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Animated Banksy: GIF


Banksy's "Kissing Coppers" gets the animated GIF treatment in a series by ABVH.

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Australian Hotel Chain Dares Guests to Steal a Banksy Off Its Walls

Melbourne-based Art Series hotels has launched a novel campaign to get people into its businesses. It's hanging an authenticated work by Banksy on a wall in one of its hotels and daring people to steal it.

The art at Art Series Hotels is not for stealing. But this Summer, we’re shifting the goalposts and hiding a Banksy in one of our Hotels for you to steal. The $15,000 masterpiece is one of just a handful of signed and authenticated Banksy's available in Australia...

...Find the art and try and steal it. If you don't get caught it's yours to keep. If you do get caught then back up on the wall it goes.

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Banksy's 'Gay Bobbies' Expected To Fetch Over $1.6 Million

Banksy's graffiti art piece titled "Gay Bobbies," which depicts two kissing policemen, is expected to go for over $1.6 million at auction in New York City. The painting was originally created on the side of a pub in the United Kingdom called Prince Albert and has been targeted by vandals over the last few years.

Gaybobbies "...the Prince Albert is set to benefit from the guerilla artist's popularity, with the painting of the gay policemen predicted to sell for up to £1million. Chris Steward explained: 'When he put it on the pub it belonged to the pub and, if it is sold, all the money will go back to the pub. 'It is very difficult to just keep the pub going, so a little break from that would be very welcome.' As well as plenty of attention from admirers, the work also attracted attention of a different kind. Within weeks of the work going up two men were caught on CCTV daubing the image with black paint and were fined £40 for criminal damage, but soon after it was targeted again. After repeated attacks, Steward decided that to preserve the image it had to be removed."

"In 2008 a specialist art restoration company used chemicals to transfer the image onto a canvas, and the original was replaced with a facsimile, encased in perspex."

Banksy Halloween Costume


Well done.

It's based on this piece.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #753

FCKH8: Warning: graphic language ahead.

MOBY: Is a New Yorker for marriage equality.

BANKSY: His opening sequence for The Simpsons.

MAD MEN WITH A TWIST: RJD2 vs. Nat King Cole.

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Banksy to Prince Charles: Let's Grow Some Hemp Together


As Prince Charles was leaving the Glastonbury Festival a costumed man (some suspect to be Banksy himself) confronted HRH and urged him to work to "re-hempify the UK".


This is one of two new videos posted by Banksy recently. The first, which I posted earlier in the week, commented on the BP oil spill.

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