Mozambique Decriminalizes Homosexuality with New Penal Code


Starting in June, homosexuality will no longer be illegal in Mozambique. This shift comes thanks to a new penal code for the country, which was signed by President Filipe Nyusi last December.

Pink News reports that while homosexuality was never specifically criminalized in the country, a clause of the old penal code that allowed for “security measures” against those “who habitually engage in vices against nature" was sometimes used against same-sex acts. The portion of the code had been in place since 1887, when Mozambique was still a Portuguese colony.

The new penal code does not offer any specific protections for LGBT people.

According to Joe. My. God., this move brings the number of countries in the world which criminalize homosexuality down to 78.

No doubt, former Mozambican President J.E. Joaquim Chissano is pleased by this news. 


  1. RazzleDazzle says

    Hurray! Some great news for Mozambicans and sub-Saharan Africa. Let’s hope this inspires other countries to decriminalize homosexuality and gay sex.

  2. david says

    Finally some good news comes from the continent of Africa.
    I hope the western nations reward them for this with financial aid to build schools and infrastructure.

  3. Randy says

    “Mozambique was still a Portuguese colony”

    I think you’ll find that former Portuguese colonies in Africa are among the best in their regions (sometimes that’s not saying much) on queer rights, and this follows a trend elsewhere in the world as well.

    And Portuguese is hot. That too.

  4. edude says

    “The old penal code that allowed for ‘security measures’ against those ‘who habitually engage in vices against nature’ was sometimes used against same-sex acts. The portion of the code had been in place since 1887, when Mozambique was still a Portuguese colony.”

    What, it wasn’t the fault of the British?

    I guess the Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italians, Germans and Belgians get a pass. Not the British though.

    More revisionist history and application of today’s values to bygone days is what I say!

  5. SHEP VOICE says

    Many confuse truth (offends many) and hate. Telling someone the truth does not mean you hate them. Many ways SEEM right but its end is death (Hell). Pride comes before the fall of a man. Pride parades come before the fall of manknid – sign of the end-times.

    Sleeping with/marrying your own gender is in effect SLEEPING WITH/MARRYING YOURSELF which equals being LOVER OF SELF which is an abomination [God’s VALID REASON against this practice (right vs wrong love)]. It distorts/merges/blurs God’s male/female creation differences, characteristics, attributes and purpose-Lev 18:22, Rom 1:26-32, 1 Pet 4:3-4: Gal 5:19-21: 1 Cor 6:18-20. Also, even 1 man/1 woman marriages cannot be rightly put together w/o understanding God’s purpose for it (why there are so many divorces).

    Accepting, promoting or participating in gay lifestyles are against God. You cannot be a Christian if you do these things. It mocks God. Jesus was not talking out 2 nor 1000s of sides of His mouth=no confusion. Only one God can occupy true 360 deg infinity and that God is the God of Israel.

  6. SHEP VOICE says

    1st clue, I did not post here by accident. Just because someone tells you something other than what you believe or think is true, is true, it does not follow that that person also hates you. Again, many confuse truth (will offend many) and hate. Will you continue to do the same?

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