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Rev. Al Sharpton and Thomas Roberts Wipe the NY Marriage Equality Table with NOM's Brian Brown: VIDEO


NOM's Brian Brown calls the NY marriage equality vote a "sham...done under the cover of darkness."

Thomas Roberts and Rev. Al Sharpton would beg to disagree.


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News: Buffalo, Matt Bomer, China, Newt Gingrich, Coachella

 roadAl Sharpton is Team Harold Ford Jr.

Frog  roadTransparent frog among 30 new species discovered in coastal rainforests of western Ecuador: "The team of scientists, who work for Reptile and Amphibian Ecology International, also identified four new species of stick insect, three species of lungless salamanders, a tiny, scaly-eyed gecko known as Lepidoblepharis buschwaldii and a bushmaster – the longest viper in the world."

 roadMadonna wants to have Jesus' baby.

 roadCoachella music fest announces 2010 line-up.

 roadBudding "ex-gay" sounds off: "But for the first time in my life, I’ve been getting to know girls. It’s been a blast. As a teacher, I find them naturally adept at flying helicopters. They listen and they are good at multi-tasking. They are fun to be around and sometimes they’re pretty."

 roadGays in Buffalo, NY rally in response to recent gay bashings: "he evening was light by candlelight as the hundreds gathered moved through Buffalo's historically gay neighborhood. Allentown is the home to many glbt residents, businesses and most of the area's gay bars. Many observers were clearly moved as the participants began to move their candlelight procession down Allen Street towards Main Street. This marked the first time in recent memory that there has been any public demonstration of gay civil rights in Allentown."

 roadVideo: Katy Perry and Timbaland in "If We Ever Meet Again".

Bomer  roadWhite Collar actor Matt Bomer, who recently said he's not bothered by gay rumors, once posed for the cover of a gay novel.

 roadScott Brown is White Obama.

 roadUgandans threaten U.S. product boycott over anti-gay bill: "Sempa said, 'Most Ugandans do not support homosexuality. We are to launch a campaign against consumption of US, UK, and Canada products in Uganda if those countries continue to threaten our country because of the anti gay bill. We will make people stop buying Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and other products from USA.' Ugandan observers however claim that while the government might not tolerate Sempa’s declarations due to the high economic stakes, Sempa’s threats, if realised, could prove risky for Ugandans as it could put a high number of people out of work."

 roadThe state of gay media in Atlanta.

 roadNJ gay groups target Senator Kean, who voted "no" on marriage equality bill: "Mannix said it wasn't simply Kean's 'no' vote on the measure that sparked the movement against him. It was mainly a speech Kean delivered on the floor of the Senate prior to the vote, he said."

 roadHugh Jackman must spend half his life shirtless in the water.

Depp  roadJohnny Depp does GQ.

 roadKelly Orr, lead singer of the band Teen Hearts, is a loser.

 roadNewt's list: "Among the other Republican candidates Gingrich named as possible 2012 contenders included former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Also included on Gingrich's list are Govs. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Rick Perry of Texas and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. South Dakota Sen. John Thune may also be a potential candidate, Gingrich said."

 roadSpeculation surrounds Sydney Mardi Gras line-up.

 roadWhy the sudden shift by China on gay rights? "Chinese forums are awash with the debate, another sign that things may be changing. One poster even joked that tóng xìng (same-sex) relationships could be the answer to the country's lopsided boy-to-girl ratio. It is estimated that by 2020 around 24m Chinese men of marrying age will be without spouses."

Al Sharpton Condemns Churches That Supported Proposition 8

The Rev. Al Sharpton spoke at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta on Sunday and spoke out against the Mormon Church and evangelicals who fought to pass Proposition 8:

Sharpton"It amazes me when I looked at California and saw churches that had nothing to say about police brutality, nothing to say when a young black boy was shot while he was wearing police handcuffs, nothing to say when the they overturned affirmative action, nothing to say when people were being delegated into poverty, yet they were organizing and mobilizing to stop consenting adults from choosing their life partners. There is something immoral and sick about using all of that power to not end brutality and poverty, but to break into people’s bedrooms and claim that God sent you."

According to the Southern Voice, "Sharpton came to Atlanta to celebrate the launch of the Alliance of Affirming Faith-Based Organizations."

He added: "I am tired of seeing ministers who will preach homophobia by day, and then after they’re preaching, when the lights are off they go cruising for trade...We know you’re not preaching the Bible, because if you were preaching the Bible we would have heard from you. We would have heard from you when people were starving in California, when they deregulated the economy and crashed Wall Street you had nothing to say. When [alleged Ponzi schemer Bernie] Madoff made off with the money, you had nothing to say. When Bush took us to war chasing weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there you had nothing to say. … But all of a sudden when Proposition 8 came out you had so much to say, but since you stepped in the rain, we gonna step in the rain with you."


Sharpton decries churches pushing Prop. 8 [southern voice]

News: Larry Craig, Big Bird, Al Sharpton, Gun Ruling, Vogue

road.jpg No joke: Larry Craig and David Vitter key sponsors of Marriage Protection Amendment.

Bowieroad.jpg Never-before-seen photos of David Bowie revealed.

road.jpg Guy "Richie" stands to gain $100 million:
No pre-nup in Madonna marriage.

road.jpg Al Sharpton told Gay City News that his statement about sin to Anderson Cooper earlier this week was not aimed at Anderson but was hypothetical: "I have no idea of his sexuality. I was not talking about him as an individual anyway. It could have been anybody...I support same-sex marriage and have been lambasted by the right for it."

road.jpg HIV cases "skyrocket" among young gay men: "A new report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that between 2001 and 2006 gay male sex was the largest HIV transmission category in the U.S. and also the only one which recorded an increasing number of HIV/AIDS diagnoses. The most affected are gay boys and men between the ages of 13 and 24 years, with minorities even more. The findings were released in this week's issue of the CDC journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Other factors such as genital herpes could actually double a person’s risk for contracting HIV."

road.jpg Beckham blogs about bulge.

road.jpg NewNowNext covers New York's HX Awards.

Cowroad.jpg Prince Harry discovers source of global warming at County Fair.

road.jpg Miami lesbian suing South Florida hospital because she wasn't allowed to see her partner who had suffered a stroke. Her partner later died: "Janice Langbehn, Lisa Marie Pond and three of their four children planned a cruise in February 2007 to celebrate the couple's 18 years together. But Pond suffered a massive stroke before the ship left port and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Hospital workers refused to let Langbehn into Pond's hospital room - even after a power of attorney was faxed to the hospital -- because they were not legally related. Langbehn filed a federal lawsuit in Miami on Wednesday charging hospital employees with negligence and "intentional infliction of emotional distress." The suit seeks damages in excess of $75,000. Pond was pronounced dead of a brain aneurysm about 18 hours after being admitted to the trauma center. Langbehn said she was only allowed in to see her partner for a few minutes when a priest gave Pond the last rites."

road.jpg Bishop Gene Robinson and Sir Ian McKellen to make joint appearance at screening of For the Bible Tells Me So in London...

road.jpg Gay creator of Big Bird costume, Kermit Love, dies at 91.

Gg_2road.jpg More from the set of Gossip Girl...

road.jpg Log Cabin Republicans applaud Supreme Court gun ruling.

road.jpg Juice: The background on bigot Bolthouse and Bolthouse farms.

road.jpg London police hunt "thug" after homophobic attack: "Sahin Rahman is one of four thugs sentenced this week following the attack at Hackney-road, Bethnal Green, in London's East End, two years ago. Police say Rahman (pictured), who had been living in Mckenzie-road in Holloway, north London, is currently at large after failing to appear at Snaresbrook crown court on June 16 and remains wanted. His accomplices, all from Holloway, have appeared in court."

road.jpg Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will reportedly be married at Palm Springs' Riviera Resort and Spa in October.

road.jpg Real Vogue interns tell New York magazine that their internships were nothing like New York Ranger Sean Avery's: "Sean Avery eats enormous lunches in the cafeteria and gets away with spilling them on people. Elizabeth: 'I never got lunch. I didn't get lunch breaks. We had to eat in the closet.' Ashley: 'I was able to get lunch. It was like, very quick, go down get your lunch, eat it, and come back up. There was a sense of having to get permission for a lot of things. I don't remember if we had to tell them we were going to the bathroom, but that could've been possible.'"

road.jpg Self-described YouTube superstar Tricia Walsh-Smith and estranged husband Phillip Smith meet in court: "I will cut your balls off and have them for breakfast."

Al Sharpton Defends Anderson Cooper's Right to Sin


In a discussion about the James Dobson attacks on Obama I posted about yesterday, Anderson Cooper hosted Al Sharpton, author Roland Martin and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. As the three debated Evangelicals and the issues of homosexuality, HIV and AIDS, abortion, and religious tolerance, the conversation took a turn when Sharpton pointed out that Anderson may land in Hell for his behavior, whatever that might be...

Says Sharpton: "I may have some very conservative personal feelings but I feel you have the right to live your life differently. I may think that what you do Anderson is gonna put you in Hell, but I'm gonna defend your right to get there."

Answered Anderson: "I appreciate all your concerns about my afterlife. I'm personally not all that concerned, but that's a whole other discussion."

I've clipped the segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Iran, Rosie O'Donnell, Halloween, Zagreb, Gay Ghetto

road.jpg Amnesty: Death penalty imminent for gay youth in Iran. "Child offender Makwan Moloudzadeh, an Iranian Kurd, is believed to be at risk of imminent execution. He has reportedly been convicted of lavat-e iqabi (anal sex) for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old boy. Makwan Moloudzadeh was aged 13 at the time of the alleged offence. His death sentence has been passed to the Office for the Implementation of Sentences and he is due to be executed in public, near his home."

Confederateroad.jpg Confederate flag that hangs at site of Cheney's weekend hunting trip stirs up anger from Al Sharpton: "It’s appalling for the VP to be at a private club displaying the flag of lynching, hate and murder. It’s the epitome of an insult." The good news is, nobody got shot in the face.

road.jpg Rosie O'Donnell ambushed at book signing by Bill O'Reilly team. (Rosie's Video, O'Reilly's Video)

road.jpg NYT: Cancellation of Halloween fest in San Francisco a sign that gay ghettos risk becoming passé. "For many in the Castro District, the cancellation is a blow that strikes at the heart of neighborhood identity, and it has brought soul-searching that goes beyond concerns about crime. These are wrenching times for San Francisco’s historic gay village, with population shifts, booming development, and a waning sense of belonging that is also being felt in gay enclaves across the nation, from Key West, Fla., to West Hollywood, as they struggle to maintain cultural relevance in the face of gentrification."

road.jpg Did Avril Lavigne dress as Chris Crocker for Halloween?

Fsfroad.jpg Miller Brewing apologizes for allowing its brand logo to appear on posters for San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair that parodied The Last Supper.

road.jpg Opposing accounts offered at trial of Navy doctor accused of secretly taping midshipmen having sex: "A Navy doctor who served as a sponsor for U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen 'violated the trust' of the students by using surveillance equipment installed in an air purifier at his Annapolis home to make 'secret sex tapes' of them, a Navy prosecutor said yesterday at the start of the doctor's court-martial. But Cmdr. Kevin Ronan's attorney, William T. Ferris, said the tapes were made by a former midshipman who used them in an attempt to extort money from his client. Ferris said the tapes became public after his client refused to give money to the former midshipman, who had been dismissed from the Naval Academy for academic reasons and needed money for expenses. 'This was a plan to extort money from Commander Ronan that went awry,' Ferris said during his opening statement at the Washington Navy Yard."

Lupo_2road.jpg Meet the first Mr. Gay Brazil, Luciano Lupo.

road.jpg Frank DeCaro looks at Paul Lynde's Halloween Special from 1976, along with a clip of Margaret Hamilton dressed as the wicked witch introducing Paul to members of KISS.

road.jpg Queer community at NYU holds drag ball.

road.jpg Croatian man charged with hate crime in Zagreb for attack on gay parade: "The man, identified only as Josip S., is charged with endangering lives and property by an act of hatred toward the participants of the Gay Pride parade in July, the Zagreb district prosecutors' office said. The man is the first person in Croatia to face hate crime charges since it was introduced into the Penal Code last year. If convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison. No date for a trial was immediately set. Police spotted the man as he prepared to throw homemade Molotov cocktails — bottles containing gasoline — at the parade participants gathering at Zagreb's main square. He fled the scene, but was tracked down later at his home."

road.jpg Best Week Ever's Top 10 most humiliating pet costumes, judged by the expression on the pets' faces.

road.jpg Leak reveals Cheney's plan for Iran attack? "In the scenario concocted by Cheney's strategists, Washington's first step would be to convince Israel to fire missiles at Iran's uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Tehran would retaliate with its own strike, providing the US with an excuse to attack military targets and nuclear facilities in Iran."

road.jpg 1884: The oldest known photograph of a tornado.


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