‘The Queen of Ireland’ Charts The Rise of Ireland’s Gay Icon Panti Bliss: VIDEO

panti bliss

With impeccable timing, a just-released documentary follows the rise of Irish drag artist Panti Bliss from fringe figure to national icon.

Panti – aka Rory O’Neill – became a figurehead of Ireland’s same-sex marriage campaign earlier this year.

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Although The Queen of Ireland has been in the works since June 2010, what could have been an under-the-radar effort has become a major release in Ireland. Panti’s speech in Dublin’s Abbey Theatre in January 2014 in which she addressed how it feels to be subject to prejudice because of one’s sexuality on a daily basis, started O’Neill’s elevation to a leader of Ireland’s gay right movement, also giving a boost Conor Horgan’s brilliant documentary.

Watch a trailer below.