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NEWS: Afghanistan And Egypt; Brad And Ellen; Glenn Beck, Louis Farrakahn, And Andy Samberg (VIDEO!)

Towleroad-roadicon "LGBT Rights Window Closing In Egypt":

In many ways, the huge demonstrations of early 2011 that took place in Tahrir Square and led to the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak inspired Egypt’s gay community to join the call for a new, more democratic nation.

But now more than a year into the revolution, Egypt’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has stepped back out of the public eye and retreated into the shadows once again.

... On a recent reporting trip to Egypt ... I met Taher Lamey, a doctor and member of the LGBT community who volunteered in the tented field hospitals of Tahrir helping victims of attacks by Egyptian security forces.

... In the heady days following the toppling of Mubarak, [Lamey] said he had high hopes for the revolution. He said, “The best of the country is involved in this. But they won’t win. If these people were in charge you would expect a lot from this country. International connections, democracy, social justice, social welfare..”

And, he believes, LGBT rights.

“I’m sure also that would have definitely been better because they’d have been liberals, ” he explained.

But in a country whose newly elected parliament is controlled by a two Islamist parties that control more than two-thirds of the seats, that possibility, he added, is “a long way off.”

Taher sighed and said he’s thankful he also holds a Dutch passport.

“I could leave. I have a fear of what happens next. I think we will be the next Iran,” he says.

Towleroad-roadicon Australian political advetisement: homophobic, xenophobic and racist -- all at once

Towleroad-roadicon American soldier loses it; goes on door-to-door killing spree in Afghanistan. Nine children, seven adults die:

Residents of three villages in the Panjwai district of Kandahar Province described a terrifying string of attacks in which the soldier, who had walked more than a mile from his base, tried door after door, eventually breaking in to kill within three separate houses. At the first, the man gathered 11 bodies, including those of four girls younger than 6, and set fire to them, villagers said. 

Towleroad-roadicon Ohio Attorney General and Santorumfan Mike DeWine squashes effort to get marriage equality on state ballot:

Mike DeWine said Friday that Freedom to Marry Ohio had submitted the initial required 1,000 voter signatures but had not supplied an adequate description of the measure.

Good-christian-bitchesTowleroad-roadicon Newt Gingrich campaign zeroes in on new target: Good Christian Bitches

Towleroad-roadicon Scientists "now have a glimpse of the brain's bio-molecular code for memory."

Towleroad-roadicon Glenn Beck vs. The Nation of Islam vs. Barack Obama.

Towleroad-roadicon Brad Pitt shows Ellen around New Orlean's 9th Ward ...

Towleroad-roadicon ... in advance of a star-stuffed benefit last night for his foundation, Make It Right, which is rebuilding the ward's homes and bringing home the city's displaced citizens. Brad Pitt! He's awesome. 

Towleroad-roadicon Lots of people say Andy Samberg's parody of other comedians' parodies of Sarah Palin's on last night's SNL was amazing. I'm not one of those people. Are you? Find out AFTER THE JUMP ...

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News: Ang Lee, Malaysia, Amy Winehouse, Uganda, Sean Penn

road.jpg Malaysian minister vows to go ahead "with plans to open a church embracing homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, despite government protests."

Nicholsroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal's basketball buddy Austin Nichols busted for DUI.

road.jpg Researchers: 250,000 to 350,000 cases of breast and colon cancer a year could be prevented worldwide if people spent 10 or 15 minutes in the sun each day. "The mechanism by which vitamin D works is only partly understood, but it slows the rate of cancer cells' growth. It is made when the body is exposed to the sun's UVB rays."

road.jpg "Brilliant" gay white rappers break out at the New York Fringe Festival.

road.jpg Lust, Caution: Ang Lee's latest slapped with NC-17 rating.

road.jpg After bloody brawl with husband, Amy Winehouse text messages Perez Hilton.

road.jpg Ted Haggard in "cash for Heaven" offer.

road.jpg Marine sergeant found guilty of "improperly touching" four junior Marines: "The club was crowded that night, and the four Marines — who then were lance corporals — said at first they thought Agosto was joking when he sidled up to them throughout the night and placed his hand on their thighs as they stood together. But they said he repeated his advances, convincing them he was making homosexual overtures. One said Agosto leaned over and whispered in his ear: 'You know you want to.'"

road.jpg Human Rights Watch calls on Uganda to repeal sodomy laws.

Seanpennroad.jpg Sean Penn: shirtless activist.

road.jpg New study on late Medieval French "brotherment" may help historical arguments for gay marriage: "For example, in late medieval France, the term affrèrement -- roughly translated as brotherment -- was used to refer to a certain type of legal contract, which also existed elsewhere in Mediterranean Europe. These documents provided the foundation for non-nuclear households of many types and shared many characteristics with marriage contracts, as legal writers at the time were well aware, according to Tulchin. The new 'brothers' pledged to live together sharing 'un pain, un vin, et une bourse' -- one bread, one wine, and one purse. As Tulchin notes, 'The model for these household arrangements is that of two or more brothers who have inherited the family home on an equal basis from their parents and who will continue to live together, just as they did when they were children.' But at the same time, "the affrèrement was not only for brothers," since many other people, including relatives and non-relatives, used it."

road.jpg Five former leaders of "ex-gay" ministries in Australia condemn the practice. Melbourne Exodus leader: "There was not one person that I met or worked with who, in any genuine way, achieved the fundamental transformation from homosexual to heterosexual. The stress of attempting to change their sexual orientation, however, increased the risk of suicide, and absolutely led to erosion of self-esteem and increased levels of depression and self-deprecation at a very deep level."


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