Matt Barber Says Gay Marriage Took a ‘Sledgehammer’ to Society That Will Send It ‘Tumbling Down’ – AUDIO

Matt barber

Hate group leader Matt Barber appeared on right-wing talk radio host Janet Mefferd's radio program Thursday to discuss last week's federal ruling striking down Utah's ban on polygamous relationships and how, in their eyes, it all ties back to the gays taking a "sledgehammer" to America's society by having the audacity to fight for equal rights. 

Said Barber:

You know those of us who are 'traditionalists' if you will, those of us who recognize the biblical model of human sexuality and marriage, frankly we are just out-propagandized. These people are very, very good at what they do and they know to play soundbites and to use these little emotional anecdotes…I just hope that people will recognize that when we deviate and try to redefine something that cannot be redefined — particularly when that thing, we’re talking about marriage here, is a fundamental cornerstone of any society — if we take a sledgehammer to that cornerstone, the results are disastrous and everything comes tumbling down. 

In a separate audio clip, Barber and fellow Liberty Council bigot Mat Staver speak out against Fayetteville, Arkansas recent passage of a LGBT inclusive nondiscrimiantion ordinance, which the two think is just the "sexual anarchist movement's" attempt to force the city to engage in a "mass delusion under penalty of law"

Whatever that means..


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  1. Chuck Mielke says

    Barber invalidates himself in just 6 words: “the biblical model of human sexuality.” He has, obviously, not studied the bible enough to know that it presents a number of different models, including polygamy — a lot of polygamy. The bible-thumpers of the anti-equality group often argue from such ignorance: the “Wedding in Canaan,” for example, makes no mention of how many wives the groom already has as he marries another; with modern prejudice, the assumption goes to monogamy. Nor does Jesus say anything about how many wives a man should have, despite all of those admonitions against adultery. Barber and the bible-thumpers, in short, read their modern norms into the words of the bible expecting, thereby, to support their own bigotry.

  2. james street james says

    People like this guy who make such a public fuss over other people’s lives are usually running away from their own private lives which suck.

    And for the record, Jesus never left a single written word. Neither did Buddha or Mohammad. All the writing came after they lived by others who just made things up.

  3. says

    Whine, whine, whine. That’s all these religious bigots do. These people need to be deported from America and sent back to Vatican City where they belong. Let’s see how the Pope deals with millions of American religious bigots in his own backyard.

  4. stranded says

    Behold Numbers 31:15-17
    15 “Have you allowed all the women to live?” he asked them. 16 “They were the ones who followed Balaam’s advice and enticed the Israelites to be unfaithful to the Lord in the Peor incident, so that a plague struck the Lord’s people. 17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

    This is what Barber is defending.

  5. Bill says

    Matt Barber reminds me of the final scene in Around the World in 80 Days (1956 version) where Shirley Maclaine walks into a British all-male club and someone says, “This will be the end”. Then Cantinflas comes in via a window and pulling off a curtain (or something similar). Someone says, “This is the end.” Meanwhile David Niven looks as imperturbable as ever (having arrived with seconds to spare to win his bet).

  6. says

    Guys like this and Bryan Fischer are sure obsessed about gays and gay marriage, since it seems they’re harping about it 7 days a week.

    I hate to break it to them, but some countries have had legal gay marriage for almost 2 decades, and they’ve managed not to end up as smoking craters in the ground. If a society collapses solely because two people of the same gender get married, then that society wasn’t very stable in the first place.

  7. PG says

    My understanding is that this ruling doesn’t create something new in Utah, but rather brings Utah into line with everywhere else in the world – cohabitation is generally not regulated by the state, while marriage is. Bigamy is still as illegal in Utah as everywhere else. The special case that has now been struck down was regarding the Utah’s regulation on non-marital relationships.
    . . . . but please let me know if I am mistaken!

  8. Bernie says

    Mr. Barber’s comments are comical as usual, and what I really find interesting is that he says that our side does very well with sound bites and that might be the most true and accurate statement out of his mouth….Here is my translation/reframe: Our side is 1000x smarter than Mr. Barber and his dim witted ilk………… keep ’em coming Matt…I like a good belly laugh

  9. edude says

    It seems to me this case arose (and would have arisen) on its own and was completely unrelated to same-sex marriage. Looks like attempted scapegoating of “the gays” again.

    However, I wonder if the ruling is in fact about “polygamous” relationships (i.e. actual marriages) as written in this article, or actually “polyamorous” relationships, where the parties co-habit. Bigamy remains a crime under the ruling, therefore I conclude the latter to be the case. Hard to make out, but talk of multiple *spiritual marriages* under one roof does not mean multiple *legal marriages* as far as I can see. Bigamy = plural legal marriages = illegal, but groups of people living together is not is my takeaway.

    James Street James – Actually, the prophet Muhammad dictated the Quran to secretaries/scribes and the verses were memorized and taken down word for word during his lifetime. It was later on that battles etc. meant some people carrying verses or who had memorized the full text were killed, highlighting the potential for the loss of such verses. That spurred the collection and codification of Quranic verses into one book (in writing) that we now know as “The Quran.” The codification was completed very shortly after Muhammad’s death and very early on compared to scriptures in other religions, probably in about 20 years.

  10. Gay Guy says

    Fundamentalist forms of religion hold a sledgehammer to society and can destroy it! Their intransigent notions of the dictates of scripture are used to invalidate any type of thinking with which they don’t agree.

  11. anon says

    If you job was to milk donations out of a dying generation of 70-year-olds then you’d say a lot of desperate things too. Most end-of-life political groups end up doing that. You think the John Birch Society is still humming along nicely? Feminist groups were notoriously generational, with young women donating time and money only to newer groups, leaving the older ones in the lurch. Gay rights groups were often the same, but then, they typically lasted only one weekend anyways.

  12. Vegas Dave says

    How man wives did Soloman have? 500? How many wives does the Sultan of Brunei have based on the Quran which has its earliest roots in the Old Testament? The biblical norm is multiple wives.

    The ultimate issue is WHO cares as long as all parties in a marriage agreement are CONSENTING adults.

    How does it affect society if 3 men and 12 women, or 3 women and five men, or two men or two women want to enter into a loving relationship?

    The only ones who care are those who cover their mouths in at the thought of anyone doing something they wont.

    Love is love whether it’s between one man and one woman, two men, two women, or a poligamy/group arrangement. AS LONG AS IT IS BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS, not the 16 year old child brides of certain Mormon or Muslim sects.

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