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"The Lonely Island - YOLO", the track performed with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar on Saturday night's SNL, has rocketed to the top of the iTunes music chart.

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P.S. - you may recall our earlier favorite musical take on YOLO.

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Adam Levine Persuaded to Lose Shirt in SNL Opener: VIDEO


Andy Samberg and Cameron Diaz couldn't convince Adam Levine to prove his SNL hosting prowess by removing his shirt, but somehow the words of Jerry Seinfeld proved more persuasive.

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Adam Levine Has Very Strong Feelings About Honey Boo Boo


Adam Levine really, really dislikes Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

He tells GQ:

"Seriously, Honey Boo Boo is the DECAY of Western civilization. Just because so many people watch the show doesn't mean it's good. So many people witness atrocities and can't take their eyes away from them, but that doesn't mean they're good. That show is literally The. Worst. Thing. That's. Ever. Happened. It's complete f**king ignorance and the most despicable way to treat your kids. F**k those people. You can put that in the magazine: F**k those idiots. They're just the worst. Sorry, I'm so sensitive to that—like, I don't know, man, it's upsetting. Just to clarify, I said, "F**K THOSE PEOPLE."

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A Pro-Gay Message from Honey Boo Boo: VIDEO [tlrd]

'American Horror Story' Enters the Asylum: VIDEO


Atheists beware.

A peek at the upcoming Season 2 premiere, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Adam Levine Speaks Up for Marriage Equality


Adam Levine talks to Chris Azzopardi at Pride Source about his gay brother, The Voice, and why he's said if he were President he'd legalize same-sex marriage first:

It's just so silly and it doesn't make any sense to me that you wouldn't be able to marry whomever you want to marry. It's not our business. I don't know why we're obsessed with making everything in this country our business, all the time. It seems we're a little behind on that, and we just need to make it legal and stop caring so much. It doesn't matter. And it shouldn't matter...

...People have their personal preferences as to what they want to do with their own lives, and they have every right to do that - just like a gay couple has every right to do that. It's just not anyone's business except the people involved. That's all I would say: "What makes you better than these people?"

People have a million different justifications and reasons why they don't want (gay marriage) allowed, but it doesn't check out. Whenever I hear people's reasoning behind it, I think to myself: First of all, marriage isn't always successful anyway. Look at the divorce rate and all the things that go wrong with marriage. Whether it's gay or straight, there are issues with it. Clearly people have a hard time staying together, and that's just a sad truth about marriage in our society. People should be allowed to succeed and fail at marriage as they so desire.

Read teh full interview HERE.

Blake Shelton: 'I Want to Kiss' Adam Levine - VIDEO


Blake Shelton tells MTV News that he reads quite a bit on Twitter about his "bromance" with fellow Voice judge Adam Levine:

"All I have to say is, it's true: I have a man crush on Adam. It blows me away people can pick up on that just by watching that on television. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him so bad. I don't care if it's mutual or not. Can you honestly tell me that you don't have a little bit of a crush on Adam? He's sexy, is the word I'm using."


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