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Gay Man's Grandfather Came Out to Him at Age 90, Five Months Before He Died: VIDEO


Artist Grant Rehnberg's grandfather came out to him at age 90, five months before he died.

Writes Rehnberg: 3_rehnberg

We buried my Grandpa Jim one month ago.  

Baptist pastor, World War II veteran (218th Counter Intelligence Corps), preceded in death by Grandma Doris, his wife of sixty-five years.  

Five months ago, Grandpa Jim told me he is gay.

Sitting over photos of my husband Bradford and I at our wedding, my ninety-year-old grandfather proudly celebrated “the balls it takes” to live openly.  He told me about the love of his life, Warren Johnson, a boy he played music with at church.  He told me God loves every part of us.  He told me he would trade places with me if he could.  He told me he loved me.  

I put picture of Bradford and me in his suit coat pocket and a red rose on his coffin.

Rehnberg is creating a memorial installation in honor of his grandfather and is looking to fund it through Indiegogo.

Check out his video and unique story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Artist Chris Burden Created Metropolis II, An Amazing, Functioning Cityscape: VIDEO


It may have been created several years ago, but Chris Burden's Metropolis II, a large-scale city model complete with bustling traffic, trams, and trains still impresses. It is a sight to behold, and even more fun to watch.

Check out a great video and interview with the artist, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Carnegie Mellon Student Shreds Self-Loathing in 'Queer' Performance Art Piece: VIDEO


Will Taylor, a Carnegie Mellon freshman and budding performance artist, staged "I'll spell it out for you", a visual reaction to the self-loathing experienced by LGBT teens.

Writes Taylor:

"Three days ago, Ellen Page bravely came out to the world through an incredibly powerful speech. Her inspiring and impactful words reminded me of several important issues that I hadn't mustered the courage to express. One of these issues involves the self-hatred that's commonly found amongst LGBT youth. Having grown up in a conservative region, I am incredibly fortunate to have learned to accept myself, as well as understand that my differences with pre-defined social norms do not have to define me as a person. That being said, LGBT youth from my area, and throughout the United States, are in constant struggle with the harassment and misjudgment that's commonly found in our country."

Watch Taylor take on and take off, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Austrian Artist Reinvents The Door: VIDEO

Torggler Evolution Door

And it looks pretty cool. Klemens Torggler apparently decided that doors were a bit boring and decided to make some changes to basic door design. The result is the torggler door, of which Torggler has created a few variations on the theme of "two large squares that roll out of the way."

The first is the Evolution Door - or "flip panel door" or "Dryehplattentür" - which folds outward, origami-like, as it rotates before flattening out once again. The second presently unnamed version uses careful placement of steel rods to rotate the door open and closed.

You can watch both doors in action AFTER THE JUMP...

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Russian Tradition Wears the Rainbow with Gay Pride Nesting Dolls

Pride matryoshka dolls

Toronto artist Brahm Finkelstein wanted to find a way to bring awareness to the LGBT human rights abuses that are going on in Russia. Then, he came up with a subversive idea for perhaps the perfect representation of gay pride and Russia: he teamed up with Italian artist Danilo Santino and crafted Pride Dolls.

The Pride Dolls are iconic Russian matryoshka dolls, or "nesting dolls", done up in each of the six colors of the Pride flag and six different portraits of gay and lesbian characters, with the drag queen as the largest, swathed in the entire rainbow. Naturally.

Finkelstein hopes that his dolls will raise awareness and predicts that he'll have a second line soon. The proceeds from the dolls will go to the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA), the creator of the OutGames.

SF Art Student Recreates Meticulously-Detailed Boeing 777 Out Of Manila Folders: VIDEO


22-year-old San Francisco student Luca Iaconi-Stewart has taken the hobby of papercraft to astounding new levels of complexity.

777After being inspired in an architecture class in 2008, Iaconi-Stewart began the painstaking work of crafting an entire Boeing 777 out of manila folders. Not content to just create a shell of the plane, Iaconi-Stewart filled the 1:60 scale model with an intricate level of detailing, including individual seats, overhead compartments, and functioning cargo doors. Again, entirely out of Manila folders.

You can see videos of a time-lapse paint job and the cargo doors in action AFTER THE JUMP...

Manila Folder Boeing 777

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