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Minnesota Lawmaker Claims HIV Is Spread Through Sweat, Among Other Lies: VIDEO

Glenn Gruenhagen

Michelle Bachmann isn't the only crazy anti-gay lawmaker in Minnesota: Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, created and distributed a video called “Sodomy, Health, Money, and HF-826” that contains enough disinformation and lies to make the Bachmann's look informed and upstanding. Among the many insane claims are:

  • An enzyme in sperm causes AIDS when introduced to the digestive tract
  • Homosexual men have an average lifespan of 41 years
  • Words like "sexual orientation" and "gay," "lesbian," and "bisexual" are "triggers for the hormone dopamine in children like pornography in adults"
  • HIV can be spread through sweat, tears, and saliva

He doesn't explain why, if AIDS is caused by an enzyme in sperm introduced to the digestive tract, more straight women aren't afflicted with the disease, nor does he explain how the virus moves from the bloodstream into tear ducts, sweat glands, or salivary glands - environments that are completely inhospitable to the virus and would kill it in short order.

The lifespan statistic is a misquote of Paul Cameron's discredited research which made its estimate by only pulling data from San Francisco obituaries during the AIDS crisis, which is akin to claiming that if the average age of mortality for children under 18 in Tennessee is 4.7 then the average lifespan for children is 4.7 years.

Gruenhagen has been endorsed by the Republican Party of Minnesota for reelection this year. You can watch the videos of his insane claims AFTER THE JUMP...

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'My Status Is Not A Secret' Says New HIV Awareness Campaign: VIDEO


One of the greatest assets in fighting HIV transmission is being able to talk about the disease, for it's when things are hidden and kept secret that they grow into larger problems. Column Five Media is spearheading a new campaign called "My Status Is Not A Secret" which utilizes personal interviews with HIV positive and negative individuals to help break down the stigma of discussing status. Said Senior Producer for Column Five Ian Klein in an interview with Huffington Post:

My Status Is Not A SecretThis project is important because people, whether infected with or affected by HIV, as we all ultimately are, can learn a great deal through personal testimony, whether that be about the process of getting tested, effectively managing the disease, or preventing infection in the first place. Walking the line between normalizing HIV and encouraging less infection, is certainly tricky, but the importance of both is wildly important to overcoming this crisis.

You can watch the teaser for the project AFTER THE JUMP...

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New Trailer for HBO's 'The Normal Heart': VIDEO


A new trailer has arrived for HBO's adaptation of Larry Kramer's play The Normal Heart.

The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Julia Roberts, Taylor Kitsch, and Jim Parsons, and chronicles the early days of the AIDS crisis in New York City as seen through the eyes of an activist.

The HBO film is directed by Ryan Murphy and arrives on May 25.


You can check out an earlier trailer HERE.

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Ugandan HIV/AIDS Organization Raided for 'Training Youths in Homosexuality'


Ugandan police have raided the offices of the Makerere University Walter Reed Project building in Kampala for, according to a governement spokesman, "training youths in homosexuality," the AP reports.

Frank Mugisha, a gay leader in Uganda, said one person was arrested in Thursday's raid. He said the project --a nonprofit partnership between a Ugandan university and the U.S. Military HIV Research Program -- was known to offer services to gays who felt comfortable going there for anti-retroviral treatment.

Police spokesman Patrick Onyango denied the raid, saying a man pretending to represent the police threatened workers at the project, which has since been closed by administrators.

The raid was confirmed by an LGBT activist on the ground in Uganda.

(image faces uganda)

HIV Testing Counselor Sells 'Truvada Whore' Shirts For AIDS Charity


Adam Zebowski, an HIV test counselor at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, is selling #TruvadaWhore t-shirts at a Kickstarter-style site to help meet his AIDS/Lifecycle fundraising goal of $3000.

The term "Truvada whore" refers to the disparaging label given to men who take pre-exposure prophylactic drugs like Truvada to protect themselves from HIV; the idea being that people who Truvada are whores who just want to have condomless sex without the consequence of HIV.

On his t-shirt site, Zebowski says:

Be proud, you #TruvadaWhore. I support the #reappropriation of derogatory terms. I am against slut-shaming. I am pro health and wellness. I think PrEP is a great HIV prevention tool if it works for you. I am a #TruvadaWhore. $3.40 of each shirt will be donated on my behalf to my AIDS/Lifecycle fundraising goal of $3000.

The AIDS/Lifecycle is a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Previous Towleroad coverage of PrEP can be found hereherehere, and here

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Gay Man Rejected As An Organ Donor

Rohn Neugebauer

Despite the fact that donated blood and organs can be screened quickly and accurately for STDs and complications, gay men are still treated like plague rats if they haven't been celibate for half a decade. Rohn Neugebauer was a healthy gay man in an 8-year committed relationship who inexplicably died of cardiac arrest at the age of 48. Given that he had recently co-hosted a fundraiser that raised thousands of dollars for a local organ donation organization, the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), it was no surprise that he was an organ donor himself. Neugebauer's sister went through the interview process with a CORE representative, and when she answered affirmatively to the question of whether Neugebauer had been in a relationship with another man in the past 5 years, he was immediately rejected as a donor.

CORE explicitly invoked an FDA guideline that prohibits tissue donations from sexually active gay men, but the organization's rejection is made perplexing by the fact that the prohibition does not apply to organ donation. CDC guidelines also state that the risk for HIV and disease transmission is so high with donations from gay men that they should be rejected unless the situation is "deemed to be greater than the risk of HIV transmission and disease" and the gay donor is the only option available. The sexual history of heterosexuals, conversely, does not impact their eligibility.

Over 121,000 people are presently on waiting lists for organ donation. CORE's senseless rejection may have just cost some their lives.


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