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News: David Beckham, Indiana, 'Hot Felon,' Wyoming

RoadService members celebrate Pride Month in Afghanistan: "U.K. Chaplain Squadron Leader Alex Hopson led the community in prayer stating, “You have broken down barriers. You have made rainbows dance in our eyes. You have offered us dreams that reach for the galaxies. You have awakened the long craving for love.”

Little RoadRuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite Jujubee made the dreams of one of his biggest--and tiniest--fans come true at Rhode Island Pride: "That’s my baby Jeffrey. Thank you all for making his day brighter yesterday. He’s never met anyone else like himself and has been bullied for years. I am so proud of him for meeting such a cruel world with the biggest smile everyday. And juju he says he’s never washing that skirt and shirt because you held him in it. you have no idea what a difference you have made in his life!! Luv ya."

RoadDan Savage appears in the NYT Crossword Puzzle.

RoadDavid Beckham jumps into his skivvies again for H&M.

RoadSneak peak of Christian Bale as Moses in Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings

RoadFormer French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces corruption charges: "Sarkozy is accused of tapping political allies to gain intelligence on a flurry of probes linked to campaign finance. He has vigorously denied wrongdoing and planned to address the latest allegations on television Wednesday."

RoadOpinion: Did the Human Rights Campaign Sell Us Out on ENDA and Outsource LGBT Rights?

RoadChicago Pride saw 1 million turn out this past weekend in the first year since IL legalized marriage equality.

RoadThe Cambridges watch Wimbledon, look normal and adorable doing so

RoadIndiana Attorney General tells county clerks not to issue any more gay marriage licenses

RoadThe first same-sex marriages to happen in Boulder, Colorado actually took place almost 40 years ago.

RoadSo-called 'hot felon' Jeremy Meeks signs with a modeling agent while still behind bars. 

RoadSherlock returning for a 4th season.

RoadRumors swirl that Beyonce hinted that Jay Z cheated on her.

RoadHarry Styles shows off his ink while hanging out in Lake Como. 

Road11 major obstacles to full equality still faced by LGBT Americans

Joe RoadPeople names Joe Manganiello hottest bachelor. No one complains. 

RoadChallengers to Wyoming's same-sex marriage ban ask state to declare the ban unconstitutional, citing tidal wave of court cases in favor of marriage equality: "The couples’ papers note that since last June, every state and federal court to consider the issue has ruled in favor of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples.  On June 26, 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the federal government’s discrimination against married same-sex couples violates the federal constitutional requirements of equal protection and due process. Since then, courts in 17 states have struck down state laws prohibiting marriage for same-sex couples or refusing to respect the existing marriages of same-sex couples."

RoadNew music from Imogen Heap coming in August.

RoadRapper who cut off his penis while high on PCP plans to do porn. When asked by TMZ if everything, er, works properly after doctors re-attached his severed penis, the Wu-Tang affiliated rapper said, "Does it work?!? Can Chris Brown dance? Can Kanye West rant? Can Jay Z fight off a trick?" 

RoadApparently, Shia LaBeouf did not enter rehab but is sobering up. 

Beyoncé/Godzilla Mashup Trailer Destroys Cities Across The World - VIDEO


Beyoncé’s national anthem and Super Bowl performance were so fierce, they’ve apparently destroyed cities internationally and driven many divas to tears — at least, that’s the conceit of this apocalyptic Beyoncé/Godzilla mash-up movie trailer.

So do not mess with Bey, or she “will have you escorted out of here” and sic The Beygency on you. Maybe Bryan Fischer was right and she really does have a demon inside of her.

Watch the trailer AFTER THE JUMP...


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Don't Diss Beyoncé, Or Else You'll End Up Like Andrew Garfield: VIDEO


While on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield found out the hard way what happens when you diss on Beyoncé — "The Beygency" comes after you!!



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WATCH: These Boys ‘Blow’ Like Beyoncé


The combination of Bey’s sultry lyrics (“Can you eat my skittles? / That’s the sweetest in the middle / Pink that’s the flavor / Solve the riddle”) and these boys’ moves is probably enough to make you blush.

Get ready to blow, AFTER THE JUMP…

(Warning: work unfriendly gyrating ahead) 


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Frank Ocean Debuts New Track 'Hero' And Beyonce Duet: VIDEO


Frank Ocean has teamed up with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of The Clash and DJ Diplo for his latest track "Hero," a song he created as a promotion for Converse shoes.  

He also apparently teamed up with Beyoncé for a duet on the track "Superpower." You can hear the song and see a 30-second clip of "Superpower" after the jump.

Check 'em out AFTER THE JUMP...

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Buns And Shake Get Served In 'In-N-Out Mission' Parody Of Beyonce's 'Partition': VIDEOS


Los Angeles actor Adrian Anchondo has teamed up with former RuPaul Drag Racer Honey Mahogany, Dulce De Leche, Adrian Anchondo and Reggie White to make a fast-foodtastic video parody of Beyonce’s ‘Partition.’ It's called "In-N-Out Mission" and it serves up the fries with a whole lotta shake. Plus, if you haven't seen Beyonce's video, do it. It's awesome.

Anchondo also directed and starred in his donut-loving Beyonce parody entitled "Dunkin' Love" — that guy is making us  hungry.

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