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Watch: Elephant Gives Birth in Bali


This is a truly moving and stunning documentation of the first ever elephant birth filmed at the Elephant Safari Park at Taro, Bali, Indonesia. It took place on September 9.


(warning: graphic)

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Dutch Couple Married in Bali's First Hindu Same-Sex Wedding


You're looking at Dutch gay couple Hendricus Johannes Deijkers (L) and Christianus Huijbregts, who are reportedly the first same-sex couple to undergo a Hindu wedding ceremony at Bali island resort, according to the according to the Indonesian Hindu Council. The ceremony was conducted earlier today at Pupuan Sawah village on the outskirts of Tabanan, at the resort.

Below, a Hindu priest prays at the ceremony. Two more shots AFTER THE JUMP...


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All About Andre: Part Two


Here are the outtakes I promised from the Lewis Payton spread in DNA magazine I posted yesterday featuring newcomer Andre.

Three more shots after the jump...

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All About Andre: An Exclusive DNA Preview


Here's a special treat for you this Tuesday. A preview of the latest DNA magazine, which contains the biggest photo spread in the magazine's history, photographed by our friend Lewis Payton. I think it's some of Lewis' most inspired work to date. Click photos to enlarge.

Dnacover_2Lewis writes: "This shoot was a fairly massive undertaking in so many ways - weeks of set up and execution, 23 hours flying each way - it was the biggest project I've ever undertaken. It's for DNA's grooming issue, and in addition to the photos, I wrote a six page feature reviewing Bali's Best Luxury Spas. I had to schlep my way through some of the most insane pampering imaginable, every day for two whole weeks, so I could let you know how to tell your sea salt exfoliation from your coconut body scrub. If you've got some $$$ to throw around, I highly recommend a spa break. Those two weeks took about ten years off my life. Post Bali existence has been a total drag. No butlers picking up my shit, no evening cocktails in my private swimming pool, no organic French facials, or Almond Milk and Ginger body splashes. I've tried to recreate the 'spa experience' back home, but my bath taps spit rust-colored waters and the dirt and dust blowing over from the construction site opposite my apartment pretty much clogs my pores as soon as I've stepped out of the shower. I've settled for a $30 mani/pedi at Happy Nails (they validate!) and nightly prayer rituals that Travel & Leisure are about to call with a job..." (more below)

Andre4 Andre3

"The model for this shoot is Andre (his website), who actually started as one of my assistants before I suggested a stint in front of the camera. Andre's a triple threat of looks, smarts and charm. Check out his new blog for a dose of all three. He's got a unique writing voice and a great visual eye. I should be feeling threatened by the competition, but he's just too darned sweet to have bumped off! "


Andre6 Andre11

More shots after the jump...

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Postcard from Bali


Our friend Lewis Payton has been overseas working on a photography project and sent us a special postcard of his latest subject, Andre.

Lewis writes, "Bali is incredible! The tourism industry here took a huge hit after the terrorist bombings of 2002 and 2005, so I wanted to come here and show the world (well at least the readers of Towleroad and DNA!) what an extraordinarily beautiful culture and country the Balinese have. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, which is predominately Muslim, most of Bali's population are Hindu, and this spiritual faith is on evidence throughout the island. This has been the most special shoot I've ever experienced."

You can look forward to next week when you'll be seeing more of Andre on these pages.

What's Andre saying? Oh yeah, we have T-shirts again for those who are interested!
Info here.

Andre2 Andre3


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