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'True Blood' RECAP - 'Thank You' [Spoilers]

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And with that, True Blood's seventh and final season has come to an end. Who lived? Who died? Who suddenly became a lesbian cage fighter?

Sink your fangs into our recap, and share your thoughts on the series finale, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'True Blood' RECAP - 'Love Is To Die' [Spoilers]

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I'm as happy as anyone to see that fan-favorite couple reunited on True Blood, but could the show have served up a more tepid, boring penultimate episode otherwise? 

How a season that started (loosely) with the premise of "Zombie Vampires" managed to not only thwart that potentially thrilling plotline, but also townsfolk uprisings, undead undead-daughters and homicidal ancient vampire sex goddesses is completely beyond me. Despite all of season seven's wild ideas, has anything really panned out? The first few times True Blood built up a big bad only to dispense with them without much fanfare felt like clever little twist. But once it became de rigueur for this show, it just got lazy.

Before we head into next week's series finale, let's discuss what little did happen in tonight's episode, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'True Blood' RECAP - 'Almost Home' [Spoilers]

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If there was even a tiny, lingering hope that True Blood would stick the landing of its final season, that likely evaporated in tonight's episode. In what's become commonplace on True Blood, several storylines (of the show's many, many storylines) reached fairly unsatisfying conclusions. To put it in Chekhov terms: When True Blood introduces a gun in the first act, rest assured that gun will shoot a little "Bang!" flag and be forgotten in the second.

Let's rehash the latest goings-on in Bon Temps together, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'True Blood' RECAP - 'May Be The Last Time' [Spoilers]

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The seventh episode of True Blood's seventh season wasn't the most exciting in terms of plot development, but that doesn't mean it was a total wash. There were a few good character moments, particularly from Carrie Preston. She'd be foolish not to submit this ep come award season next year.

Still, with only three episodes of the series left, do fans of the show (if there are any still out there) really want to spend this much time with newish characters like Violet, Wade and Adilyn, when we could be getting more Pam, Jessica or Lafayette? I don't think so. Plus, I'm sorry, I know these Bill Compton flashbacks are supposed to enlighten us a bit to his actions/motivations today (like they do in Lost and Orange Is the New Black), but I just always find them so, so boring and ridiculous. Drunk History has better period costumes and wigs.

Get a taste of what was put in motion in tonight's episode (plus another gratuitous shirtless Jason Stackhouse pic), AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'True Blood' RECAP - 'Karma' [Spoilers]

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We're now in the back half of True Blood's seventh and final season. There's already been enough twists and turns in the first few episodes to keep even the most seasoned fan on their toes. However, tonight's episode, "Karma," gave us a game-changing reveal that just might win the fight against Hep-V. Will it be enough to stop the spread of the disease and save some of our favorite characters?

See who's still standing after tonight's trials, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'True Blood' RECAP - 'Lost Cause' [Spoilers]

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Ain’t no party like a True Blood party, because a True Blood party includes at least one stabbing.

Break out the jungle juice, because folks in Bon Temps are getting lit. (More like Bon Turnt, amirite?) Tonight's episode lacked the action-packed punch of this season's first few installments. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, I guess.

We did, however, get some nice man-on-man action (albeit with almost no nudity whatsoever, which is notable on this show). 

So see who hooked up with whom, and share your comments on tonight's episode, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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