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Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese suggests that the time frame in his 2017 letter can be seen as a "narrow window" in the scope of the gay rights movement.



Straight Italian couple sues cruise company after showing up for their vacation to discover they were departing on Italy's first gay cruise: "My clients were also left embarrassed because among the passengers were people they knew and had no idea that were gay, which was uncomfortable for all parties."


Gay Al is feeling tender.


Iowa NAACP President announces support for anti-gay gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats.


Report: Iran hanged a man last week for gay sodomy.


Gay activists plan kiss-in at Fort Worth Stockyards: "The kissing booth will be on Exchange Street, right in the heart of the Stockyards and its bound to stir up controversy. In fact, one old cowboy has been quoted as warning gays that if they are not careful, they might be in for a whuppin'."


Dan Savage has never slept with Janet Napolitano.


A Spice Girls musical?


Gus van Sant and Bret Easton Ellis collaborating on film adaptation of Vanity Fair article "The Golden Suicides".


Gujarat state in India becomes home to the country's first elderly home for gay men: "The brainchild of Manvendra Singh Gohil, popularly known as India's gay prince, the project will be ready to accommodate elderly homosexuals by the end of the year. Manvendra Singh Gohil says, 'We will offer food, drinks and medical facilities for the people staying here, it will be their home.' The Rs 25-crore project will be home to 50 elderly gay men to start with. Requests for accommodation have already started trickling in."



Alan Cumming in new photo shoot from David LaChapelle.


Gecko madness!


Boyzone to hold Stephen Gately vigil on night before the funeral: "Grieving Boyzone bandmates plan to stay in the church with Stephen Gately's body the night before his funeral. Ronan Keating, 32, Mikey Graham, 37, Shane Lynch, 33, and Keith Duffy, 35, have taken the decision because Gately 'would not want to be there on his own', a source close to the group revealed."


No! Mia Michaels quits So You Think You Can Dance.


Passerby mistakenly frees female killer of London gay man: "Police are looking for three young people including two blonde teenagers who were caught on CCTV arguing with Baynham and his 30-year-old companion. The victim's friend grabbed one of the girls, receiving cuts and bruises in the process, but the girl was freed by members of the public who wrongly thought she was being assaulted, said Detective Chief Inspector Clive Heys, who is leading the inquiry."


Britney Spears shoots video for new single "3".



Meghan McCain creates Twitter furor with cleavage photo.


Muslim football team kicked out of league for refusing to play gay team.


Congressman Jerrold Nadler: Repeal DOMA now.


Lesbian says she was the victim of a hate crime at the National Equality March.


Bishop Gene Robinson will be appearing tonight at an event in Portland, Maine: "Join us for an evening of edification and education as we gather to worship God and to hear the words of the Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire. Sponsored by the Religious Coalition Against Discrimination, the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry in Maine, Rev. Ann Fowler, the Cathedral Church of St. Luke, the Equity Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, and Integrity Maine"

Howard Bragman on Al Reynolds' 'I'm Not Gay' Moment


It's odd to discuss a PR agent's marriage to his male partner and the dissolution of his client's (who continually denies that he's gay) marriage in the same post, but the two came together yesterday in an MSNBC interview.

Howard Bragman, who represents Al Reynolds, talked to MSNBC about the reasons behind the decision to post three interviews on YouTube yesterday in which Reynolds denies he is a 'homosexual' and discusses his marriage to Star Jones and his life passions.

Said Bragman of the decision to post the videos interview-style with a journalist: "It wasn't a hypothetical worry. It was a genuine worry. because so much of what has been written and covered by the mainstream media has been inaccurate and sensational that we wanted to tone it down while at the same time respecting journalism and asking the tough questions, so I think we reached a very good balance there."

In other marriage news, Bragman wed his longtime partner Chuck O'Donnell on Monday in a private ceremony officiated by West Hollywood mayor Jeffrey Prang. At the end of his MSNBC interview, he urged voters to vote against Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that would define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Congrats to Bragman and O'Donnell!

One another note via Outsports is that Bragman's client Isaiah Washington made a contribution to the fight against Prop. 8 in lieu of a wedding gift to his PR agent, which was a specific request Bragman made to all those who wished to offer their gifts and/or wishes.

I've clipped the entire MSNBC interview, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Al Reynolds: 'I am not a Homosexual'


Wow. This is probably the most lengthy "I'm not gay" statement I've ever heard. Al Reynolds has started his own channel on YouTube where he's posting videos in which an interviewer asks him questions about his life so he can straighten out the rumors (so to speak).

I've transcribed a segment of this clip below.

INTERVIEWER: You've experienced a lot of speculation about your sexuality. Tell us about that. Are you gay?

REYNOLDS: "I am not a homosexual. But the thing is, it's really weird to me — and it's kind of upsetting to me that that's where people would go as it relates to my sexuality. Because this has affected my professional life. This has affected my personal life. And if anyone knew the damage that it has caused me, they would understand why I'm very aggressive about this. But it's okay because I'm learning from this whole experience. And hopefully I'll grow from it. But I can tell you probably why...

Staral"Look at me. I take very care in my clothes. I dress nice. I'm from the South. We used to dress up to go to church. My mother had six kids. We used to have to line up before we left the house to go to church. It was very important that we were dressed nice. That our shoes were clean, that our hair was combed, that our teeth were brushed. That we presented ourselves as a Reynolds, because that's what we were. And I kind of transport that into my adult life. So when you see me out, I'm gonna be immaculate. I'm gonna be clean. I'm gonna dress nice. I'm gonna look good. You know some people, they call that kind of soft. Okay. I've been called soft before and that's okay. Some people, as of late, call that metrosexual. I can live with it. Cause it's not gonna stop. Every time I go to an event, I'm gonna look my best. My mother used to tell me that you look cleaner than the board of health, and I used to say to her ' all right that means my job is done. That means I got the okay to leave.'

"See we've got to separate the gossip from the facts and that's why I'm doing this interview. I worked ten years on Wall Street. I managed multi-millionaire accounts for ten years. I did that before I met Star, so for anyone to try to like, you know, discredit my credibility and integrity, it's one of the reasons why I'm talking. You know? I teach kids at a university on a university level. I have a doctorate degree that I'm working on. This is all things that, you know, it trumps the gossip because it's the truth, and nothing trumps it better than the truth."

Because, of course, no gays dress badly, work on Wall Street, or get university degrees...

The other clips are here and here. In them, he talks about his marriage to Star Jones, and his "true passion".

The Al Reynolds You Don't Know [youtube]

News: Shanghai, Cynthia Nixon, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Prince William

road.jpg Australian Capitol Territory holds first same-sex civil partnership ceremony.

Bachelorsroad.jpg Bachelor Summit: Matt Grant towers over Andy Baldwin.

road.jpg Cynthia Nixon stands by her girlfriend's clothing demands.

road.jpg Military sociologist Charles Moskos, who helped establish 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', dies in California: "Dr. Moskos' research examined the modern military experience in unprecedented detail, gleaned in part from his ease with the rank-and-file soldiers. 'He truly had an impact on the military,' said Gen. Wesley Clark in a statement. 'He gave many of us the reassurance that someone out there knew us, cared about us and could help see our best interests as a nation and a military were looked after.'" More from SLDN.

road.jpg Prince William sets sail in the Caribbean.

road.jpg From the stacks: Grandfather was queer.

road.jpg Brad Pitt to design green hotel (with team of consultants) in Dubai: "Whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion. Selecting this development as my first major construction project has been a simple decision. It will underpin not only my values for environmentally-friendly architecture, but also embrace my career in entertainment."

Lcroad.jpg Live Cool: Shanghai gets new gay nightclub.

road.jpg McCain schedules appearance with country singer John Rich, who once said: "I think if you legalize [gay marriage], you've got to legalize some other things that are pretty unsavory. You can call me a radical, but how can you tell an aunt that she can't marry her nephew if they are really in love and sharing the bills? How can you tell them they can't get married, but something else that's unnatural can happen?" Rich later apologized after public outcry.

road.jpg Shakespeare's grave getting a makeover.

road.jpg Queer Quinn : New York news anchor in Freudian slip.

Alreynoldsroad.jpg Under Armour issues statement denying relationship with Al Reynolds, Jr. after photo surfaces: "I wanted to clarify what has been reported. Al Reynolds is not a spokesperson for Under Armour, nor is there any business relationship of any kind between the Under Armour brand and Al Reynolds."

road.jpg Nancy Pelosi endorses gay San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno in bid for state senate.

road.jpg 11-year-old trailer once used as canvas for a young Banksy, now may fetch £500,000: "Called Fragile Silence, it shows commandos landing stereo equipment on a beach. The trailer’s owners, Maeve Neal and Nathan Welland, say Banksy has authenticated the work, which he completed before they drove the truck to the Glastonbury Festival in 1998. And instead of them paying him, he gave them two free festival tickets for providing the ‘canvas.’ At the time Banksy, whose real name has never been confirmed, was little known."

road.jpg Gay Colorado congressional hopeful Jared Polis contributes $2.1 million of his own funds into his campaign.

road.jpg Fashion world remembers Yves Saint Laurent. Simon Doonan, of Barneys New York: “I have a permanent shrine to Yves in my house: a pair of couture croc thigh boots. His highwayman looks, his Cossacks, his lesbian tuxedos, his sexy safaris, his djellabas, his Spanish cigarette girls, his tartan flings. There is no end to his influence and fabulousness.”

News: PTown, Derek Jarman, Sao Paulo, Diet Coke, Birmingham

road.jpg Two men charged for sodomy using "crimes against nature" law in North Carolina.

Alreynoldsroad.jpg Did Al Reynolds, Jr. get some new Manhunt shots?

road.jpg Cleveland-bound pilot sees "an object with a flaming tail and a trail of smoke" fly past cockpit shortly after take-off from Houston: "The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is involved in the investigation, but officials said they believe the object seen by the pilot just east of Houston's airport on Monday was a model rocket."

road.jpg First California same-sex marriages to take place on June 14?

road.jpg POLL: More than half of Californians support ballot measure ban on same-sex marriage. "Fifty-four percent of registered voters would back the measure, according to the survey by The Los Angeles Times and KTLA-TV. Thirty-five percent oppose the proposed measure, which is expected to be on the November ballot. The measure, sponsored by a coalition of groups that favor traditional marriage, would define marriage as 'between a man and a woman,' and effectively overturn a May 15 decision by the California Supreme Court that voided two state laws that forbade recognition of same-sex marriages. The poll, published on Friday, found 52 percent disagreed with that decision while 41 percent agreed."

road.jpg Mario Lopez hits the beach...

road.jpg Alan Ball developing British prison drama Bad Girls for HBO.

Jaranroad.jpg New Provincetown police chief Jeff Jaran promises fresh focus on preventing hate crimes.

road.jpg Glitterbox: Derek Jarman DVD box set to be released. "Mr. Jarman once lamented that heterosexuals had so colonized and despoiled the screen — his actual phrasing was less polite — 'that there’s hardly room for us to kiss.' He made it his mission to create that room."

road.jpg Excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight, the story of Raymond Burr's secret gay life: "...Raymond had been living a closeted life in Hollywood for over a decade without even the whiff of anything 'untoward' about his lifestyle. Part of that had to do with his status as a supporting actor in the shadows, out of the spotlight's direct glare. Leading-man types—Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, and Errol Flynn among them—were grist for the rumor mill, but Raymond had always flown under the radar. Until now. His much-publicized relationship with Natalie Wood helped his straight-arrow image, and he was well liked among the major gossip columnists, especially Hedda Hopper. And with her sonny boy making a name for himself on Perry Mason, Hedda had extra incentive to ensure Raymond's name was kept away from 'those' rumors..."

Baleroad.jpg The Details on Christian Bale.

road.jpg Massive: Sao Paulo Gay Pride parade draws between 3 and 5 million people, but has it become just a dangerous street carnival?

road.jpg Pete Wentz sells advertising...on his face.

road.jpg Leona Lewis and David Beckham to close Beijing Olympics with London hand-off.

road.jpg Birmingham, Alabama Mayor Larry Langford says he won't interfere with plans for a gay pride parade there on June 7: "Langford on Friday he would not sign a proclamation, allow banners on city property or sign a parade permit. The mayor said he rejected those requests because it was inappropriate for government to endorse a lifestyle. Today Langford said he will not block the police from issuing the parade permit. That permit is not normally signed by the mayor. Previous mayors have quietly signed the proclamation and allowed the banners. 'I thought I had stated my position very clearly. If I were to sign the permit to put up banners on city right of ways I would be condoning that which I don't condone,' he said. 'To give a proclamation is totally under the purview of the mayor.'"

road.jpg If you're a wounded bird and Jodie Foster's around, don't look weak.

road.jpg Drink up: Diet Coke to drop DNA-damaging additive Sodium Benzoate.

News: Al Reynolds, Playboy, The Mole, 90210, Ohio University

road.jpg Obama VP nomination hint?

Alreynoldsroad.jpg Al Reynolds Jr. unloads in long MySpace rant: "...I have been called a gigolo, a freeloader, unemployed, a sham and many other things that don’t bear repeating. People on television, radio and the internet have spoken disparagingly of my life, my sexuality, my career and my integrity..."

road.jpg Your first look at the cast of the 90210 spin-off.

road.jpg Ohio University freshman kicked out by roommates before even arriving, because he's gay: "That was when I found out their real motivation. 'Listen, we do not have a friend moving in. We were just trying to be nice; we both just feel really uncomfortable living with a homosexual.' Now what am I to do? I can’t leave because I’m not allowed, and I can’t stay because I fear for my own safety. I’ve been talking back and forth with them and they feel that I am obligated to leave because of their discomfort. I wonder if they realize mine — especially when I read their statuses on Facebook declaring X is a homophobe at 8:58 p.m., and X hates faggots at 9:21 p.m."

road.jpg Pastor John Hagee apologizes for anti-Catholic statements. McCain calls the action "laudable." What about his anti-gay statements? Oh yea, nonsense.

road.jpg Joaquin Phoenix recording an album.

road.jpg California high school teacher inadvertently displays gay porn to class during Adobe Photoshop demonstration: "The incident happened during a project in a computer graphic arts class Monday morning, according to several students. The impression was the image was accidentally projected during a lesson on how to use Adobe Photoshop. As the image remained on the screen four to five seconds, several students say it sent the teacher scrambling to quickly take it off the screen."

Playboyroad.jpg Playboy to enter gay market with cable VOD channel: "Playboy plans to initially offer Time Warner Cable subscribers 20 hours of gay male programming. The service is slated to begin operating next month. Although the Playboy brand has been linked with heterosexual men’s entertainment since its magazine's first issue in 1953, the company now describes itself more generally as "valuing sexiness and style" and is seeking more ways to diversify and boost its revenue."

road.jpg Girls love gay male porn.

road.jpg NYT features Barney Frank's best one-liners: “So, apparently, same-sex marriage is the V8 juice of America.”

Bobbyroad.jpg Meet The Mole's gay competitor, 25-year-old restaurant manager Bobby.

road.jpg Sean Penn heads up Cannes Film Festival jury.

road.jpg Michael Moore making sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11: "Sequel will pick up where "Fahrenheit 9/11" left off. In the time since, Bush's popularity has plummeted, while the Iraq war continues and the economy falters."

road.jpg STUDY: Music influences perception of wine. "Heavy rock music like Jimi Hendrix or The Rolling Stones is a good accompaniment to a Cabernet Sauvignon, while opera buffs might prefer a 2006 Syrah, said the study by psychologists at a British university. The research, in collaboration with a Chilean wine producer, indicates that different types of music stimulate different parts of the brain, and prime us to taste wines in a corresponding way. For example when a powerful piece of music such as Carmina Burana is heard, a Cabernet Sauvignon is perceived as being 60 per cent more powerful, rich and robust than when no music is heard."

road.jpg Gay Peace Corps. volunteer on being gay and in Mozambique.

road.jpg The story behind news anchor Sue Simmons' "what the fuck" outburst: "Maybe that will teach Chuck to stop reading things on his computer monitor and start paying attention to Sue. It looked like a spat between two people who have worked together for so long that they know each other’s rhythms a little too well. And, of course, they have worked together, for ages — or at least since 1980. There was Chuck Scarborough, reading something on a computer screen embedded in the desk and not listening to his co-anchor, Sue Simmons. So she let him have it in what sounded like mock derision."


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