Connor Maguire, Damien Crosse and the Men of Read Mean Tweets About Themselves: VIDEO


Back in August gay adult entertainment site took a cue from Jimmy Kimmel and shared a video of Colby Keller, Jimmy Fanz, Paddy O'Brien and more of their actors reading mean tweets about themselves.

This week the studio dropped a holiday edition featuring Connor Maguire, Mike de Marko, Damien Crosse, Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Jessy Ares, Paul Walker, and Jarec Wentworth.

See what they had to share from the trolls who came for their packages, AFTER THE JUMP

(warning:work-unfriendly language)


  1. Chuck Mielke says

    I’m sure it’s difficult to avoid taking a series of mean tweets hard. I think the guys did an admirable job of keeping real. As the one said, “We all know porn is ‘real’.”

  2. robroy says

    Who complains about porn stars being loose, taking cum shots or only being tops/bottoms?

    Its like bitching about too much prayer in church or too many French fries at McDonalds.

  3. Marc says

    This was a lot of fun to watch. It showed all of their humanity and it just made me like them all so much more. Keep doing what you’re doing guys. All right, come on over — group hug! 😉

  4. j says

    what do these guys do for a living – i assume porn does not pay all their bills – seriously – can they actually have legit jobs? rapid for example, does he make enough from porn to live? i’ve read in this day and age it’s not well paying – even though he seems to be in a lot of porn – but at the same time, can he work a regular job? as what? i find myself intrigued.

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