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About the Banner #40


So many of you have written me asking about the origin of the last banner on the site. I used to write about the past banners on a regular basis, but as things got busy that lapsed. So, I promise to start doing it again, right now.

The banner that was up for the last month or so was a photograph I took of some wallpaper outside the dressing room at Barney's Coop in Miami Beach. I had no idea who the artist behind the silhouette portraits and clever descriptors was until he contacted me.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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About the Banner #35 - #39


Here's some info on the photos in our last five banners, for those of you that take an interest in such things. I reealized I've let this column go since before the holidays.

You may remember this was up just after Thanksgiving. It's actually part of a shot that I took from a helicopter. I was given the very cool gift of a ride around Manhattan from my good friends Alan and Drew on my last birthday. The portion of the photo I used for the banner was just the top of it. It's a view down the East River from upper Manhattan looking south. Click to enlarge.



The next banner was up briefly over Thanksgiving weekend. More on it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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About the Banner #34


An explanation of our last banner, AFTER THE JUMP...

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About the Banner #28-33, and Our Five Year Anniversary

This week marked the five year anniversary of Towleroad, and I just wanted to thank everyone for reading and coming back. Since October 2003, we've generated 10,750 posts, 163,400 comments, and carved out a place I'm proud to come to every day. I'd also like to thank Michael Goff, my partner in this endeavor, who keeps things running behind the scenes. It's exciting and humbling to get to do what I do for work on a daily basis.

That said, I've let slip a tradition of explaining the banners posted at the top of the site and I apologize. This post should fill in the gap. I hope you find it interesting.


Our last banner was a photo of a deer I took on Fire Island at the end of the summer. I cropped it and added a slight tilt-shift effect to give it its fuzzy edges.



The banner prior to that I shot the night of Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. What a night that was. I've never felt so much positive energy in one place. I have hope that on November 4th we'll be feeling that energy again.


Continued, AFTER THE JUMP...

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About the Banner #27


You may have noticed we did a bit of redecorating today. For info about our last banner, FOLLOW THE JUMP...

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About the Banner #23


The last banner (if you can still remember it - I know it was ages ago) was a combination of three photos. The first was a cameraphone photo of a distant helicopter flying into some clouds, the second was another cameraphone photo of some billboards outside the midtown tunnel in Manhattan, and the third a recent photo of the Empire State building. I just made them into a collage, of sorts.


Banner2 Banner3

For more banners, click here.


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