Alan Keyes: Charleston Massacre An Attempt To ‘Intimidate’ Anti-gay Christians – VIDEO


GOP conspiracy theorist Alan Keyes has said that the murders at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina last week was an incident of pro-gay, anti-Christian violence, reports Right Wing Watch.

Keyes – who has compared homosexuality to eating boogers – said that he has experienced more animosity due to his religious beliefs than to his race.

This led him to conclude that the massacre must have been caused by religious hostility and is therefore another example of the “persecution” of Christians.

He went on to claim that the notion the attack was racially motivated is a “storyline…fabricated without much regard for the facts.”

He added that Dylann Roof, the white supremacist responsible for the shooting, may have been trying to “intimidate” people who oppose “the destruction of traditional marriage.”

Watch the interview in which Keyes made the comments below.

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. says

    Ignorant, mentally unstable, House Negro, Uncle Tom, anti-American, fascist parasite Allen Keys says what now about a mentally unstable piece of white Reichpublican, conservative, terrorist trash who publicly admitted the Charleston Attack was about race and has now been proven to have been inspired by an anti-gay piece of white Reichpublican, conservative, terrorist trash (who financially contributes to the and votes Reichpublican Party) to kill black people says what now?

    Where was Alan Keyes’ outrage about persecution of Christians in America last month when Rev. Dr. Augustus Sealy of the First Church of the Nazarene in Hartford, Connecticut was shot 3times (2 in the leg &1 in the shoulder) outside of his church as he planted a row of American flags in front of his church on Memorial Day?

    Oh right; Rev. Dr. Augustus Sealy is a black, pro-LGBT heterosexual &the First Church of the Nazarene is an LGBT-inclusive Christian church & the shooter was an anti-LGBT barbarian shouting hate-filled anti-gay slurs as he shot a pro-LGBT Christian pastor. So the violently blood thirsty anti-LGBT Alan Keyes, who spews the same anti-LGBT hate as Nazi savage Heinrich Himmler, is in all likelihood perfectly fine w/a pro-LGBT Christian pastor being shot.

    Thankfully, Rev. Dr. Sealy is alive.