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Two Men Kiss, Get Booted From Santorum Rally: VIDEO

Rick Santorum was 15 minutes into his very gloomy speech in the Grace Gym at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL, when -- suddenly! From the bleachers!

"Mic check! Mr. Santorum! Mr. Santorum!"

And the crowd's heads turned, and a storm of booing filled the gymnasium's air as two men stood and kissed, rather langurously. The crowd was grossed out. The booing coalesced into a chant of "USA! USA! USA!" as the kissers -- Timothy Tross and Ben Clifford -- were escorted from the building. 

It's unclear if the men are gay, or if they were straights out to make a political point. From the Palatine Patch:

“I don’t think the message should be about what my sexuality is,” Tross said. “It’s the message that he’s saying about sexuality that matters.”

Watch a hunk of Santorum's speech, complete with interruption, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Student Allegedly Attacked For Pro-Marriage Equality Editorial In College Newspaper


Destinie Mogg-Barkalow is a student at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, roughly midway between Boston and Providence. She contributes regularly to BSU's campus newspaper, The Comment, which on Wednesday published a brief screed of Destinie's celebrating the demise of Prop 8 in California. In response, it seems, two Comment readers attacked Destinie in a parking lot on Thursday night.

According to The Comment's coverage:

Destinie Mogg-Barkalow told police she was walking in the Chapel Lot at approximately 6 p.m. Thursday when she was approached by a tall male and a red-headed female. Mogg-Barkalow, who writes regularly for the paper and is the editorial page assistant editor, was wearing a Comment sweatshirt. The couple, who were presumably students, asked if she had written the article advocating gay marriage that appeared in this week's paper.

When Mogg-Barkalow, who is gay, confirmed that she was the author, the female punched her. Mogg-Barkalow told police her assailants headed in the direction of East Campus after they hit her, while she went to the Comment offices where other staff members were meeting.

Once Destinie related her story to a very shaken editorial staff, one of her colleagues called the police. A couple matching Destinie's description was soon apprehended in the vicinity of the attack, but Destinie insisted they weren't her assailants. Police went to work on a composite sketch of the alleged perps, which they so far have declined to release.

A BSU student who's also part of Occupy Boston has planned a rally for Destinie and her supporters for this Tuesday. "This kind of hate crime will not be accepted by Bridgewater State University students, or by the 99% as a whole," she wrote, which I hope doesn't mean that the beating of writers is objectionable only when it seems likely to elicit the anger of an unspecified 99% of the public. 1% ought to do it, or even no % at all.

Andrew Breitbart Vs. Occupiers At CPAC: VIDEO

CPAC's all over. Sarah Palin closed it out with some standard-issue Obama bashing, which was interrupted only briefly by some Occupy folk trying to mic check. The convention spawned many hilarious and/or instructive videos, provided a lot of food for thought, and gave many of the country's most unrepentant homophobes a few blissful days in which they didn't have to feel like an unhip and disliked minority. For my money, the best moment of CPAC arrived Thursday night, out of doors, when Andrew Breitbart paid a visit to the Occupiers camped out by the CPAC Marriott.

Andrew Breitbart is America's most fascinating right-wing nutbag because he doesn't gussy up. He is a proud and practicing nutbag in thought, word, and deed. Some of his colleagues put on suits, trot out charts and make a show of reasonableness. Not Breitbart. He looks like a mad Russian revolutionary from the turn of the last century and lives like a has-been Irish poet in the depths of a wrathful bender. He is a part-time ally of the gays -- he was on the board of GOProud -- but he's otherwise an exemplar of everything weird and wrong and bloodthirsty at the political extremities of modern America. He and his friend James O'Keefe openly, willfully lie about and misrepresent un-famous, ordinary people who happen to possess differing political views -- ACORN employees; NPR executives; Shirley Sherrod -- just for the fun of it, just to hurt them, just because they're on the Other Side. There's no logic to it. Just inchoate anger, right there in the open. And it was never more in the open than Thursday at CPAC.

Watch, AFTER THE JUMP, as the rich and powerful Mr. Breitbart tells a bunch of American kids exactly what he thinks of them.

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Rick Santorum Glitterbombed

Picture 37
Before Rick Santorum departed South Carolina last night, a few Occupy people presented him with parting gifts: glitter and screeches. As the former senator signed autographs, they glitterbombed him, or almost did (it looks like they might have missed), and were dragged away by security personnel while screaming "occ-u-py, occ-u-py." Santorum was all smiles.

Once the Occufolk were out of the hall -- and well out of Santorum's earshot -- they began chanting "bigot, bigot, bigot." One young woman appears to have then glitterbombed one of the security personnel, demonstrating -- well, who knows what she was demonstrating? Presumably not solidarity with America's working stiffs. One young man then screamed "occupy is everywhere," and the Occufolk took up the cry. In the CBS video of the glitterbombing, the protestors then disapeared down a stairwell, and were followed a moment later by a final Occugirl wh, in her descent, began a solo chant of "bigot." She cast a last look at the camera, said "You're not welcome in South Carolina," and then was gone, followed by the dismayed stares of South Carolinians.


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NEWS: The Debate, The Rescue, And Various Superstitions

Picture 16 Road Here's where you can watch tonight's Republican debate. 9 p.m., EST.

Road Are you scientifically literate?

Road Iran says "thank you" to US for rescuing sailors from pirates.

Road "It's the sex, stupid!" -- why the GOP is more anti-sex by the day:

Even as we increasingly disown notions of procreative marital sex as the only legitimate form of sexual experience, “the public policy around sexuality is getting more conservative, more draconian,” aside from tremendous progress within the gay rights movement, says Klein. “That schizophrenia has been in evidence since the day that George Bush took office — you could even say since the day that Bill Clinton was impeached.”

... It’s a backlash that Cohen refers to in her book as “the sexual counterrevolution.”

Road Some NH cafes banning candidates.

Road How much Tim Cook is making, and other depressing numbers.

Road Belated happy birthday to David Bowie. 65! Whoodathunkit?

Road This girl really didn't want to write a paper about OWS.

Road We are a primitive, primitive speies. Parisian boy killed for witchcraft:

... Mr. Bikubi had accused the boy and two of his siblings of witchcraft, the court heard.

All three were beaten and other children were forced to join in the attacks. But it was Kristy who became the focus of Mr Bikubi's attention, the prosecution said.

The teenager was said to be in such pain after days of being hit with an "armoury of weapons" including sticks, pliers, a metal bar, hammer and chisel that he begged to die.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: "Eventually Bikubi took him into the bathroom, put him in the bath and started to run the water.

"Kristy was just too badly injured and exhausted to resist or to keep his head above the water."

Road Actual questions from third graders' homework:

Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?

If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?

Picture 14
Road No more degrees in homeopathy from British universities. Other "non-evidence-based medicines" are on the chopping block, too.

Road WATCH adorable Swedish children talk about God, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Activists Visit HRC Store in 'Occupy the Castro' Protest: VIDEO


A group of LGBT activists and allies supporting the 99 Percent Movement staged an "Occupy the Castro" protest over the weekend and stood in at the Human Rights Campaign store in Harvey Milk's old camera shop as one of several stops in the neighborhood.

Writes activist Michael Petrelis: "Over the course of ninety-minutes we chanted, spoke out, marched in the streets without a permit, distributed flyers, went into CitiBank's branch on Castro with a bawling baby and dozens of us surrounding a banker as a letter was read to him demanding that his and all banks start paying for public health and education while ceasing evictions and foreclosures..."


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