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 road Georgian luger dies in training accident at Olympics.

 road GLAAD asks John Mayer to apologize for using the F-word.

Olympics_colbert road Stephen Colbert got his own Olympics poster, designed by Shepard Fairey.

 road Purported naked Snooki pic surfaces.

 road Adam Lambert performing in secret NYC show this Monday...

 road Mixner: Is 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' the new healthcare?

 road Openly gay stock car announcer breaking stereotypes: "[Troy] Germain came out to the ACT in 2003. He conceded it remains tough to be the only openly gay man on the circuit-he said there are others about whom he knows, but they remain closeted. Germain said an e-mail Darla Hartt, vice president and general manager of the ACT, gave him the strength to come out to his colleagues. It read be yourself; be who you are and don’t be afraid; just be."

 road Ryan Kwanten suits up.

 road Witness: Terry Castle does hatchet job on Susan Sontag in new book.

 road Alexander McQueen's final Tweets. Westboro Baptist Church to picket McQueen funeral.

Rr road Ryan Reynolds the new face of Hugo Boss fragrances.

 road Kenneth in the 212 takes a look at Prodigal Sons, the new film about Kimberley Reed, the high school quarterback who transitioned into a woman.

 road If you're using Google Buzz, be aware of the huge privacy flaw.

 road Attitude magazine loses major distributor.

 road Vietnamese gay groups to march in Tet Parade in Orange County for first time: "However, several Vietnamese religious organizations, including the Vietnamese Interfaith Council of America that comprises Christian and Buddhist religious leaders, have expressed their opposition to the gay groups' participation in the parade. On Wednesday, the Knights of Columbus and all 50 members of the Vietnamese Martyrs Council, both Catholic organizations, withdrew their participation from the parade."

Bookshop  road Gay's the Word: Uk gay bookstore facing closure.

 road It's National Underwear Day in Brazil.

 road STUDY: Race and gender of judges makes big difference in rulings.

 road The Catholic League's Bill Donohue gives a shout-out to Michelangelo Signorile for "ripping" the Pope on the Joy Behar show: "None of what Signorile said is true." Actually, it is. More from Signorile.

 road Church of England votes to give pension benefits to partners of gay clergy.

 road NYT on the gay arrests in Kenya: "Mr. Kiraithe said the planned wedding between two men had been kept a secret, but that a group of local people found out just before it was to start in Kikambala, a beach town along Kenya’s white-sand coast. A mob quickly formed, and some outraged bystanders even shouted that the people at the wedding should be burned." Background.

British Designer Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide


Britain's Daily Mail reports that designer Alexander McQueen has taken his own life:

"The 40-year-old committed suicide just days after the death of his mother, Joyce. His death also comes just three years after his close friend, Isabella Blow - who plucked him from obscurity and helped him become a star - killed herself. McQueen was found at his luxury flat in Green Park, central London. It is believed he hanged himself. A source at McQueen’s office this afternoon confirmed his death, saying: ‘It is a tragic loss. We are not making a comment at this time out of respect for the McQueen family.’ His death comes just days before the start of London Fashion Week and weeks before he was due to unveil his new collection at Paris Fashion Week on March 9...

...Openly gay, McQueen once described himself as the 'pink sheep of the family'. He married his partner, film-maker George Forsyth in the summer of 2000. The ceremony took place on a yacht owned by the prince of Gambia in Ibiza and Kate Moss, a close friend, was a bridesmaid."


Massive Naked Angel Heralds L.A. Arrival of Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen's new L.A. Boutique opens today and the designer plans for it to be an outpost of art as much as fashion:

WWD reports: "The British designer heralded his arrival on Los Angeles' luxury retail landscape with his signature flair — installing a 9-foot-tall sculpture of a naked man that pokes through the roof of his flagship on Melrose and Orlando Avenues, which opens today. 'Angel of the Americas,' the stainless steel sculpture by artist Robert Bryce Muir, is suspended vertically from a circular skylight. Its head, outstretched arms and torso are visible above the structure's rooftop, the lower body of the anatomically correct work is suspended above the selling floor. 'L.A., like London, has so many art collectors and I wanted to give a focal point to the store,' McQueen told WWD. 'I was also inspired by the Jesus Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro. Los Angeles is the City of Angels and I wanted something to reflect that.' A billboard above the store (now featuring a cell phone ad) is to serve as an unlikely canvas, showing work by collaborating artists."

McqueenThe L.A. Times also ran a long profile of the designer on Sunday:

"Physically, McQueen has always come across as a sparkplug of a fellow, a muscled knot of a hooligan with a wrestler's physique and close-cropped hair. But sitting on an overstuffed couch in the Chateau's lounge the day before his 39th birthday (he was born on St. Patrick's Day, 1969), he seems as dangerous as an actuary with a head cold. Clad in white running shoes, dark blue jeans and a blue crew-neck sweater over a white button-front shirt, he's sniffling slightly (blame the air conditioning) and sipping tea from a cup the size of a soup tureen. He admits that his latest runway show was 'a bit more calculated and thought out' than previous ones, partly the effect of losing his longtime friend and mentor, Isabella Blow. After she died, McQueen went on a pilgrimage to India (he's a Buddhist). There, in addition to finding inspiration for both his men's and women's collections (the men's was full of references to the Tibetan Plateau, including shaggy fur hats (remember that?) and mirror-embroidered pieces), he seemed, despite the cliché of it all, to find his center. 'The reason I got into this business is because I love what I do,' he explained. 'After I was at Givenchy, I lost that feeling. But after my friend died, I found a new love for it because she loved it and she found me because of what I was good at. I had to slap myself about the face and say, 'Pull yourself together. This is what you love doing, so do it properly.' It was a wake-up call, and I actually do love it more than I ever have.'"

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