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Celebrities Read Nasty Tweets Directed at Them: VIDEO


Let's try to play nice today? P.S. @batemanjason, being called gay isn't necessarily a bad thing.

With Joel McHale, David Cross, Roseanne, Louis CK, Kevin Nealon, Anna Faris, Busy Philipps, Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, Will Arnett, and Kathy Griffin.


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Andy Dick Arrested on Sexual Abuse Charges in WV


Andy Dick has been arrested and charged with two counts of sexual abuse for groping and kissing patrons and a bouncer without their consent in a Huntington, West Virginia nightclub.

Dick2 "Huntington Police arrested Dick about 4 a.m. Saturday at Rum Runners. Dick was inside the club at 819 Third Ave., speaking with a man identified as Justin Hayes 'when the defendant (unexpectedly and without invitation) grabbed the victim's crotch, repeatedly groping then kissing him,' according to a Huntington Police Department criminal complaint. The second felony charge said a Rum Runners security guard approached Dick and asked 'to place an armband on his hand to comply with the rules of the establishment.' According to the guard's account in the report, 'the defendant grabbed the victim's crotch and began laughing.' Dick spent several hours at the Western Regional Jail before he was arraigned via video by Cabell County Magistrate Patty Verbage-Spence. Dick sounded polite at his arraignment and said he would hire an attorney for a court date set for the first week of next month."

Dick was released on bail and planned to perform a 7 pm show Sunday night. He apparently made a few impressions with his Friday night show as well:

"Friday's show apparently had its own fireworks. Bryant Somerville, who attended Dick's performance, said it ended with 'a lot of shock and awe,' as the performer, dressed in a wig and red skirt as his character, Daphne Aguillera, let the skirt drop to the stage for five minutes. 'He was bare from the waist down,' Somerville said. 'It was obviously part of the act. He dropped it and there he stood in all his glory. I think I heard more deep breaths in that five minutes than in all my 24 years. It was a 21-and-up show. I guess if that's their cup of tea, they got their money's worth.'" 

TMZ has been posting photos of Dick at the bar where he was arrested.

Andy Dick Tries to Scare McDonald's Customers, Does Good Job


Coulrophobes beware. Last week, PETA held an anti- chicken cruelty demonstration outside a Chicago McDonald's. Andy Dick had a starring role.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via copyranter and the awl)

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Andy Dick: I'm Not Gay

Andy_dickComedian Andy Dick, starring in the new Dane Cook vehicle Employee of the Month, tells the Washington Post that he's really tired of being identified as a homosexual, specifically referring to the infamous William Shatner roast at which he licked various people

"But they said something." Meaning his fellow roasters. "I'm sure it had something to do with gay. That's what they always do. That's where they always go." Dick rolls his eyes and makes swishy hand gestures. "I'm not even gay! Last year, it was anal warts, which I don't have." Makes a face. "This year, it's AIDS and gay. Which I don't have and I'm not. No and No. Just because I've been with guys, and I'm bi, doesn't mean I'm gay."

According to the paper, however, Dick continues to court this image (if anyone's actually interested) in an upcoming live album in which he sings, "Hang out with me / Some people say / You might end up dead / Or worse, gay / But I pushed semihard / To get you to like me / Now I'm in your bedroom / On your TV."

Somehow I don't think this will end up on my Amazon wishlist.


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