Prom Date’s ‘Good Morning, Boyfriend’ Is a ‘Little Monsters’ Inspired Gay Synth Love Story: VIDEO

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New Orleans synthpop collective Prom Date has just released the video for their new single "Good Morning, Boyfriend," a gay love song of sorts. Bonus points go to the lead singer for being a really cute bear. 

The Truth About Music writes:

With its thick, bouncy bass, swirling effects, snappy percussion, solidly tight three-part harmonies and interweaving backing vocals, the track builds on the deliciously danceable synth pop of its predecessor ['X My Heart']. As for the video, the band pay homage to Little Monsters, using the 80′s comedy flick to drive home a message of self-acceptance.

Check out the video (and their first single too), AFTER THE JUMP

Prom Date’s full-length album Portraits is set for release August 5.

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  1. will says

    I’m sorry. If there’s any gay content in this, I must have blinked and missed it. Could somebody kindly point out the minutes and seconds where anything remotely gay took place?

  2. Will says

    wow. i lasted like 10 seconds with each one. the music was just awful. This sounds like that horrid 80’s music I learned about in school. no thank you.

  3. Joe in Ct says

    After that build up, I was expecting something much better. So I hung on for at least a full minute with hope it would get interesting. It didn’t. They were both pretty awful.

    Are these guys your friends? Or did they pay you to hype them?

  4. woodroad34 says

    what @manny espinola says. Very 80’s with that awful bad MTV 80’s-type music video….not awful, just authentic.

  5. Andrew says

    After reading the comments I thought I was in store for something horribad… but I actually enjoyed both. <3 synthpop/dreamwave.