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Tennessee Governor: 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Will 'Probably Never Pass'

In an interview with Nashville City Paper, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam admits that Stacey Campfield's "Don't Say Gay" bill which forbids discussion of homosexuality in schools and was passed by one-half of the state's legislature in Spring before the other half adjourned without addressing it, is likely doomed:

Haslam The governor complained that the media paid little attention to the appointment of the first superintendent of the Tennessee’s Achievement Student District, an attempt to turn around the state’s lowest-performing schools. At the same time, reporters closely watched the “Don’t Say Gay” bill to ban the mention of homosexuality before the ninth grade in Tennessee’s public schools.

“The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill didn’t pass and probably is never going to pass. At the same time, we hired Chris Barbic to run the Achievement School District, which is a huge deal. That got this much attention,” the governor said, holding his fingers an inch apart. “ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ got 100 articles. Well, something’s wrong with that picture.

“ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ is real sexy and yada yada yada. It’s not going anywhere. Who runs the Student Achievement District is huge. But you’d be lucky to find two paragraphs on that.

Campfield begs to differ: "I partially agree with the governor that some in the media have an unhealthy obsession with this bill. But I disagree with the governor saying that it is not going to pass. Families across the state believe this is something that should be discussed with young children in the home, not with some radical in the classroom."

(nashville city paper via metro pulse)

Watch: TN Governor Claims He's Not in Favor of Discrimination After Signing Bill Voiding LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law


On Tuesday, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed HB600, an anti-gay bill prohibiting local municipalities from enacting their own non-discrimination statutes and forcing them to rely on state law.

The new law voids a Nashville ordinance barring companies that discriminate against gays and lesbians from doing business with the city.

Haslam was asked about his signature yesterday by reporters outside the War Memorial Building in Nashville.

Claims Haslam to the reporter: "We're not in favor of discrimination in any form at all. We encourage businesses to put that into their policies themselves. We just think that businesses should get to decide for themselves what they have in their policies."


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