  13. GregV says

    “There ARE certain things we need to be mindful of and certain things doctors need to be able to pay special attention to as gay men.”

    @Macguffin54: I can’t think of one.

    It’s almost amusing when someone says that the scientific community “goes back and forth” on whether homosexuality is a disease (or whether the earth is less than 5000 years old or whether blacks are humans or whatever). It is instantly apparent that she is exposing herself to propaganda from a religious cult and that she tunes out what the scientific community ACTUALLY says.

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