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Hawaii Bigot Lawmaker Bob McDermott Loses Court Challenge Intended to Halt Same-Sex Marriage


A Hawaii judge upheld the state's marriage equality law against a challenge by Rep. Bob McDermott, the AP reports:

Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Karl Sakamoto said the 1998 amendment didn't force the Legislature to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Sakamoto says it doesn't factor into lawmakers' ability to allow gay couples to wed.

"Same-sex marriage in Hawaii is legal," Sakamoto ruled after hearing arguments for more than an hour from the state attorney general and a Republican lawmaker who voted against the bill in the House last week.

McDermott claimed that most voters thought they were voting for marriage between a man and a woman in 1998, and the legislature did not have the right to decide.

The issuance of marriage licenses to gay couples will begin as planned on December 2 and ceremonies can begin that day as well.

Governor to Sign Hawaii Marriage Bill Today, Watch LIVE; Judge to Rule on Challenge Tomorrow

AbercrombieHawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie plans to sign the Hawaii marriage equality bill this morning at 10 am HST/3 pm ET. You can watch it live HERE. A large crowd is expected.

Hawaii will be the 15th state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage and the law is expected to take effect on December 2.

In the past three weeks, two other states have also become marriage equality states, New Jersey and Illinois, the 14th and 16th, respectively, if order is determined by when the laws take effect.

However, expect challenges before then. We've already reported on wingnut lawmaker Bob McDermott and the lawsuit he has filed which claims that in 1998 when Hawaii passed a constitutional amendment voters thought they were voting for one man/one woman marriage rather than allowing the legislature to decide on what constitutes a marriage.

McdermottKHON says that Circuit Judge Karl Sakamoto is expected to rule on that this week:

...opponents are counting on Circuit Court Judge Karl Sakamoto to stop the law from taking effect. On Thursday, he's expected to rule on a court order that could stop the state from issuing wedding licenses for same-sex couples on the basis that the people already voted against same-sex marriage in a constitutional amendment in 1998.

"The vote the people made back in 1998 when they basically ratified the amended Constitution by virtually 70 percent in favor," said John Dwyer, attorney for Rep. McDermott.

If the judge grants the court order then another trial will be scheduled that could essentially strike down the same-sex marriage law.

But the state Attorney General says the 1998 constitutional amendment gave the legislature authority to change the law and so the same-sex marriage will be upheld.

Watch a report on the bill's passage in the Senate, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Geneticist Destroys Wingnut Hawaii Lawmaker and His Crackpot Questions on Homosexuality: VIDEO


Hawaii Rep. Bob McDermott, an anti-gay wingnut who as you may recall has filed suit to stop the state's marriage equality bill, was eviscerated this week by geneticist, author and filmmaker Dean Hamer, who was arguing before the House panel in support of the marriage equality bill.

Hamer, who has a PhD from Harvard in molecular biology and is an expert in biotechnology, AIDS prevention, and the genetics of human behavior including sexual orientation and spirituality, told the panel that the scientific community has concluded that sexual orientation is "a deeply ingrained innate trait with strong genetic and biological roots."

"So gay people no more choose their sexual orientation than do heterosexual people," Hamer explained, "It's part of all of our makeup."

A lawmaker then asked Hamer to put his testimony in layman's terms.

"Being gay isn't a choice," Hamer replied.

Wingnut McDermott then picks up the microphone and tries to challenge Hamer's credentials, finally demanding an explanation for the "rampant homosexuality" in the time of the Spartans, Roman Empire, and Alexander the Great.

"Did they all have a genetic deviation?" McDermott asked

Sassed Hamer, prompting gales of laughter from the room: "Oh dear, you're confusing molecular science with ancient history. Those are different fields, actually."



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