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Writer Augusten Burroughs Marries

A literary union.

BurroughsFrom the NYT:

Christopher Robert Schelling, a literary agent, and the writer Augusten Burroughs, who is also his client, were married Monday at Staten Island Borough Hall. Edison Stewart, the deputy city clerk for Staten Island, officiated. Mr. Schelling (left), 50, is the founder of Selectric Artists, an agency in Manhattan that represents fiction and nonfiction writers, as well as musicians. He graduated from DePauw University in Indiana.

Burroughs is the author of eight books including Running with Scissors, Dry, and Magical Thinking.


Towleroad TV: Augusten Burroughs at Home in Massachusetts


Our Towleroad TV team Josh Helmin and Josh Koll paid a visit to author Augusten Burroughs at his home in Amherst, Massachusetts where he lives with his partner Dennis and their two French bulldogs. Burroughs opened up about his new book, A Wolf at the Table, his tattoos, and his next big project.

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News: Mars, Lynne Spears, Uruguay, Justin Timberlake, Magna Carta

road.jpg Same-sex marriage supporters turn out to testify in Vermont: "Members of the Vermont Commission on Family Recognition and Protection heard only statements of support for moving past civil unions to same-sex marriage during the two-hour hearing at Montpelier's Statehouse. It was a startling switch from the legislative hearings on civil unions in the same building seven years ago, which attracted hundreds of divided Vermonters who passionately argued both for and against a legal recognition of same-sex couples."

Ac360road.jpg Anderson Cooper taking suggestions for AC360 voiceover intro personalities. Coop: "While we have not made a final decision, I thought I'd let you know about our four finalists, and if there is anyone else you think should be considered, please let us know. In no particular order, the four people we are considering hiring to introduce 360 everynight are: Fran Drescher, Clint Eastwood, Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman), Cher. Personally, I'm arguing for Fran Drescher, but I'm keeping an open mind." (via popnography)

road.jpg With Britney Spears a bigger mess than ever, and her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears now knocked up, their mother Lynne Spears makes the family's ONLY recent wise decision and decides to put the parenting book she wrote on hold — indefinitely.

<road.jpg 710-year-old copy of the Magna Carta sold at auction for $21.3 million by David Rubenstein, of The Carlyle Group: "Bearing the seal of King Edward I and dated 1297, it is one of 17 known copies of the historic tract that defined human rights as the foundation for liberty and democracy as it is known today. It is one of two that exist outside Britain; the other is in Australia."

road.jpg New Zealand warehouse worker fired for posting note on social networking site Bebo that said "work sux" and working until midnight was "gay like the management". Sux for her.

road.jpg Justin Timberlake shows off his helium heels for Super Bowl ad.

road.jpg American Gladiator Alex Castro has a gay porn past: "Before he joined the cast of NBC's recently relaunched American Gladiators and began wielding gigantic Q-tip shaped battle thingies, Alex Castro, the drop-dead gorgeous massive mound of muscle, was wielding more "personal" and impressive clubs as a highly-paid gay porn model."

Marsroad.jpg Mars closest to Earth and brightest in recent and coming days: "In addition to being at its closest to Earth December 18, Mars will be more-or-less at its brightest on Christmas Eve. December 24, Mars will be at opposition (perfectly opposite the Sun, with the Earth on the other side). December 23, Mars will likely attract the most attention, as it rises extremely close to the Moon, and will even be occulted (or blocked-out) for viewers in the West - A prime digital camera opportunity, either way."

road.jpg Japan's top government spokesman: UFOs exist.

road.jpg Gay cops on both coasts embroiled in lawsuits. In L.A., a jury is set to hear closing remarks in a suit alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation, and in New York, an officer acquitted after being targeted in an undercover sting by the NYPD has been fired by the city. Asked his lawyer: "Why does the NYPD want to humiliate and embarrass themselves in front of a jury about what they did to him? All the 12 jurors who found him not guilty were livid and outraged at what the New York City Police Department did to one of their own."

road.jpg Augusten Burrough's new book cover revealed.

Uruguay_2road.jpg Last month I reported that Uruguay was set to legalize civil unions. Now, with the Senate's approval, it has been done: "Under the new law, gay and straight couples will be eligible to form civil unions after living together for five years. They will have rights similar to those granted to married couples on such matters as inheritance, pensions and child custody. Uruguay's Senate passed the bill unanimously after the lower house approved it last month, a congressional spokesman said. The country's center-left president is expected to sign it into law. Several cities, including Buenos Aires and Mexico City, already have gay civil union laws on the books. Uruguay's law would be the first nationwide measure in Latin America, which is home to about half the world's Roman Catholics."

road.jpg Ryan White's former attorneys publish letter responding to Huckabee's statements on AIDS.

road.jpg Larry Craig secures $1.6 million earmark for dude ranch.

War of Words: Wounds from Running with Scissors Opened


I've heard about the lawsuit filed by the Turcottes, the family depicted in Augusten Burroughs' best-selling memoir Running with Scissors, on and off for years. Apparently it was settled out of court prior to the release of the film that was based on the memoir. Now, the Turcottes, depicted in the memoir as the Finches, have their say in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Here's the article in a nutshell:

"The Turcottes say the betrayal they felt was monumental, given that in their estimation they had opened up their hearts to Burroughs in the 1970s and 1980s when he was lonely and afraid and suicidal, had loved him, had seen the seed of something brilliant in him, had laughed at the stories that came from his vivid imagination and his propensity to exaggerate, had given him money, and had provided him with the sense of connection that Burroughs himself, in a letter to a family member, had said he hungered for, only to read about themselves years later—in a book they say they knew nothing about—portrayed in a way they felt was cruel and remarkably malicious and false in close to two dozen instances."

Though the family bitches and moans about how humiliating their whole ordeal has been, I find it telling that even with the lawsuit settled they decide to drag it out in all its sorry detail.

ADDENDUM: To clarify, the family's suit against SONY has been settled. Their suit against the publisher may apparently still be pending.

Ruthless with Scissors [vanity fair]


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