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STUDY: Number of People Calling Themselves 'Christians' Dives Over The Past Decade


A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that the number of adults who identify as Christian in the U.S. is steadily falling reports The New York Times. Pew's study finds that the number of identifying Christians fell eight percent since 2007; a decline of five million adults across various denominations, age and race.

The study doesn't reveal an exact explanation behind the decline of identifying Christians, but the low numbers of identifying Christians among millennials and educated youth indicates that a religiously unaffiliated generation is rising. The study shows that the number of the religiously unaffiliated increased to 56 million, up from 36 million in 2007; a 16 percent increase. Notably, ex-Christians, or those who left the faith, now represent 19 percent of adults.

Another trend in the data shows that as time goes on, younger millennials are more likely to be less affiliated with religion than their older cohorts. Many argue that the declining number of Christians amongst youth is a result of political backlash against Republicans and conservatives' religious association with political values; Mike Hout, a professor of sociology at New York University, concurs with the findings:

"The two are now intertwined. You can't use one to predict the other, because if the Republicans switched to more economic or immigration issues, then perhaps the rise of the unaffiliated will slow down."

However, non-Christian faiths within the U.S. remained relatively unaffected, with Judaism, Islam and Hinduism either remaining relatively unchanged or experiencing slight growth. Islam grew the most experiencing a .5 percent increase in practitioners and followers.

Pat Robertson Advises Mother To Treat Gay Son Like A ‘Drug Addict’ - VIDEO


Former Southern Baptist Minister Pat Robertson answered a question on his 700 Club show from a mother asking Robertson for advice on how she can convert her atheist gay son to Christianity. Robertson advised that she treat her son like a "drug addict," and to not "enable," him in his "lifestyle," yet in the same sentence asked her to tell her son that she and God loves him and that the bond between both of them has not severed.


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Glenn Beck: Wolf Blitzer's Question for Atheist Tornado Survivor Was a Plant — VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.13.28 PM

Glenn Beck can spot a conspiracy from a mile away, and on his program last night the conservative pseudo-professor certainly delivered, claiming that an interview by CNN's Wolf Blitzer this week was the workings of a CNN producer "sympathetic to the atheist plight," Right Wing Watch reports.

The interview in question is from Tuesday, when Blitzer asked a woman who survived this week's massive tornado in Oklahoma, "Do you thank the Lord?"  In the interview, the woman laughed and responded disarmingly, "I'm actually an atheist," and the two shared a moment of awkward laughter.

To Beck, though, the question "just wasn't natural," and therefore must have been a plant by some producer who thought it was important "to point out that in the middle of the heartland, there are atheists there too."

Although Beck said the question "doesn't have to be nefarious," he went on to situate the interview as part of something much larger:

"We are not fighting against flesh and bone.  We are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness.  It doesn't matter what people's intent are.  I will tell you: that was there for a reason."


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Wolf Blitzer Asks Tornado-Surviving Atheist if She Thanked the Lord: VIDEO



Saved by the polite survivor: “We are here and you know, I don’t blame anybody for thanking the lord.”


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