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News: Thomas Roberts, Penguins, Jason Castro, Kylie Minogue

road.jpg New York high court refuses to strike down state's recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriage: "The Court of Appeals declined yesterday to review the mid-level appellate court's decision to recognize the couple's Canadian marriage, the first such ruling by an appellate court in New York State. For now, that lower court decision remains binding across the state."

Trobertsroad.jpg Thomas Roberts talks to The Advocate about the news industry's glass ceiling for gays: "It’s funny that people think I got fired from CNN. I left CNN on my accord: I resigned from my contract because of personal reasons. I never dealt with anything but respect and kindness. There’s a great misconception. I’ve worked my ass off, I’ve been fortunate, and luck doesn’t hurt either. If people don’t like that I’m gay or that I talk about being gay, I’m sorry. Because that’s not my problem."

road.jpg American Idol's resident stoner Jason Castro has his own hot doll, complete with dreads, and it can be yours.

road.jpg A-Rod faints as daughter is born.

road.jpg Have any questions for Chace Crawford?

road.jpg Filipino Archbishop defends right of gays to participate in Santacruzans: "If they are devotees, they are religious and they look decent, I believe they have the right to join in. I think it would be better for us to see gays who act formally and decently in the Santacruzan rather than young and beautiful women who are not clean and [are] immoral."

Tangoroad.jpg Gay penguin book And Tango Makes Three is "most objected to" library book in America for second year straight: "Other books on the ALA's top 10 list include Maya Angelou's memoir I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, in which the author writes of being raped as a young girl; Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, long attacked for alleged racism; and Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, an anti-religious work in which a former nun says: 'The Christian religion is a very powerful and convincing mistake.'"

road.jpg Three teenage girls admit to tagging school and vehicles with racial, vulgar and homophobic messages in Wisconsin.

road.jpg Moldova hopes to hold its first Gay Pride ever: "Organisers of the Gay Pride in Moldova – 'Rainbow over the Dniester' – are hopeful of being able to stage a parade this year in the country’s capital, Chisinau. The Pride is the seventh to be organised, but in previous years the parade has been banned by the authorities. 'During three previous consecutive years, public authorities have banned the public manifestations on various pretexts,' said a spokesperson for GenderDoc-M, the Pride organisers. 'This year after we applied to the City Hall to inform the authorities about planned public manifestation within the Pride, we got the information, which gave us hope.'"

Kylieroad.jpg Kylie Minogue show hot out of the gates in Paris.

road.jpg One benefit to having a fat ass.

road.jpg Rhode Island lawmakers to debate bills that would allow same-sex couples married elsewhere to divorce in that state: "Lawmakers filed the divorce bill after Rhode Island's Supreme Court ruled in December that a lesbian couple married in Massachusetts cannot divorce in Rhode Island, where they live. Massachusetts is the only state to legalize gay marriage."

road.jpg Looks like Dick Cheney's gone hunting again.

road.jpg John Travolta is a subway terrorist.

road.jpg White House admits it is missing email backups from start of Iraq war: "The White House acknowledged in a court filing last night that it no longer has backup tapes of email from between March 1 and May 22, 2003, a period that includes the beginning of the Iraq war. Yesterday's filing is the latest development in the ongoing White House emails lawsuit, in which two non-profits, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the National Security Archive (NSA), are suing to force the administration to recover any missing emails and institute a more effective email archiving system."

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez Makes a Fashion Statement

[[Men's Vogue image removed at request of publisher]]

In its place, enjoy this photo of A-Rod getting a massage. You can see another one at the link below...


A-Rod and his bat step up to the cover of Men's Vogue for April.
Does that mean pinstripes are in?

How to Get to First Base with A-Rod [tr]

News: Great White, Uganda, Matthew McConaughey, Singapore

road.jpg Singapore bans gay picnic, saying politics not welcome in public parks: "It was never meant to be political, and this testifies to the paranoia of the government. They automatically assume that anything gay is a political challenge to them. It speaks volumes about the political climate in Singapore."

Arod_becks_2road.jpg Beckham pays a visit to the Yankees and Blue Jays' clubhouses to see what American sports are all about.

road.jpg British Great White Shark photo exposed as a fake: "The man who took the picture, which was featured prominently in the Sun, admitted he had snapped the creature during a fishing trip in South Africa rather than off Newquay, northern Cornwall. 'I took the picture while I was on a fishing trip in Cape Town and just sent it in as a joke,' Kevin Keeble told the Newquay Voice newspaper. 'I didn't expect anyone to take be daft enough to take it seriously.'"

road.jpg Five continents to see lunar eclipse on August 28th: "The event begins 54 minutes past midnight PDT (0754 UT) on August 28th when the Moon enters Earth's shadow. At first, there's little change. The outskirts of Earth's shadow are as pale as the Moon itself; an onlooker might not even realize anything is happening. But as the Moon penetrates deeper, a startling metamorphosis occurs. Around 2:52 am PDT (0952 UT), the color of the Moon changes from moondust-gray to sunset-red. This is totality, and it lasts for 90 minutes."

road.jpg Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of Minneapolis bridge collapse victims.

Mcconnaughey_2road.jpg A look at Matthew McConaughey's pocket rocket?

road.jpg Retired bishop who supported gay rights causes reaction after he is identified attending Catholic mass in Uganda: "The Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kaggwa mentioned Ssenyonjo among the important guests in the congregation, drawing mixed reactions from Catholics who also condemn homosexuality. One of the celebrants said Ssenyonjo should not have been recognised during the mass because the public could think that the Catholic Church sympathises with gay activists."

road.jpg What's next for Apple TV?

road.jpg Broward County Commission blasts Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle over homophobic comments, but stops short of censure: "Using words such as bigoted and despicable, commissioners united in chastising Naugle, then signed letters that will be sent to gay news Web sites and convention planners reaffirming their commitment to diversity. The symbolic reproach individually by the nine commissioners, though, stops shy of them formally voting to censure him, which is what some gay political activists want. The county's tourism czar, Nicki Grossman, said Tuesday's actions were vital in light of the growing national tumult over Naugle's views. She and other tourism executives had hoped the area's long-standing reputation as a gay-friendly destination would avert any negative effect."

How to Get to First Base with A-Rod


Here's the second half of today's subway series...

On Letterman last night, correspondent Biff Henderson filed his annual report from the New York Yankees spring training in Tampa, and viewers found out just how much third-baseman Alex Rodriguez enjoys a man's touch.

Video here.


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A-Rod Adjusts a Rod [tr]

News: Madonna Tiara, HIV Fugitive, A-Rod

road.jpg Crowd of thousands cheer Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson "for calling President Bush a 'dishonest, war-mongering, human-rights violating president' whose time in office would 'rank as the worst presidency our nation has ever had to endure.'"

Arod_milkroad.jpg Now A-Rod has milk too.

road.jpg National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals criticized when member advocates bullying of kids who cross gender role boundaries: "I suggest, indeed, letting children who wish go to school in clothes of the opposite sex - but not counselling other children to not tease them or hurt their feelings. On the contrary, don't interfere, and let the other children ridicule the child who has lost that clear boundary between play-acting at home and the reality needs of the outside world. Maybe, in this way, the child will re-establish that necessary boundary."

road.jpg Madonna's wedding tiara on eBay auction with starting bid of $225,000. Shipping, however, is free.

road.jpg Police launch manhunt for fugitive Mark James, sentenced to three years and four months for knowingly infecting his partner with HIV.

road.jpg Scottish firefighters who refused to hand out leaflets at a Glasgow gay pride festival are ordered to undergo "diversity training": ""Firefighters are well aware that fire prevention education and spreading the fire safety message is not a minor part of their job - it ranks alongside fire-fighting as a core, statutory duty...Firefighters cannot, and will not, pick and choose to whom they offer fire safety advice."

A-Rod Adjusts a Rod


As Ozzie Guillen imagines where he might put it...

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